Microsoft Surface Pro pricing confirmed in Australia by two retailers

WPDownUnder has managed to confirm just how much the Surface Pro tablet will cost consumers in Australia. Sourcing two participating retailers (Harvey Norman and JB Hifi) who have the Windows 8 tablet on their systems, the RRP (recommended retail price) of Microsoft's high-end product is now publicly available, so be sure to start saving those coins. 

So what are we looking at?

  • 128GB - $1099 (base model includes pen but no cover)
  • 64GB - $999

While no ETA has been provided, JB Hifi did note that orders have been placed by customers. It's believed these prices will be used by Microsoft on its Surface website. 

Source: WPDownUnder

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Never seen such a slow roll out by any other company, Haswell will be out soon, how can they expect to sell good numbers in this situation?
    Compare this with samsung and apple who roll out in hundreds of countries in 1-2 months.
  • Exactly. This is the problem with Microsoft. Hopefully, we get a proper launch for New Xbox. Or they will be in BIG trouble.
  • The xBox almost sells itself though..
  • Yep. Terrible distribution system....
  • And we are expecting an update to be shown in June, released in Sept (for school). Hopefully Gen 2 with Blue is the best machine ever for computing. It's close.
  • Microsoft doesn't have a retail and distribution channel like Samsung , Apple
    Plus Surface RT and Pro didn't sell like hotcakes in US either
    MS will rake up the production when they have Haswell and better ARM processors
  • be reminded that the original intention of the Surface was only to be as a guiding star to other OEMs, they are only changing tunes now because there is so much demand for it around the world
    my god people, stop being so angry all the time
  • Rip off. With the Australian Dollar buying $1.03 USD, it should be cheaper. I'll buy one brand new off eBay instead from an American!
  • Huh? Sour much?
  • How is it sour when something made in China is cheaper for Australians to import from America than buying locally? I'll save over $100 on the tablet itself by getting a friend in the US to bring one back.
    Once you consider GST this is not an unreasonable price, at least when compared to the US price.  $999/1.03*10% = $1,066.89. Don't forget that many states in the US also have a sales tax so an American is likely to actually pay more.
    And for the extra $33 we pay we get an extra year of warranty, as required by our more robust consumer laws
    Once you consider shipping, GST and no warranty cover for a parallel import, I think an eBay purchase may not be a good idea
  • Why is MS launching the product so quickly ? Should have waited another 6 months for surface anniversary
  • I hope that's sarcasm :P
  • Yeah, Microsoft doesn't have a distribution channel as large as Apple's yet obviously. It's still in its beginning stages. I'm not worried about next-gen pro surfaces until Q4 or Q1 2014. I am guessing they are just announcing the mini Surface or whatever they decide to call it.
  • I thought it was going to be around $1500 for the Aussies
  • I'm still eagerly awaiting the UK price. It would be be nice if MS includes a touch cover included with the base price for us who have been waiting soooo long for this to come out, but I some how doubt that this will happen
  • Has anyone had their Surface tell it's too hot from being in direct sunlight. I was outside on Sunday enjoying the Sun and the Surface RT was sitting in the Sun for like 5 or so minutes. Went to turn it on and it said it was too hot. I think the Surface will run into problems this summer if this becomes more regular occurrence
  • I'd be waiting for surface 2 at this point, or at least waiting for some hardware upgrades.
  • Appalling price.  How can even M$ justify this?
  • How is this an appalling price? 128gb iPad up to $1009 in Australia - and that is just a toy product with a mobile phone processor!
  • <p>Its actually not a bad price, surprised. Its cheaper than the samsung equivalent</p>