Microsoft Teams to gain laser pointer and inking support for PowerPoint Live

Microsoft Teams Note20 On Keyboard
Microsoft Teams Note20 On Keyboard (Image credit: Dan Thorp-Lancaster / Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • PowerPoint Live in Microsoft Teams will soon support a virtual laser pointer.
  • People will also be able to use ink annotations during PowerPoint Live presentations in the near future.
  • Support for inking and a laser pointer could come as soon as this month, though that date is subject to change.

PowerPoint Live is a feature in Microsoft Teams that allows people to enhance presentations with functions such as live captions and instant translation. Soon, people will be able to use a virtual laser pointer and inking during PowerPoint Live presentations.

The feature appears on the Microsoft 365 roadmap, where it's tentatively slated to arrive this month. It's important to note that dates on the roadmap are subject to change.

Here's the full description of the feature:

We are introducing virtual laser pointer and ink annotations so presenters can engage more with their audience by drawing attention or clarifying certain sections of the PowerPoint deck. Just as you would use a physical laser point in a room, PowerPoint Live allows you to effectively point at different places in the presentation so the audience can easily follow along what's on the slide.

Being able to use a laser pointer or digital ink should make it easier to emphasize points and direct people's attention. A virtual laser pointer is also a feature that helps replicate the in-person meeting and presentation experience, which is a secondary form of utility in and of itself.

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