Microsoft Edge for Android is getting an updated UI with new features

Microsoft Edge Android
Microsoft Edge Android (Image credit: Windows Central)

Source: Windows Central

Source: Windows Central (Image credit: Source: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • A new UI for Edge on Android is in testing.
  • It features a new hub menu with quick access to common functions.
  • It's in A/B testing now with the latest beta build.

Microsoft is rolling out a brand new UI experience for its Edge web browser on Android that introduces a new hub menu for quick access to things like history and sharing, as well as rounded corners in more areas of the app.

This new UI appears to be in A/B testing with the latest beta build of Edge for Android, meaning not all users will see this new UI right away. It looks like Microsoft is slowly bringing the mobile app up to the same design level as the new Chromium version of Edge on desktop.

The new hub menu is present where the old Continue on PC button used to be, and opens up a grid of icons that gives the user access to functions such as opening a new tab, read aloud, add to favorites, and continue on PC. The menu is also customizable, allowing you to add or remove whichever functions you wish.

We're yet to see this new UI show up on Edge for iOS, but it should begin showing up for beta testers soon. What are your thoughts on this new UI for Edge on Android? Let us know in the comments.

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  • This looks eerily reminiscent of Samsung's Internet browser now. It's not a bad thing though, that quick access on the bottom is pretty handy and far better than having everything shoved to the top of the screen where no one can reach it anymore with just one hand. Microsoft still needs to fix their Dark Theme though, remove all that grey cr*p and replace it with black. It's the main reason I'm still using Chrome. Yeah, it also looks like garbage but it has support for overlays from developers to fix it, something Edge unfortunately misses.
  • Perhaps the similarity is intentional. Might be that Edge is going to replace Samsung's default browser due to their recent partnership?
  • It annoys the hell out of me that Microsoft are ditching the square corners and copying the round Google design. Disgusting.
  • I don't believe it's Google's UI. Looks more like Samsung. Bet you it's because of the new partnership with the Note 10
  • I 1st looked at the picture with the rounded corners and thought, that looks bad. Then I read the article and realized that was deliberate. 🤔
  • Finally! The current menu is annoying because it's literally just a long list. The only issue I see with these screenshots though is the corners of the menu and the URL bar are TOO rounded. Fluent Design has only a subtle rounded corner (I believe it's 2px radius), which is what you currently already see on Edge on desktop and all the Office apps. Also, the quick actions should be a rounded squares (just like at the bottom) not circles.
  • Agree w/ "a long list." This looks better.
  • I like the new setup it's feels nice when browsing and such.
  • I'm open to this. Edge on Android could be easier to use as of right now.
  • Helpful to see version info numbers for reference and comparison...
  • LOL. Right call? It was the only call after they dumped on those of us who are Windows phone supporters. Again, I have tried and tried to make the user experience on my Huawei test device to be something above horrific, but it's impossible. Launcher doesn't cut it, the Cortana app doesn't cut it. The way they created the various Office apps on Android are painful at best compared to the Windows phone versions (expecially Excel). And Your Phone is just a joke, a solution to a problem that doesn't exist.
  • Still waiting for the new update UI. 😔