Re-watch this morning’s Windows 8 and Surface announcements

In case you were at work or preoccupied, you can now go back and re-watch the Windows 8 and Surface RT demonstrations and announcements from this morning. That’s the good news.

The bad news is this is still in Silverlight and you have to manually rewind back to the 1:17:45 mark (or 3:33:00 for Surface). And sorry for those scroll bars but you can blame Microsoft for that one. Hopefully Microsoft will have a YouTube version up later in the day for the rest of you living in a non-Silverlight world aka probably most of you. (You can also watch it on Microsoft's site here (opens in new tab)). 

Watch after the break...Thanks, Marco300, for the tip 


Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

Rich Edmonds was formerly a Senior Editor of PC hardware at Windows Central, covering everything related to PC components and NAS. He's been involved in technology for more than a decade and knows a thing or two about the magic inside a PC chassis. You can follow him on Twitter at @RichEdmonds.

  • Only viewable on Microsoft hardware. :)
  • Really? Doubt that, MS loooves their apple devices. :)
  • Get out of here isheep troller
    Have you lost your flock ?
  • For those who didn't get it, this was a joke referencing the recent Apple event that was only streamable from Apple hardware.
  • Hahaha good one!!
  • Didn't Paul Thurrott point out on Windows Weekly that you can't actually view this from a Surface RT device (no Silverlight, no Media Center)?
  • That would be even funnier - did they not bother with HTML5 video support?  (for the stream, for IE10 on ARM...)
    Apple event: only viewable on Apple hardware
    Microsoft event: NOT viewable on Microsoft hardware
  • but, you could view it from MS hardware though... just not from this site, you have to go to windows site, where it is HTML5 optimized.
  • No it's not working great here on OSX in Chrome
  • Starting in 9 minutes? Cool :D
  • So wp8 will get fully show today?
  • Windows 8, not Windows Phone 8.
  • Interesting. I thought tomorrow was the launch. Download page is up as well, but no link yet.
  • Well the stream is a complete fail.
  • "Today Microsoft is launching Windows 8 OS today." Redundant much?
  • Why don't they just use the Live Event Viewer on Xbox to stream their events?
  • Doesn't work on WP7.5
  • I thought tomorrow is launch date
  • Today is launch announcement, tomorrow you can buy it. Presumably (hopefully) we get app announcements today
  • Yeah, I'm assuming there will be a lot more apps than people are anticipating. MS is not dumb and won't launch this thing without plenty of apps.
  • There were a few more apps announced today but not as many as most people were expecting.
  • remember that you can have BlueStack which allows you to run the whole android library of apps on your surface, or other windows 8 devices (not sure about WP8 though) so that right there lets you into a large amount of apps, just not native code is all.
  • My god read...
  • Hmmm, 12 hour battery life, super slim light Ativ tab 10.1. Looks like Samsung saves the day again from the too heavy and lanky 10.6 surface and the slow I/O memory Asus Vivo RT.
    Too bad it is not a launch device. I might have purchased it before the Nexus 10 comes out, now I am not sure. Unless that Dell one is really good.
  • Heavy and lanky??? *facepalm*
  • I know, right? As if he had ever held one.
  • Sorry my bad, I am starting to talk like you guys. I should clarify, based on reviews, the Surface is too unwieldly in portrait and landscape because of the 10.6 inch form factor and the Asus Vivo RT lags like crazy because of the slow memory.
    I also think the Qualcomm S4 in the Ativ tab smokes the Tegra 3 in the Surface and Vivo. So yes, I usually incorporate valid reasoning in my posts, unlike some people here.
  • Thanks for clarification. You should start with that though. Otherwise you are claiming someone else's words as your own, and it causes these types of reactions.
  • I can maybe (and I must stress the maybe part) understand that some people might think that the surface is unwiedlly in portrait mode, however it is extremelly obvious from the presentation and other videos that it a an absolute joy to use in landscape mode my friend. It is thinner than an ipad with amazing weight distribution, better than this is pretty much impossible with todays technology. Furthermore it is absolutely inconceivable that microsoft would spend so much time and energy developing a tablet that was unwiedy in any way. Don´t trust reviewers much because they are most often very biased and used to ipad therefore any different form factor feels strange to them. Actually try the device before making such statements. With regards to the Asus Vivo Rt i really doubt it will be slow in a week or two, as driver/system updates will optimise the software for it.
  • Watching it in my n900 via windows player link.
  • Thanks for the brag, and not posting the link.
  • Well, I don't know what I was expecting, but that felt pretty anticlimactic. Oh well...
  • I was expecting something ... new, so I feel ya.
    So what is this Microsoft Surface Webcast coming later?
  • they need to get rid of ballmer and get someone else to speak enthusiastically.  listening to ballmer is just boring.
  • Agreed. Snooz. I felt like it was MS saying to their partners..."yes, sorry, we made our own hardware, but we will do a kickoff highlighting yours first". All better?
  • Bill Gates ftw.
  • Hard to be new when the whole build was done online over a period of a year with millions of downloaded demos of the OS. They weren't super secret squirrel ninjas like apple, we knew what we were getting, this is for the rest of the people who don't follow windows blogs to be informed.
  • Not sure if you guys realize this, but this was a presser to KICK OFF the whole thing. And a shout out to their OEM partners. There are more pressers coming.
  • Link for when upgrade comes up;

  • im just ready for my surface
  • When's the surface conference?
  • I agree, anticlimactic.  I kind of expected "Here are 10 really important brand new Windows 8 apps that will appear in the Windows Store today for the first time!"  No go.
    What I'd like is an RSS feed that shows me new apps added to the store.  Or at least a daily digest. 
  • This event was for OEMs. More to come.
  • Good PC Times are Coming
    This is awesome and more to come presentation wise.
    I am down with this ecosystem where I can use any manufacturers' windows devices at all type of price point based on what specs I am interested in and can afford and not the same device by just one company with their shove it down my throat OS.
    I am currently intrested in the Surface Pro or Acer W700, and for phone either Nokia Lumia 920 or rumored MS Phone since my current contract does not expire until next 6-7 months that relaxes the wait. I see good computing and mobile device fun times realy coming. No room for dud icons. but Tiles that are actually ALIVE.
  • +1
  • OK, no Win8 for me as my one year old EeePC 1015PN with Nvidia iON only supports 1024x600 :/
  • Why can't I watch this on my Windows Phone?
  • Its Silverlight
  • as above com enters is ridiculous that WP users can't even watch on WINDOWS PHONES, as well as fact that MS doesn't cover it in the Xbox live events section.WTF??? As I've stated before MS needs to push wp8 HEAVILY on the Xbox 360 dashboard. Right now ESPN advertises the lumia on their website more than Xbox advertises any WP product.
  • +1
  • +1
  • They held up a couple of windows phones for a few seconds, with secret ninja style expressions on their faces... so its not all bad. 
  • +1
  • That time when MS enthusiasts (on this site) think that MS should do everything to please them... Some people are just... Nevermind
  • Anybody music tagging the chill music through Bing during the intermission? Someone loves chill tunes over there.
  • Come on guys. Why can't I watch this on my toaster?!?!?!?!
  • Give it time and you will be able to watch it on your breadbin.
  • You need to upgrade to the MS Refriga-toaster Pro.
  • Comes in just fine on my toaster.
  • It works fine on my Toastmaster 2000... Have you tried a different type of bread?
  • Tami Reller had an amazing makeover. Dang.
  • That was a pretty good Surface presentation!
  • That Surface presentation was freakin spot on! Good job MS!
  • I agree the surface presentation was great, much better than the july one as it actually focused on real world scenarios. I can´t wait to be able to buy a surface
  • A little creepy when he gave one to that lady in the audience.
  • After that I am even more excited to get my Surface when I get home next week. That camera integration was slick, using the touch cover and kickstand together was something I never thought of but makes lots of sense, and how durable that hinge is between the touch cover and Surface is awesome.
  • Well, I for one was very pleased with both presentations.  MS did a good job of easing any apprehensions about W8, and featuring all those pc's using it was a brilliant move; they gave the manufacturers a spotlight right next to their new OS and promoted their products.   Very cool of them.  Even without a touch screen on my pc, I want it.
    The Surface presentation was even better.  Really good job of getting the point across that it's not to replace your pc, it's a tablet, only better, but when you feel you need a pc, it's pretty damn good for that too.  I wish I could afford one!
    All this gives me high hopes for WP8.  I think I can live with one of those for now.
  • I thought it was an excellent presentation about the MS Surface.  It could have focused more on the apps, but I think overall they did a good job.
    I was impressed.
  • Julie Larson-Green caught my attention in that grey dress. Mercy. And then Windows 8 Surface, was a good day.
  • +1
  • As of this morning I was not intending to buy a Surface RT but after watching the presentation I am sold. Selling off my iPad and buying a Surface from a holdiday store tomorrow.
  • I enjoyed that suprisingly. I definately got the passion from Panos and that was very interesting to hear and see the design also Mr Balmer did a good job. He is often a figure of fun but he did a good job. Actually the whole presentation was slick and very well done.
  • Did she have an HTC 8x?  If so...that thing was beautiful.
  • I was busy... Installing Windows 8 =)
  • "The bad news is this is still in Silverlight" The best in browser video compression and streaming software is bad news? Anyone who uses netflix has it, so whats the big deal? Its as easy to install as a Flash plugin, but preforms better. shocking statement from a WPCentral blogger. "And sorry for those scroll bars but you can blame Microsoft for that one." Not exactly true, the source is higher res, 640*360 but you framed it into 585*380 so the scroll bars are needed (which were enabled thankfully), and that is because it wouldnt look right on your wordpress theme if you made it naitive resolution. But you had the ability to do so and opted not to, as evident in the copy+paste of your code calling for the video stream below. I can't site the line its on because dragonfly is down or something, but here you go.  <iframe frameborder="0" height="380" scrolling="yes" src=";width=512..." width="585"> What you should have use, to fit into the constraints of your blog space, is this code, and it would have fit, without scroll bars. <iframe src="" width="512" height="288" frameborder="0" scrolling="no"></iframe> So basically Rich, most of the people who come to this site, rely on you as a viable source of information, on a topic they have a passion for. Don't diss it, and don't say fallable statements as a reporter, journalist, enthusiast or as just a person in general. Remeber you get paid to do what you do, and some of us wish we could have your job.
    EXACTLY my thoughts.
    why the fuck everyone hates Silverlight but have no problem with Flash?
    Silverlight is FAR superious to Flash. noobs.
  • Firstly, it wasn't me who edited the article and wrote what you quoted, so I can't take any credit for anything that is shown above. So basically, while it is my name slapped up there at the top, I didn't actually write what you've addressed, so you cannot bring me into this I'm afraid :-) Secondly, this site isn't built on WordPress.
  • Firstly I know this site isn't built on WordPress, it just looks like every other WordPress site, when in reality every other WordPress site probably tries to emulate sites which are successful, which your site is, so that make a bit of sense. Secondly, while I understand that your a writer not a programmer, you probably had nothing to do with the code that I submitted. You should have however typed that which I quoted in my original post. If not my apologies, if so, know that I still dig you, and your site, but I was just upset over the context of the quote I was commenting on. It seemed to be written by someone still reviewing or re-watching streams of the iPad mini event. I come here for a little pro MS bias, because in reality I'm a little pro MS myself. No offense to you personally though Rich.
  • At 26:10, did he say the tablet is running win8 pro? So there is already a tablet running win8 pro? Thought surface pro will be the first one.
  • Shhhh old man Tim Cook is already confused by all this new fangled technology.
  • No surface version is just coming later there are some avaible at launch like Lenovo and samsung
  • The HP one too, but in November I think. That's high on my list.
  • I want WP8 .......
  • I have what is probably a stupid question. Can I play WoW or other somewhat demanding games. On a Surface?
  • on a surface pro definitely, on an RT, obviously no unless WOW is released on the marketplace
  • On pro yes, on RT, maybe. If you have a VM machine and there is an app that supports streaming to the RT, theoretically you could access and run a game from your VM machine at home, and play it over wifi, but it wouldnt be natively installed or running on your RT machine.
  • Watching the World Series tonight and enjoying every minute of the commercial breaks, where Windows 8 and Surface are trouncing the feeble Apple commercial for the latest tired MacBook with "retina" display. Had to pinch myself because Apple rarely gets one-upped in marketing. Best part was watching the semi-visible hand on the MacBook ad having to resort to touchpad gestures with no touchscreen... Something every Windows 8 laptop seems to have coming down the pipe. Touchpad gestures are tired though necessary on a laptop without a touchscreen and even then CNET states in their review that the upcoming Windows 8 gestures will up the game for Apple. Microsoft is (gasp) AHEAD in innovation as of today. Of course, now Apple will convince its iSheep that they really don't need a touch screen on a laptop anyway and having one makes you very uncool. ;-)
  • I can watch perfectly on my iPad. It looks really clear too, better than apple's announcement.
    No full screen though.
  • What do you mean, no full screen?
  • Win8 update rendered my week old PC useless. :( Touch input is gone, and it no longer recognizes any WiFi network/card. Installed drivers from website. Still no. Called customer service...still don't have updated win 8 drivers available. SO, if you have a Gateway ZX Series...don't upgrade yet.
  • Does anyone know what happened to the Surface presentation? I was watching the W8 launch event around 3:00 pm PDT and had advanced the video stream to the Surface event when all of a sudden the video changed to the 54 minute video displayed on the site now. This is only the W8 event.
  • Searched high and low for it and can't find it anywhere
  • Same here only see the 1st 54 minutes very weird...
  • Same... If anyone finds a link for the Surface video please share it here.  I really wanted to rewatch it today and share it with some of my coworkers and friends.
  • @WPCentral Help!  I need to see the end of the Surface presentation, as I got pulled away early yesterday!
  • well... I found this on YouTube:
  • I've just seen an W8 ad on swedish TV. On primetime too. 8.15 pm. Nice work MS!
  • Can anyone tell me what that laptop is that he says it's 499 at around 28:40? Please and thank you!