Microsoft Stores will have giveaways, special events and more for Windows 10 launch

Windows 10 will begin its rollout to the general public on July 29, and Microsoft's 110-plus retail store locations in North America will help celebrate the launch on that date with a number of special events, giveaways and more.

All of the stories will have some kind of Windows 10 launch event on that date, offering customers free refreshments, giveaways, and a chance to participate in a series of "Get to Know Windows 10" workshops. Microsoft says:

"We also want to give a special thanks to the people who helped shape Windows 10. To celebrate, the first 50 Windows Insiders to visit each Microsoft store starting on July 29 will get an exclusive Windows Insiders t-shirt (first-come first-served), and in addition, we are offering a Windows Insider Exclusive Microsoft store offer, valid in-store only July 29- August 2. Go to the Windows Insider Hub to learn more and download the offer."

Nine Microsoft Store locations will let customers meet some special guests from the professional sports world on July 29:

  • Bellevue, Washington – Bellevue Square – World Cup Champion Megan Rapinoe
  • Boston, Massachusetts – The Shops at Prudential Center – NHL Selke Trophy Winner Patrice Bergeron
  • Dallas, Texas – NorthPark Center – NFL Pro Football Hall of Famer Deion Sanders
  • Garden City, New York – Roosevelt Field – World Cup Champion Abby Wambach
  • Houston, Texas – Houston Galleria – Houston Texans Linebacker Brian Cushing
  • Las Vegas, Nevada – Fashion Show – Boxing Legend Sugar Ray Leonard
  • Santa Clara, California – Westfield Valley Fair – NBA Champion and Finals MVP Andre Iguodala
  • Seattle, Washington – University Village – Seattle Seahawks Wide Receiver Doug Baldwin
  • Tysons Corner, Virginia (D.C. area) – Tysons Corner Center – World Cup Champion Ali Krieger

In addition, Microsoft will host a free concert by OneRepublic at the Park Meadows Mall in Lone Tree, Colorado on July 31. Finally, a number of Microsoft Store mall locations will have "Windows 10 Experience Zones" from July 29 to August 9, with more giveaways along with demos of Windows 10 and other Microsoft products like Surface, Xbox One and Minecraft. The list of stores with these demos can be found on Microsoft's website (opens in new tab).

Source: Microsoft

  • Hmmmm very nice for people living in USA....I know... Broken Record....
  • Each Microsoft store? Does that mean visit every single one, or just one?
  • each [ ēCH ]    DETERMINER and PRONOUN used to refer to every one of two or more people or things, regarded and identified separately: "each battery is in a separate compartment" synonyms: every one · each one · each and every one · all · the whole lot ADVERB to, for, or by every one of a group (used after a noun or an amount
  • Just be glad you're even getting W10... Lol.
  • There are only the Microsoft Store events.  They already announced bigger global launch parties around the world:
  • I concur bro. Samsung has a store & strong visability in Jamaica; where is Microsoft !
  • Free stuff? REFRESHMENTS???!!! SIGN ME UP!
  • I will beat you to the store!
  • woot, I'm off that day! Free T-Shirt, here I come! ( :
  • Why America only?
  • Ask Microsoft instead of windows central for a change. Who knows maybe something will come of it.
  • I'm sure the stores in Canada will celebrate the Win10 launch too
  • They are, just they don't have a concert or sports stars (then again, neither do most of the US stores). 
  • I swear, I think so many of you stock to Windows Central just to cry, what about me.
  • Because we rock... Thought you knew.
  • It's not USA only.  The Microsoft Store launch events are in USA, Canada and Puerto Rico. The bigger Windows 10 launch parties are around the world:
    Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, São Paulo, and New York City
  • Because the real slim shady won't stand up!
  • What does it have to do with Eminem? It was just a question.
  • Concert in lone tree, yay, that's my location...
  • Welcome fellow Colorado person!
  • Me too! I don't think I'll be able to go, but it's cool having the Colorado store be the awesome one for once.
  • I glanced through the list and was like "of course we don't get a cool thing" and then saw we got special mention! That's sweet. Any time we're in the area, I love going in there to just poke around with stuff. We should do a Colorado meetup one of these days.
  • One Republic...i mean really
  • OneRepublic: One band for everything in your life.
  • LOL...
  • You sir, win this thread. Congratulations, you may pick up your copy of the internet at the front desk.
  • LOL! I never thought of it like that: Xbox One
    One Windows
    One Republic
  • One Windows? Whoever said that?
  • One Derwoman
  • It's better than it being One Direction 
  • Anthing in dc?
  • Tysons Corner, VA should be close enough.
  • Tysons Corner is too far for me even though I do live in the DC area as well. It makes sense though, since that location seems to be popular.
  • I bet Microsoft's people have been to Pentagon City during tourist season previously and were like "HELL NO, we'll have the event at Tysons".    In unrelated news, I was in the Tysons store yesterday and it was just as busy as the Apple store which was a nice sight to behold (especially because the P-City store always seems mostly empty).
  • Definitely hitting this one up.
  • Well, Microsoft is sticking it's finger again to the rest of the World.
    The 20% discount on hardware could easily be spread among all insiders througout the world (ms store voucher or somehting), instead of this f*cking US-only thing all the time.
  • Where's the 20% hardware discount? Was that referenced in another article? That would be sweet.
  • It's in the Insider Hub --> Announcement
  • Ah, kicking myself now for delaying and delaying.  Is it good for anything in store or just specific items?  20% would be a pretty nice discount on a 128GB/4GB Surface 3 with a pen and type cover.  That would be like $150 off the regular $780 price.  So $624 plus tax? Not bad.
  • Yes, makes me wish SP4 was a launch device :)
  • Boo hoo, broken record every day. Get over it already.
  • Then move over to America sheesh there are products and events you get in your country that we don't. :/
  • Name then ;-) (from Microsoft)
  • Currently there is a 10% discount at a UK store on the's not all USA. Plus there are other offers in UK stores like free 2 year Warranty etc.
  • No they're not, they having big Windows 10 launch parties around the world... this was announced already: This post is only for the smaller Microsoft Store launch events in North America.
  • Expecting discounts in Windows App store
  • How about top 10 paid apps gone free on launch day !!!!
  • I will just jump to download immediately
  • Another US only... Ho hum.
  • Only the small events at the Stores are US only... they are having BIG Windows 10 launch events around the world:
    Sydney, Tokyo, Singapore, Beijing, New Delhi, Dubai, Nairobi, Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, São Paulo, and New York City
  • Canadians will be awfully surprised and likely upset to learn they have been annexed by the US.
  • Bringing an NBA champion to my local store means I should stay away from that store and go to another one...
  • Glad to see the World Cup ladies getting some promotion.
  • Yay! Free candy!
  • Just not leaving the Microsoft store in lrnoc mall, nit much going on there, but it was good to see the surfaces and windows mobile devices. Also stopped by the Apple store as well, to me windows store was better as the was a phone and iPad on every table/display redundancy. There were plenty of surfaces and surface pro, but there were also some Dell's and Lenovos as well. Even a drone with windows app and 1080p video.
  • Would somebody get me one of those T-shirts........ and send it to Denmark ^^
  • Already talked to the Microsoft store last week and everyone I know is taking the day off to go with me, lol.
  • NYC Flagship store not ready yet? They should be doing the grand opening and Windows 10 release there on the same day!
  • I know......
  • There's going to be a New York launch event along with launch events around the world: Would be cool if the NY one was at the new flagship store!
  • On Microsoft's website for the Windows 10 Experience Zones, it listed all their Windows 10 products including Minecraft. Does that mean we get to try the HoloLens version of Minecraft?!
  • You know what could be cool Microsoft??? Allowing people from minor markets to at least use Cortana in English, without changing system region, instead of excluding them altogether for months without end. That would be a nice giveaway...
  • Bad experience....  Just think how many different accents people around the world have when speaking English.  That's not even considering the different localized slang and ways of saying the same thing that need to be accounted for.  It may be annoying for you but I think they don't want to release crappy experiences to everyone.  Even if they did people would whine about not having native language support so may as well let them whine and release a fully baked experience is probably the thought there.
  • You don't say. Didn't see that one coming.
  • I'm in for free giveaways on July 29. 
  • Dallas @ Northpark, I'll be there.
  • where are the microsoft stores in europe? :(
  • [Microsoft-mode] Europe? Is that the capital of Germany?[/Microsoft-mode]
  • No where
  • There's no stores there yet, but they'll come eventually. There will be a big Windows 10 launch event in some European countries though!  Berlin, Johannesburg, Madrid, London, São Paulo:
  • Um, I no longer have the Insider app on my build of Windows 10. How do I get the coupon?
  • Reinstall the Windows insider app
  • I saw nothing to Print in the HUB! Read th announcement article and no where was there a "print this" or could you print.  
  • I just ended up taking a screenshot.  I have no idea. I'm hoping this can be used on the surface 3.
  • Apparently I lost my Insider Hub when I did a hard reset, can only access the feedback app with the shortcut O.o
  • I believe they mentioned here something about MS removing insider as a pre-installed app in the last few builds before release and that you'd have to download it.  I haven't done it yet personally but...
  • I had to reinstall Insider Hub - you can too by going to Settings, system, apps & features, manage optional features, then scroll way down until you get to the "I"s and select insider hub.
  • Hmm. My Optional Features do not list the Insider Hub.
  • you need to go to manage optional features at the top then add a feature. you can also try searching it in the settings or cortana
  • Yes, sorry I missed a step.
  • I am a Microsoft fan.I love windows 8.1 currently on my laptop.Registered for Windows 10 update too.Just one request windows team. Include what's app,Chrome in Windows store both for PC versions and phone versions.Yeah bring Clash Of Clans too free for Windows 10 if possible .
  • That's a dev choice, MS can't just put other people's work in the store without consent or they'd just swipe all the android/iPhone apps and package them with that super cool transcodifiermijigerhicky they have....
  • any news on the opening of the Microsoft store on the fifth avenue , new York?
  • You forgot to list the Canada and Puerto Rican stores. Also - would be good to remind the readers that there will be larger launch events around the world since most of the readers here are non-US:
  • No retail stores here in UK,not even in London.
  • Worth the 4 hour drive?  Seems unlikely
  • No San Francisco. Wow. It must be because there's waaaaay to many Mac toting hipsters in the area.
  • When will MS Store in Philippines will open?
  • "special guests from the professional sports world" Too bad no Ballmer appearing at the Los Angeles store....  Clippers! Clippers! Clippers!