Microsoft Teams can integrate with ServiceNow's Employee Center

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What you need to know

  • ServiceNow introduced a Teams collaborative app for its Employee Center today.
  • The collaborative app creates a single space for employees to find information, access resources, and make service requests.
  • It is one of the first Teams collaborative apps to roll out to customers.

ServiceNow introduced a Teams collaborative app for its Employee Center today. The app provides a unified portal that people can use to find information, access resources, and make service requests within their organization.

Collaborative apps are a relatively new type of app within Microsoft Teams. They provide an experience within chats, channels, and meetings that allows people to work together. Microsoft first announced collaborative apps in May 2021.

The ServiceNow app includes:

  • Meeting integration—embed incident details and communication tasks directly into Teams for shared understanding and rapid collaboration.
  • A personal app—ServiceNow's industry-leading workflows for HR, IT, and legal information.
  • Chatbots—providing a single virtual agent that assists with HR, IT, legal and more.
  • Actionable notifications—enabling employees to take action on key notifications without leaving Teams.

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"Employees simply aren't going back to old ways of working, which is why employers must provide the digital workflows and collaboration tools to make them productive in any workplace environment — whether that's fully remote or in an office," said Blake McConnell, senior vice president of employee workflow products at ServiceNow.

"By embedding ServiceNow Employee Center within Microsoft Teams, we are improving the employee experience no matter where they're working. Employees can act on the right information at the right time within the tools they're already using. It is imperative to help employees find better balance and keep them creative, productive, and engaged."

Microsoft shared the experience of Levi Strauss as an example. "After implementing the integration, the teams saw a deflection rate in cases of over 50 percent, and the internal customer service rate (CSAT) for their employees surged to 100 percent."

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