Microsoft teams up with Alibaba to crack down on software piracy in China

Microsoft has partnered with Alibaba to combat software piracy in China. The new Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) between the two companies calls for Alibaba, the largest online retailer in China, to remove counterfeit versions of Windows from their stores. The agreement puts responsibility on Microsoft to actually find the pirated software.

From Neowin:

Under the agreement that was sent to Neowin, the Alibaba Group will be required to remove any software deemed to be counterfeit that Microsoft finds on the Chinese company's sites. Further, the Alibaba Group will help those who buy counterfeit software obtain compensation from sellers who sold non-legitimate Microsoft software.

Source: Neowin

Joseph Keller
  • One of the reasons that android is so popular in india,china,or even my country iran,is how easy u can sideload pirated apps,and one of the reasons for them,not to buy wp becuz its to hard to install pirated apps,of course in india and china they can buy,but in my country,iran,that microsoft blocked us,people have no choice but install pirated paid apps becuz there is no payment way,iran has a massive wp fan community and market,but i wish Microsoft could support us too...
  • Hmm? Why does Microsoft block Iran? I'm curious.
  • Trade embargo most likely.
  • Okay, got it.
  • As others have stated it is not Microsoft's fault here nor is it the people who live in Iran. If you are a US citizen or corporation it is illegal to do nearly any type of business with Iran.
  • They think we have mass destruction bombs,nuclear weapons
  • Maybe is because the US government has a small-penis complex and believes they are something in the world, but in reality everybody is starting to hate them for being such a "big mouth"... The sad part is that thanks to them, now Japan and China are buying the "all american" industry, but shhh... "that's a lie created by those communist".(same lies as ever) But going to the point about piracy: Since Lagdroid allows piracy, their developers are suffering, with time they either choose run to windows to save themselves or they drown in the "(piracy) paradise" that Lagdroid is...
  • That sounds more pirate cheesy. some days before i read an interview with popular torrent site founder who owns the site isohunt. In which he stated piracy as a distribution problem rather than money problem. Eithey way i and microsoft thinks(i'm not telling i'm intelligent as/than floks @microsoft) as it is clear that microsoft is introducing various payment methods in their app store such as operator billing in third world countries such as india and brazil. May be they are experimenting many more ways as technological ways proved useses in 20 year history of Windows. Talking about the advantages of piracy amy be it is piracy which gave windows this masive market share compared to other oses.
  • So what you're saying is you're to poor to take part in the modern world so you choose options where you can steal the hard work of others? Seems legit /s
  • You really shows you are non-sense American who knows only that teeny-tiny bit
  • Because I stand for a fair system that requires users to pay developers for the thousands of hours they dedicate to their software or musicians and their art. If that makes me a no sense Canadian then so be it.
  • I'm generally commenting about piracy their causes, reasons and that are the measures taken by ms. No way of justifying piracy.
  • I personally i want to buy apps i want,like moliplayer,but there isn't any way for me to buy it in Iran,so i sideloaded cracked one :(
  • Does your country carrier provider support carrier billing?? You can purchase or make payment using carrier billing instead using credit/debit.
  • Becuz of us law,we are blocked from every thing,so no carrier billing
  • Here in India, I don't have any problems with using my debit card as a payment method, since in MOST banks, a Debit card can be used in places where a credit card is required. However, speaking from experience, debit cards from some banks, like state bank of India, never gets authorized in the store. This might be one of the reasons people get angry at paid apps.
  • Good Job Microsoft! Hope more legal sotfware...
  • They need to team up with some good advertising firms and figure out how to market WP in China....... SMDH.
  • Exactly! WP keeps losing market share in China. The localisation is still quite poor. Android became dominant in China due to customisability.
  • Just China..? I would say the whole world..!!
    What's SMDH Rod..??
  • Shaking My **** Head
  • D...? Dead? Dumb? DJCBS? Devs? Or is it Dick?
  • Damn
  • Oh..
  • This⬆
  • Welllllllll... I was kinda trying to stay on topic.. Lol.
    But, yes! I agree.
  • What are we dealing with, In China people are paying money for Pirated softwares that sound ridiculous.
  • Because pirated softwares can be much much cheaper than legitimate ones. So maybe Microsoft can also help fight piracy by offering more attractive deals on their products?
  • I mean they are ways to get pirated softwares for free. Why pay money.
  • In Mexico, the basic internet speed is low and to download a GB it takes like 45 minutes. Now, imagine someone wants the Adobe Suite, a lot of people just don't want to wait the suite to be downloaded, they prefer to pay someone who already did it andbmaybe burnt it onto a CD/DVD. They're paying because of the time they're saving. For many might sounds silly but that's how it is, third world country problems.
  • It's the same as why you pay for a service. You don't want to search and test pirated softwares ( it can be very troublesome sometimes), instead, if someone offers you a reliable pirated copy with very cheap price, do you think it is a good deal for some people?
  • Great partner!
  • This is a very good thing for people who actually pay for software...  We can then get these same products for cheaper since MS is not losing money from people stealing their products.  The key is that most likely MS already knew who the people were selling these products, they will just now have a way to get back money that was lost (by way of the original consumer).  
  • My younger cousin played Minecraft on his Android. Pirated of course. He was real fan of my 1520, but didn't know that Windows Phone can't run Android, much less, pirated apps. He kept asking me when Minecraft would come to Windows phone. When recently it came, I said I have it, but can't download it because the app is paid. He offered me to copy his version to my phone. It gave me a laugh. When I told him the truth, well, I think Windows phone lost a potential customer. Sad truth. But in my country Pakistan, and to a large extent in the region, no one pays for software. Nope. Not even $0.99. (Which is the equivalent of the cheapest fast food item you can get here). Mostly because debits cards aren't supported and credits cards are not trusted. Carrier billing is almost non-existent. But , its mostly due to a thinking that investment in hardware is enough. No one pays for software. Piracy is dismissed as a joke. Its a sad place, but its home.
  • thats why microsoft came up with with operator billing.
  • Thank you Hamza for being honest and showing your integrity. Hopefully someday your younger cousin will better understand what he's been doing by pirating software. Hopefully he'll ditch Android and join the Windows family.
  • Well, you can pirate apps on WP, too, fairly easily.
  • The only problem with that is the fact that developers don't make money off of the hardware, so if we want to encourage app development on Windows Phone we're going to have to make it worth their while to do so, which means people need to pay for some apps.
  • Do you guys just copy news from ZDNet?!
  • To quote a shirt once sold by, "China Don't Care."
  • Lol, piracy is the reason my choice to go with WP is blatant humor with my classmates. It's not only about the apps, but the quality of them. WhatsApp still can't allow us to send music files, Instagram still in beta, snap chat without making an app for WP order MS to pull all the third party ones (this isn't related but sorry got to point out), worst of all, IOS and android have better quality apps than us. (OneDrive, OneNote, Skype etc.). And coupled with that, no google apps, in a country where google is EVERYTHING. So Microsoft, although has beaten apple like crazy, will have a very tough challenge ahead to compete with Android in India, which stands at 80%, WP being 15%, iOS being 5%.
  • Good luck with that one Microsoft
  • I am waiting for Career billing for my Tata Docomo India . Or to get Microsoft gift voucher ny any mean to get WolframAlpha....... Those Loadingdriod show the way to get pirated apps but they cant feel that they are fooling their phone/platform
  • What are you guy thinking or talking pirated software as the WP apps. ? What being say here is the main Windows stuff software's or copies of Windows 7, Windows 8 OS.
  • Same here in my country. They even don't want to pay WhatsApp's subscription, prefer to choose buy a new prepaid number.
  • Show-box is very good xap app. It's an free Netflix service also available on IOS (Cydia) and android. But I do not crack MS devices because they handle US rules I EU:S
  • Isn't it funny that, Alibaba is one of the biggest site selling the piracy things... XDDDD