Microsoft Tag passes 5 billion tag marker

Microsoft have announced (opens in new tab) that the month of March accumulated the highest amount of tags scanned, since the launch of the mobile tagging service in January 2009. The software giant has printed more than five 5 billion tags in the two years, with a staggering 3 billion served in the last six months alone.

  • March had the greatest number of Tag scans since Tag launched in January 2009, with more than 50 percent more scans than any other month to date.
  • The number of scans per month has doubled over the past three months, and the number of users per month has increased 2.5 times in that same time frame.
  • Three billion Tags were printed during the past six months alone, and 5 billion Tags have been printed since Microsoft Tag’s January 2009 launch.
  • Publishing continues to lead among top industries adopting Tag, with retail scenarios and entertainment holding the second and third positions, respectively.

"Brand adoption and consumer engagement continue to build, with March being our strongest month to date, due to several high-profile, well-executed campaigns," explained Aaron Getz, General Manager of Microsoft Tag. "We continue to have tremendous success within publishing and also see increasing usage by retailers, consumer packaged goods companies and movie studios" he continued.

Tags are being introduced in a variety of different ways, allowing customers and consumers access to more content, information, media, contact detail, maps, social networking and much more. Simply using your mobile device's camera to scan the tag enables you to instantly enter into a gateway of relevant content. Several movie studios, including Summit Entertainment LLC and Universal Studios, have began placing Tags on movie ads, posters and packaging that link to movie trailers, interactive mobile games and exclusive content, increasing awareness. USA Today also began including tags (opens in new tab) and IFC displays tags on their channel (opens in new tab).

Microsoft's Tag reader is available on a number of different smartphone platforms, including Android (opens in new tab) and Windows Phone 7 (opens in new tab).

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Sounds like great news! Now make it so my camera doesn't make that horrible shutter sound every time I take a picture lol.
  • It would be great if the camera could recognize MS tags without separate software. Seems like such an obvious step.
  • They could make use of the "so-called" contextual search button by having it activate the tag reader when you push it while in the camera. Makes sense to me.
  • ive been using the ms tag system with flyers for my band's shows ( but don't try and scan that one, its way too low-res). the tag has been a link to download free mp3s and a facebook event. unfortunately i haven't seen very many scans via the tracking online.
  • The tag reader should automatically detect tags instead of having to take a picture of them. It worked that way on WinMo. Sometimes it wont recognize the tags on WP7, probably because picture taking is often blurry due to the fact that anti-shake is off by default. Stupid...