Microsoft talks enterprise features coming in Windows 10 Creators Update

While Microsoft has mostly on creative consumer-focused features coming in the Windows 10 Creators Update thus far, the company has taken to a new blog post to detail aspects of the update that should appeal to business users. Due in early 2017, the Creators Update is set to bring a number of new enterprise features that should improve overall manageability and security, including boosts to Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) to help businesses better detect threats.

One of the biggest enterprise areas that will see imrpovements with the Creators Update includes device management. In particular, Microsoft is working to make it much easier for IT admins to "acquire, provision, support and secure devices more easily than ever."

With that in mind, Microsoft is looking to enhance the WIndows Analytics dashboard to let businesses to better manage their devices using their own telemetry. Even more interesting, Microsoft plans to bolster support for BYOD in the enterprise. From Microsoft:

With the Creators Update we're introducing mobile application management, a new feature that will protect data on personal devices without requiring the device to be enrolled in a Mobile Device Management solution. As employees use their own devices at work more and more, we are providing IT with oversight to apply policies to the applications employees use to be productive. This helps keep corporate data more secure without taking on the added responsibility of managing employees' personal devices.

Lastly, Microsoft is lowering download sizes for enterprise customers by introducing differential downloads. This will allow mobile and PC devices to download updates that only contain changes that have been made since the last update, which should reduce download update sizes significantly.

For much more, be sure to check out Microsoft full blog post.

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  • Finally, some Enterprise related feature. 😎
  • I guess this will mean extensive support for android and ios devices and bare minimum support for Windows mobile devices. I line with MS their strategy over the last few years.
  • Right, because updates to the Windows OS will improve iOS and Android. I get your cynicism, but wrong topic for it.
  • Yes it will actually improve the ios and android experience in combination with windows 10.
  • Enterprise features? Must be kidding. How about adding some basic features like print a pdf from Edge on mobile?
  • Come on. Keep on downvoting me if you don't like to hear the truth.
  • This has nothing to do with "the truth", your post has nothing to do with the article!!!!!
  • How about print selection from Edge? Edge dev team was all over the net some time ago trying to get some tips and suggestions from users. First of all I don't know why would you give them any ideas for free when they are paid to make the product which then they sell it to you but ok. Anyway I told them they should revisti Internet Explorer cause they missed out on some basic Windows features that could be the reason why people still stick with IE and which could ease out their transition to Edge, then I mentioned obvious lack of print selection and I got downvoted to oblivion! Edge dev team much like many other teams accross the market are trying to reinvent the wheel. I supposed the team lead is comprised of heavy Chrome and Firefox users because I'm sure they didn't invest much time by using the product they are trying to improve. They came up with notes feature and advertised the hell out of it trying to make it different, trying to reinvent the wheel.
  • This isn't about W10M, it's about enterprise security. Don't take the conversation off topic and you won't get downvotes.
  • I like that Microsoft continues to develop the platform, but I keep hoping they will build into W10M some advantages over other platforms in relation to Enterprise. Maybe they are and just failed to mention it here, but that's what I'm looking for. Pointed messaging. We all know that if Apple owned Enterprise, their phones and their tablets would be so integrated into the design that they would offer noticeably improved user experiences over other platforms. Their advantage in Enterprise would DRIVE additional sales in other markets like mobile. Microsoft has not only completely failed to do this so far, but hasn't even indicated that they are attempting to do so. This blows my mind!!!!
  • That's pretty awesome actually!!
    should we see these on mobile too??
  • These are Enterprise features so unless you are an employee working at a company IT dept, then you won't see any of these features.
  • How is this difference from the current "Connect to Work or School" feature? Content source tracking?
  • Kelly is "accidentally" copying work data to a private email account either because the copy didn't work (you got hit that CTRL+C multiple times to be sure) or because she dreams of being Secretary of State one day.