Microsoft may be testing Xbox Series X server blades with Xbox Cloud Gaming

Xbox Cloud Gaming
Xbox Cloud Gaming (Image credit: Windows Central)

What you need to know

  • Xbox Cloud Gaming lets you stream full Xbox games to your phone, tablet, or PC wherever you are, but it's powered by the aging Xbox One S.
  • Rumors have speculated an imminent rollout of Xbox Series X hardware for Xbox Cloud Gaming for months, but there's been no official announcement.
  • Some Xbox Cloud Gaming users are now reporting that select games are playing the Xbox Series X version, implying Microsoft has already begun testing.
  • If true, Xbox Series X server blades are probably close to a full launch through Xbox Cloud Gaming.

Xbox Cloud Gaming is one of the best solutions for playing games while on the move or on a non-gaming device, and we've long assumed that Microsoft was planning a major upgrade with a move to Xbox Series X hardware, which would improve performance, visuals, and latency by considerable degrees. While Microsoft still hasn't made an official announcement about this planned move, we've been seeing reports from some users that Xbox Series X server blades are already live for select games.

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We've seen evidence that Rainbow Six Siege, Yakuza: Like a Dragon, and other Xbox Series X|S Optimized titles now feature additional performance and visual options, and even support for up to 120 FPS. We've also seen some users report that they started playing a game earlier today, and then returned later on for it to be running noticeably better than before. All of this strongly suggests that Xbox has begun actively testing Xbox Series X server blades.

A move to Xbox Series X server blades over the aging Xbox One S hardware that's currently being used by Xbox Cloud Gaming will improve a lot of the weaknesses the service has at the moment, especially latency, and it's awesome to see that we may be mere weeks away from a full rollout.

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Right now, all we have to go on are anecdotal reports from Xbox Cloud Gaming users, so take this with a small pinch of salt. Hopefully, we'll get a full confirmation from Microsoft and Xbox soon about when we can expect everyone to be able to play Xbox Cloud Gaming titles at Xbox Series X levels of quality. We'll keep our eyes peeled for more news and keep you updated.

If you're an Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscriber, you can play some of the best Xbox Cloud Gaming games through the Xbox Game Pass mobile app on Android, or the Xbox Cloud Gaming website on iOS and PC. You can also pair your device of choice with one of the best Xbox Cloud Gaming controllers for the best experience.

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