If you rely on Trello to manage your team's workflows, Microsoft Teams just got a little more attractive. Microsoft's Slack competitor has added Trello integration, allowing teams to manage their boards directly within the app or on the web.

From the looks of it, using Trello inside of Microsoft Teams gives you all of the same control and features you can access on the web. Once you've added the integration to your team, you can browse your boards, add and manage cards, and more — all without having to leave the confines of Teams.

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As a pretty popular workflow management service, Trello is a pretty big score for Teams as it looks to challenge Slack for dominance in team collaboration space. While Teams only saw a full global launch in mid-March, Microsoft at the time said it was already in use by some 50,000 organizations in 181 markets worldwide. More service integrations will be key to its expansion, and Trello is a small part of that.

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