Microsoft teams up with Toyota to sponsor racing team for 2017 World Rally Championship

Microsoft and Toyota have announced a partnership to help sponsor a racing team for the 2017 FIA World Rally Championship (WRC) series. Microsoft will serve as the technology partner for the team.

Today's press release revealed the details of Microsoft's involvement with the TOYOTA GAZOO Racing WRC rally team. The company will support the team in a number of areas, including:

  • Development of a data analysis platform to gather, visualize and analyse various data related to driving which will be utilised in race activities.
  • Creation of a team information-sharing system to allow team members to collaborate and share various materials such as images and videos efficiently and effectively using a cloud service.
  • Enhancement of communication with fans through providing services utilizing the cloud and using Microsoft's display devices to provide them with a front-row motorsports experience.

This new announcement follows Microsoft's previous technology partnership with NASCAR, which included the company working with the stock car racing league to develop a Windows 10 race management app.

John Callaham
  • They should throw that car in horizon 3 Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • YEA that would be cool. hope to see that
  • two of my favourite things
  • Toyota = fail. A company that cheats in motorsport!!!
  • A lots changed in two decades buddy.
  • Sweet Love WRC. I'm not a Toyota fan but it's great that MS will be a sponsor. Go VW! Go Ogier! Would love to have the WRC app on WP. Cheers.
  • I love Toyota.
  • Sorry, Toyota.  If you're going back into WRC, please bring back the Celica All-Trac / GT-4.  Nothing cool or exciting about a Yaris.
  • And the Toyota Yaris is actually a Mazda 2 underneath. :-)
  • The 2014+ are Mazda under the cover.  Anything prior are not Mazdas. Most cars are not exciting.
  • That's wild. I knew the Mazda2 (at least as of 2011) shared a platform with the current Fiesta. Will be interested to see if the Yaris will be more competitive in WRC than the Civic has been in rallycross this year.
  • Toyota(2014 or later) and Mazda3 share the same planet.
    What most people don't know is alot of high end cars, BWM etc share the same parts as a Mazda or Yaris.