Full video of Microsoft's Surface announcement now available for your viewing

Although no live recording was allowed during the Microsoft-Ballmer reveal of the now famous Surface tablets, the Redmond company has gone ahead and put it online for your viewing pleasure.

The full video chimes in just under 48 minutes, so grab yourself your favorite beverage of choice and relax as you're shown what looks to be "the next big thing" in mobile computing.

We'll save our thoughts for later tomorrow but for now let's just say we're feeling pretty good about where Microsoft is heading.

Make sure to check out our other coverage on the Surface below:

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Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been here covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, Microsoft Surface, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics and ran the projectors at movie theaters, which has done absolutely nothing for his career.

  • WINdows. That is all.
  • Just another failed attempt to make a tablet. They can call it hardware but i sucks. Twice when he was on it, it failed. First on Internet Explorer and then on netflix.
    Your telling me that when you use an iPad you dont like it? The stupid Surface is just a laptop that doesnt have any power! An iPad is a TABLET! You cant compare a crappy laptop(surface) to an actual tablet! Oh and its funny because the iPad is going to be better than the surface by far.
    APPLE FOR LIFE....its time to upgrade, oh wait you should have a long time ago.....
  • Go away iSheep.  We're glad that you're happy to pay twice as much for something that does half as much.
  • Lets just see how good it does.....cough cough* zune* cough cough
  • LOL. Terrified aren't you?
  • I think you've drank a little too much of the Apple kool-aid
  • Oh dear. We've really got them scared now. They only come bothering when their terrified. Don't worry little iSheep. We've got room for you. Don't be afraid.
  • look we have here a jealous sour apple fanboy. What's wrong just because surface tablet is twice better than your useless iPad. Maybe go cry at Tim cook because apple conference was a total failure and many people fell asleep watching it hahahaha. Also many news are saying Microsoft surface is a success in showing there tablet. So sour apple fanboy go home and play with your useless iPad. Maybe ask Siri again what's best smartphone? Limia 900 windows phone hahhahha
  • hahahaha i don't have an iPhone or an iPad. I have a Macbook Pro and I have done a lot of research on all of them. Maybe the Surface will do good but anyways how can you say that iPhone, iPad, ect. aren't ggod??? Your telling me a limia 900 is better? what the hell is that? oh wait no one has ever heard of it. 
  • @john123. You only make yourself look insecure and silly with your comments. I also do not see any comments saying an iPad is bad. I have an ipad2, and I like it. I love WP and the os, so I am looking forward to the surface. My biggest complaint with the iPad is the lack of USB, no way to add memory, and many other shortcomings that keep it anything like a laptop experience. I want a pad that can do everything on my computer, but a pad. This looks like that might be it. If people continue to accept shortcomings from devices from company's like apple, and keep buying, there will be no innovation. Three ipads, and still no USB!? Why should they do anything different if people like you just buy every year the same thing. The surface will FORCE apple to make their iPad better, and that is good for everyone. I do not understand blind bias.
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  • u just said "i suck" lol, i guess u finally admitted it...
  • No it's not better than the suface. 
    Yep he's a fat queer. 
  • John don't forget to pull the rotten apple out of your ASSSSS so you can have it for lunch.
  • @123john:
    You Sir is a damned brainwashed iSheep.
    A good advice? Grow up, dude!
    iSheeps will be iSheeps until an "apple" hits their heads.
    Do not get me wrong, "Apple Guy". I own more Apple products (2 iPods and 2 iPads) than Android (1 tablet and 2 phones) or Windows (1 desktop, 1 notebook and 1 phone) products. And, believe me, I love them. What I do not like is people sick of the head like you.
    G'day, "Crunched Apple" friend. And my best wishes and hopes.
  • 123john is clearly in the wrong place. Strange post!
  • 123John, I know you're just trolling. But serious point if you can allow yourself:
    iPad has not been a success where I work, outside of Exec toys. Reason being, you cannot do decent content creation on them. No mouse = no work. Our committee decided against mass rollout of iPads.
    This surface however is a whole different story. Its a consumer tablet, but also a content creation device.
    Apple's iPad does not have the bonded screen tech, nor does it have VapourMG.
    Nor does it have a cover as nice as the Surface. SD Card slot on your iPad?
    HDMI? USB? The iPad is great (I've got one!) but its a browser, email reader and Angry Birds player. I take it to keep up with email and news whilst I go to other offices, but sometimes take my Macbook as well so I can do real work, which is a pain. Imagine if I can take a PC that will work all day without looking for a power socket via WiFi? I can work in reception areas even!
    I suspect there is room in the market for Surface and iPad. But to childishly bash the Surface is well.. just that.. childish and very naive. They will sell millions of these without breaking a sweat.
  • Haha you make a wpcentral account just to troll. What a waste of time. Go to a forum that will actually care.
  • Windows 8 for life
  • Or "Windows 8 until Windows 9", right? :-P
  • Exactly.....just love Microsoft products ;-)
  • Windows
  • Someone needs to do something about their presentations. I've been forgiving in the past, but it has now fully dawned on me that these guys are terrible communicators. And this is coming from a guy who absolutely despises public speaking and can't do it to save his life.
  • It goes to show what Steve Jobs was actually talented at: Marketing. Steve was never a true engineer, designer, or inventor; he was a salesmen.
    Woz was the actual brilliance behind the design, Steve just knew how to convince people to give him money and hell he was damn good at it. He instead hired and worked with these people who would actually create all the popular products of Apple, and then he would take credit for them and hype the shit out of those products.
    To be fair I guess he also was talented at yelling at people he worked with as well.
    To get to the point Steve passed on his true skill of marketing to those who did the presentations, and even went as far as to create a program and university at Apple to ensure that his salesmenship would continue on with new employees even after he died.
    These people for Microsoft on the other hand are just nerds. They are just the people who create and design the products that are used by billions of people around the world and a skill for doing those things isn't necessarily to be a good speaker. So when these heads of these products come out to show off what their teams have been working on we painfully see how poorly they do at being salesmen like Steve Jobs.
    There are a few exceptions within Microsoft to this though. I think Mike Angiulo usually does a fairly good job. I've been impressed with Joe Belfiore, the VP for Windows Phone, whenever he gets up to speak. Actually one of my favorite moment with Joe is when he did an early demo of Windows Phone and something didn't work right, and he was so confident in his product he had created that he, without missing a beat, tried it again and it worked perfectly.
    I've also seen Kudo Tsunoda do great presentation around Xbox and Kinect, and I have to say I've loved every presentation I've ever seen Blaise Agüera y Arcas do. Actually listening to Blaise is amazing; you can just sense how much a brilliant guy he is. :D
    But yes, I completely agree, Microsoft really needs to work on their presentations. Either get these people the coaching they need to be better presenters or have them only quickly introduce something and then bring in people with far better PR skills.
  • I have to agree that Mike did a solid job, if nothing too spectacular. Microsoft needs Belfiore to get out on stage much more. I sure hope he's hosting the Wednesday Summit.
  • I kind of agree. But here's a thought. However probably the Apple style "Show"-based presentation has the audience drooling with open mouths, i kind of like the "Down-to-earth" honest presentations by Microsoft. Of course this is in my IT-Pro opinion. Masses of people probably fall more easily for the drooling bit, so as far as the sales-bit goes, the Apple model probably works best.
    I guess it depends on the viewer.
    Apple feels like the new all-services supermarket with fancy billboards, wheres Microsoft feels like the familiar store on the corner with hand written posters.
    Looking forward to late autumn/holidays. :D
  • I'm fine with less applause and buzzwords, but do your company a favour and present it well. If you're nervous, slow down your speech, approach it calm and composed. You can see the difference between Ballmer and say Sinofsky - while I find both to be rather dry presenters, Ballmer made a minor muckup but immediately corrected it and continued on unphased. Sinofsky was intensely nervous and looked almost eager to dart off the stage.
    I'd consider Belfiore to be a likable guy. He's good at presenting and isn't exactly viewed in a bad light like how some people disliked Steve Jobs. That's the kind of person Microsoft should be getting out on stage for these presentations - down-to-earth as you say, yet very competent and even compelling.
    Is it feasible to get Ben Rudolph to present a section? Maybe even Frank Shaw? These are personalities I find genuinely interested in, and as PR people I'd imagine their communication skills would be better. I don't need Microsoft to sell it to me, I just need to sit through the presentation without feeling sorry for the hosts.
  • You are so spot on. It's why Mr. Gates was always the better of the two tech wise.
  • Absolutely Happy, I just saw The Video and I am like: Wow. I'll get The RT one:-D
  • Really want the 8 pro one
  • Same
  • Its fantastic how huch enthusiasm and dedicatiob the team put into this!
  • This was all I could think about when I 1st saw the surface fry and all haha seriously though Wp, Win7 laptop an Xbox not to mention all the software ect. And soon a Pro Surface Microsoft pretty much own me at this point haha
  • Just put my BB Playbook on craigslist.  I'm going to start saving for the 32GB Windows RT Surface now.  Must have on day one.
  • I'm waiting to see if Nokia will be in the tablet mix. If not. I'll be getting a 64GB RT Windows tablet.
  • Who cares about Nokia? No one could make a tablet better than MS themselves
  • The touch covers match the lumia colours so I think this is as Nokia as it will get.
  • What's the battery life???
  • Microsoft, take my maney.
  • After watching the presentation, I really want one now. Don't have a laptop or tablet because I never needed a laptop and was waiting for a Windows 8 tablet, I'm sold on surfaces. Still debating on pro or rt, but pro looks awesome. Only question now is heat and battery life for both devices.
  • Yep same here. I don't own a laptop because I've been waiting for the perfect tablet. I was going to get the Asus Transformer Book but now I'll be getting the Surface Pro 128 + a 64GB SDXC memory card. Now I have to look for a good home media server or just use my curent desktop as one.
  • Lets just hope they put in a big ol' battery :)
  • Agreed. I want to know 2 things now,
    But I suspect I will pay whatever they want (just curious) but its gotta last circa 8-10 hours for a days work. If it does, they've got a home run on their hands. Brilliant.
  • I really find it odd that people are saying "what for price" or "wait for battery"  Do you really think they are going to put forth a product that isn't competitive with the iPad in any way?  Really?  Can you name one piece of Microsoft hardware that was ever done half ass?  Microsoft only brings hardware to the market when the hardware makers have failed it.  Surface will be as good or better that existing tablets in every way.  Just start scrounging your money together cause this will be the tablet to get.
  • I will name 2:
    Kin One
    Kin Two
  • The devices were fine.  Verizon killed them by trying to charge smartphone data rates for a feature phone.
  • and here is someone who doesn't know what he is talking about :)
  • Those weren't made by MS
  • ipads aren't made by Apple either, there made in china by others, yet apple gets all of the credit
  • Those devices were just before their time. it was a social device and WP7 has native social integration and Apple is copying because there's really no where else to go but," follow the leader"
  • Still this is version 1.0 regardless of how good the demo looks. For reference, always look back in history... Some early adopters will be the beta testers till next year.
  • People are beta testers for cell phones every 2yrs or less; most people are beta testers for laptops/tablets every 3-5yrs...the life cycle pays for itself unless you're one of those people that buys everything just to say, " I have it or got it first"
  • I've never been so excited about a product. This is coming from someone who does not consider himself to be a fanboy. This product really seems to be what I want. I genuinely congratulate Microsoft. They get a lot of bad press but we got to appreciate when they do something great. That cover is amazing. Ok, I should stop writing. Again, congrats to MS. All the best.
  • Can't wait to get my hands on the pro version!!!
  • With the announcement of the Microsoft "Surface", come October there will be a lot of $800 doorstops formerly known as "iPads". Of course, they're really too thin to be used as doorstops, but when the Surface Pro comes out in December they can stack both their iPads on top of their recently purchased MacBook to stop that door! Bonus: The average Apple user will have several iterations of the iPhone to use as a matching coaster set! ;-P
  • So, what are the chances of MS showing a branded Windows Phone 8 device using the same manufacturing process they are using for the Surface?  That VaporMG body trumps, imo, Nokia's polycarbonate body.
  • Doubt it, can't you see that the touch covers are colour coordinated with the lumia line and headphones etc.? The surface is great in combination with the lumia.
  • I said this before and I'll say it again; if it has the Zune build/feel then I'll own it.  It certainly appears to have that and more.  I hope this sets the bar for other OEMs to follow.  We don't want cheap, crappy plastic feeling hardware all the time.  Well done.  Look forward to touching one of these.
  • I guess you and I are the only ones who don't want cheap, crappy plastic feeling hardware, because all in here in the forum is I don't want to pay a lot for this yet your getting your desktop and casual tablet/pad all in the same place. I'll pay!
  • Beautiful! I thought the video would be boring but I jizzed in my pants from how sexy Surface is! :P
  • From what i have read around the forums after the surface release I believe 'nerdgasmed' is the politically correct terminology for such an incident.
  • @irlju. Very well written and thought-out post. I was pretty much echoing your sentiments on my FaceBook page last night. The just was: "Ok, Microsoft has created a superior product to both the iPad and the UltraBook-- BUT can they actually market it and, more importantly WILL they? History has not been kind to superior products with poor marketing. Jobs knew how to tap into human emotion and create an emotional buying experience so powerful that people will line up overnight to purchase a more expensive product that is only a year newer and not noticeably better than the very product they hold while standing in that very line. That's powerful marketing at work. See Starbucks, who also knows a thing or two about creating an emotional buying experience that also functions as a status symbol." I really AM encouraged that maybe, finally, Microsoft will be able to market their superior product if the 1 minute teaser video with the magnetic/magnesium balls is any indication. That got my attention in a beautiful yet very powerful way. It had an edge to it that is actually missing from Apple's "Look at our new toy and look at who's using it!" tv ads. Now, Microsoft, drop that in between every major sports broadcast for the guys and then create a "pretty, beautiful, and fun" version showing off those " Nokia Colors" and run that before movies, during Soaps, and any other programming designed to lure in the gals.
  • Wait, no recording allowed yet someone recorded... I'm confused
  • Microsoft release the video im pretty sure lol
  • Read the article again
  • This just bumped the Zenbook off my holiday purchase list.
  • Just another failed attempt to make a tablet. They can call it hardware but i sucks. Twice when he was on it, it failed. First on Internet Explorer and then on netflix. 
    Your telling me that when you use an iPad you dont like it? The stupid Surface is just a laptop that doesnt have any power! An iPad is a TABLET! You cant compare a crappy laptop(surface) to an actual tablet! Oh and its funny because the iPad is going to be better than the surface by far.
    APPLE FOR LIFE....its time to upgrade, oh wait you should have a long time ago.....
  • Oh Oh... I think someone is very jealous.
  • Stop showing your fear. It's embarrassing.
  • Get out of here idiot!
  • Kinda sad man. I know the best fix for trolls is to just ignore them until they get sick of talking to themselves but two times in one thread? C'mon dude. That said it was kind of hilarious to see him struggle w it. I'd like yo get my hands on one. Its gorgeous.
  • Why don't you make like a bird and get the flock out of here!
  • I love Wp central because most of the conversation is done by educated people as with one of the conversations above about how Jobs was a good salesman and Microsoft would be wise to invest in one we know how great all the windows products are but we can also emit there flaws and as I said b4 have an educated debate about things its very much unlike the rest of the internet in that way but then someone like you comes in and other people turn into the rest of the net, you sir are not an educated person clearly, you act as if apple has no flaws while its rather the opposite and not just with there products but with the way they conduct there business, we don't even know most of the specs as of yet but so far its got better features than the iPad the fact that it can vent being a big one and a bigger HDD plus so much more maybe you should watch the press conference to see how much more, instead of blindly attacking it and making yourself look like an idiot and please get a life and a surface ;P
  • Hi there, 
    Some new article say that it has HDMI out capabilities.  However I really have not seen the HDMI out and they call it mini display in the specs.  Can somone that has figured it out elaborate.   Sorry if its a dumb question.  Cheers
  • The ARM model has HDMI out, the Intel Pro version has a display port for resolutions higher that the 1080 display supports.
  • I'm disappointed they mentioned Windows Phone only once. Left out of the promotional videos. HTC and Nokia were ommited when he listed OEM's.
  • This event has nothing to do with Windows Phone so why mention any partners related to that..
  • Tomorrow, it will all come together!
  • Erm. Should of called it smart glass. Much better name but unfortunately was used for their new app coming out. You have an iPad but I've purchased a surface. Doesn't have the same ring as I purchased a smart glass. Shame it wasn't the other way around. The name will be an issue I think. Another Microsoft rebranding coming our way.
  • Surface your enthusiasm! Its a verb according to Microsoft.
  • Pretty impressive all round!
  • The Tablet Beta Test Is Now Over
  • Can't wait get surface pro tablet. Glad finally see a tablet all in one not like iPad which total useless
  • Microsoft's biggest move. The PC will never be the same again.
    Sorry, iPad; you had a good run.
    Rest in peace.
  • For those wondering about the "Surface" branding, note that Microsoft is heading toward "device surface interaction", where you will use a Microsoft "Surface" OS on many devices, where it will act as "Smart Glass". The idea is that the table not only displays but "sees" and "senses" as well. You'll put your Surface device (tablet, laptop, phone, etc) on a Samsung or other manufacturer's tabletop running "Microsoft Surface", which will intelligently link the two devices. As an example, you lay your Windows Phone on Samsung table, it detects the phone and brings up interaction options. You choose "photos" and you get a display of the albums on the phone displayed on the surface of the tabletop. You arrange pics into the order you wish, rotate, edit etc-- then throw them back toward the phone, where those changes are saved. Intuitive. Powerful. Imagine the possibilities for both productivity and even multiplayer gaming. You can easily imagine the ensuing commercial that would blow away Apple's great TV ads that show how "fun" iPads and iPhones are and relegate them to being just "toys": 4 obviously different workers (dress, hairstyles, etc) gather in a conference room around a Samsung "Team Surface" sporting the Windows Logo. A CEO/boss type puts down his Microsoft Surface tablet with Keyboard cover running Windows 8 onto the "Team Surface". He is followed by the Accountant/CFO putting down Windows Phone running Excel. Then an Engineer with a traditional powerhouse laptop, then finally the VP of Sales (arriving late of course) running in and putting his "ARM-Equipped" Surface tablet (sans keyboard cover) onto the worktable. Then then camera zooms back as the content each user tagged for the meeting zooms out of their devices and into the center of the worktable. Each user then begins to interact with the other user's content. Trading it out, editing, making suggestions, etc. The VP of Sales has to head out to a lunch meeting, so he puts down a Windows phone and swypes content to review later onto the phone, including the Outlook meeting appointment for the next meeting and the OneNote meeting notes. He picks up both devices, and the Windows phone asks if he wants to switch to Skype/Lync or conference call as he heads out the door. Each user completes the meeting in a similar way. Intuitive collaboration. Of course, Office 365 needs to be shown as part of this puzzle as well, but I suspect a rebranding to embrace the "Surface/Cloud" branding. Imagine the Possibilities. :-)
  • Then, to extend this example out to other markets beyond the business arena, you have 4 teens putting down different devices and playing an interactive game where their player abilities come from the device they placed on the surface-- and their achievements and progress in the game leave with them as they leave. For education, a teacher has a "Teach Surface" where 3 students gather around him/her. the teacher presents the material, and as she does linked images and such appear at the right points and each student can simultaneously swipe items of interest into their devices for later review. You get the idea. That's an entire campaign right there, centered around the Microsoft Surface concept. if only Microsoft can market this and price it low enough to make it a no-brained to replace Apple devices. We'll have to see.
  • I find it somehow funny that Balmer talks in front of a blue screen :P Dibbs on the Pro one!! Really lovin the tablet! Gooo Microsoft!
  • yesterday HP was crying they can't compete with IPad, Pls ask them have they ever produce anything close to ipad in terms of hardware. Now MS have set the bar for its OEM, if u can't produce hardware above surface standard it must be at par. Anything below that you're left out of the race. Simple.
  • Its the best technology seen after the Asus Padfone..