Microsoft unveils new Xbox One controller, sports over 40 design innovations

Microsoft has today announced the new Xbox One, but what would the Xbox 360 successor be without a controller? Fear not as the company has this well and truly covered. Reportedly sporting over 40 design innovations, Microsoft has improved the controller in many ways to further enhance the gameplay for gamers. Check out the new look.

It's easy to notice the thumb-sticks featuring deeper grooves and textured rims, which will be welcomed by many. This is just an example of what's on offer here. We'll look forward to see more information on exactly what's included in the new appealing design, as well as some hands-on action in the future. For now, we'll have to continue drooling at these images from the presentation.

Xbox One Controller

Xbox One Controller

Be sure to keep on top of the headlines with our Xbox One coverage. How do you like the look of the new Xbox controller? Sound off in the comments.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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  • Amazing!!! PS4 who?? Lol.
  • The Xbox Won ;)
  • You think so? I wasn't impressed PS4 has better hardware specs and had a more gamer oriented presentation. I don't watch much television nor do I care for Halo TV. I am seriously leaning towards a Sony console for the first time as a core gamer and graphics whore. ^^
  • Better hardware specs? How so? They have pretty similar hardware specs. 8 core CPU, 8 gigs ram, etc etc. Graphically I don't think there will be a big gap between Xbox and PS like it was last gen, and the Xbox is doing more for social entertainment and making it an overall experience. Personally I didn't like the PS4 presentation because it was only gamer oriented..and they didn't even bother showing the console.
  • Just because its GDDR5 instead of GDDR3? Who cares? PS3 had way better processor than Xbox 360 and it was fine. Amateurs talk hardware, professionals talk software. It's all about the software buddy. ;)
  • I like to think of it this way.. look at a WP7 phone (ie Samsung Focus), and then look at an android phone from the same time period, Like the Samsung GS2. Better hardware in the GS2, smoother experience in the Focus. Microsoft has already proven that it can do more with its software experience on lower specs.
  • My Lumia 928 specs are half of Galaxy S4 yet it outperforms the S4 in many aspects. lets face it, Microsoft is a software company, there job is to make software. Samsung on the other hand is mainly hardware (mobile dept), so their answer is to make better hardware for their laggy addons that make their device "unique". Imagine if Google would restrict manufacturers with their OS, how smooth their Android would be by now? Companies like Samsung and LG are the ones screwing up Android, but that's fine with me. I'd take my Lumia over any other device. Besides I don't want my phone to be powered by clunky Java.
  • The PS3 had better hardware than the Xbox 360. That didn't change the fact that it didn't have online of the same quality of Xbox LIVE, and it didn't change the fact that the PS3 didn't really have something to combat Forza (Gran Turismo really fell off after 3, IMO), Halo (Resistance just isn't as good, same with Killzone), or Gears of War. PlayStation is more where you go for the Action genre, while Xbox handles online multiplayer, FPS, and racing better, while also having more options for entertainment as a whole.
  • You can be sure that there will hardly be any graphical difference between PS and Xbox. Even if one is technically more powerful it will hardly be noticable while playing. Either you can't tell the difference because they are side by side or developers will make sure not to anger either fanbase and try to make them appear identical.
    So what is left are the exclusives. I prefer to play my favorite exclusives over other exclusives even if the other exclusives look slightly better. So it all comes down to the exclusive games itself and not the way they look. And at this point neither console had game changing exclusives. Its also hard to judge a console's exclusives on its launch line up. The best PS3 and X360 exclusives were unknown to us upon their release.
    So really there isn't much to judge except the services they're putting on these devices. I for one am happy Microsoft is using the strength of its console to provide other services. It always appeared strange to me that you have such powerful consoles yet you need cheap recorders and other devices for the most mundane entertainment services. So I'm happy they will all be integrated in one product.
    Naturally Microsoft should not forsake upon the games. They are stil the core of the product. But I think we can have a better idea of what is to come at E3. Although as I said its stil too early because the really good exclusives will come later in the generation. So what I'll be doing is waiting until one of the two consoles have as must have exclusive. Probably 2014 or 2015.
  • So says the troll, remind me again what Games Sony has shown to appeal to you the Gamer? Didnt Think so now go play with your PS3 in the corner and don't come out till you have something productive to say
  • I will say, Last of Us looks pretty promising as a Sony exclusive, but so far that is it (for me personally)
  • Why'd they kick the transforming D-Pad? :(
  • The trandforming d-pad suffers from a design flaw in which the d-pad can actually break off. I've had it happen twice.
  • Also it looks like they went with a D-Pad that sticks out, which seems to me is what everyone was wanting with the 360 controller.
  • The controller for the Xbox one looks amazing.. Watching the live stream right now and I'm impressed with the new Xbox, a day one purchase for me!!
  • Really? I thought that the D-Pad looked ugly. I like the change in the sticks (mainly the rim grip), but the rest is either the same or a downgrade( don't like the Home button that moved north).
  • Ugly as hell. But that's my opion. I also hate the Xbox one's design. I also hate the design of the dualshock 4 controller. I really hate it. Only the Wii U controllers are left to love :P Don't get me wrong, I really love the OS of the xBox one. Really amazing!
  • Get out of here
  • Sorry :P
  • You are full of hate. You need some positive roll models in your life.
  • Nah I just had a rough day
  • Roll models. Yes?
  • Bill gates and Daniel Rubino
  • Like a bread roll model?
  • Dafuq I'm I reading
  • "Roll model," is nonsensical. He means "role model." People are mocking his statement because a "roll," is a form of bread.
  • Stop complaining thats all you do
  • Me? If i don't like it, I don't like it. I also said I really like Xbox UI and OS. So only the looks are bad in my eyes :P
  • Please...just....just leave..
  • Why should I :P
  • Uau really? I can sort of understand thinking the xbox one itself looks ugly, but the controller?!!! It looks stunning to me, but hey, tastes will be tastes :)
  • I think the built quality will be great but I don't know, I really don't like the design. Maybe I have to get used to it. My all time favorite is now the Wii U pro controller. That's just the xbox360's controller but with a symmetrical stick/button layout.
  • Ps4 better figure something out or they won't sell much
  • Yea been watching all day this gives me hope for windows phone as well with 3 OS on one system one has to help out with wp
  • Bollocks to ps4 give me xbox!
  • Halo TV show with Speilberg attached? Count me in for sure.
  • Great looking; Now lets put that Microsoft phone into production.
  • Ps4 has no chance
  • will Xbox one play a role in WindowsPhone???
  • I hope so
  • I doubt it. SmartGlass is probably going to work the same way on iOS, lagdroid and WP. Some new Xbox Live features may be added to WP, as well as the "my Xbox" app on other phones, but the Xbox One itself won't be the key here.
  • Would like the ability to use my phone as the keyboard on Xbox to type with...
  • That already works with SmartGlass.
  • This time around, maybe the keyboard accessory (chatpad) will work with Windows as well.
  • No matter how they make the Xbox controllers, I still can't play street fighter or any fighting game because of the d pad
  • seriously, I dominate on there. I'm only a "B" player, but I whoop "A" players all day.
  • Why not? They made the One controller to stick out, which is what all you fighting game players wanted, isn't it?
  • what can i say about? it's good, but i stick with pc gaming, mouse + keyboard
  • I like how it looks kinda like the original Xbox controller. But seriously who names these consoles?
  • I know haha. Xbox One, Wii U... But it is short and I like the name One. Don't precisely know why its called that but it is easy to remember, to speak and it draws a certain attention. Wii U is really weird named but in I'm used to it because I own that console :P
  • Its named "One" because it wants to be the one device that does everything for you.... Set top box, blu ray player, console, internet browser, and etc. You'll never need to turn it off.
  • Just like the 360 was named 360 referencing how MS wanted it to revolve around the user? Should have just called it the 362.
  • Yeah I see what you mean, but nobody cares about deep marketing names that use an overplayed name...
  • design wise yah, shape wise I think it is more like the 360 controller.
  • Sweet! looks like they are finally fixing that stupid dpad on the 360 controller.
  • ThtsThat's a sweet looking controller. Hopefully they'll make one for PC gamers who want a game pad, and lets face it, the 360 controller has been the best one around for many years. If they make a PC compatible one ill buy it in a heartbeat. 
  • They already make a superior controller for PC gamers, its called a keyboard and mouse...
  • Yeah, that's some futuristic shit there. Keyboard. :|
  • Uh, a keyboard and mouse isn't a controller, nor is it a game pad. I'd love to see you play me in a game like F1 2012 with a keyboard while I play with a controller like this. You will lose because the keyboard and mouse has limits, just like a game pad. Nowhere in my comment did I say that it was the best control input for the PC, I said it was the best gamepad on the market, and that I hope they release one that is PC compatible. A keyboard and mouse is great for RTS games and first person shooters. Playing games like The Cave (any platformer really) and arcade/sim racing games are game types were a keyboard isn't necessarily the best input device. Since things like Steam have Big Picture Mode a keyboard for about 85% of my library is not only not practical, it's far inferior to a controller. I'm not going to run 15 feet of keyboard and mouse wire, or buy a wireless keyboard and mouse to play games from my couch, I'm going to use a controller because its more comfortable to use, and in a lot of cases a superior control device. 
  • Man, I can't wait to get this. I hope it doesn't cost me an arm and a leg and my soul. I'm keeping my left nut!!
  • Looks good! I like the grips on the sides of the sticks. It doesn't look like those will wear off like the current "nubs".
  • I hope this new controller doesn't need batteries!
  • I never like xbox controllers
  • YEAH bring back the NES controller!!!
  • A huge knock to this controller is the fact that it uses Microsoft's custom wireless protocol instead of Bluetooth. How I would love for a Bluetooth Nextbox controller. Having the controller be compatible with the surface of a windows phone for example would be phenomenal.
    EDIT: Well it turns out I was completely wrong. The controllers are going to be using Wi-Fi Direct, which allows for it to be connected to more devices. You can read about it here, but Wi-Fi direct should replace Bluetooth as the standard device-to-device connection. Not only that, but Windows 8.1 will natively support this new feature. Not to mention, only one device has to have Wi-Fi direct in order for it to connect to another. So +1 for Microsoft! (I found this information out from Robert Carpenter over in the Xbox One forums)
  • That would be cool
  • +1
  • +1
  • Very cool, thanks for the update. Curious though, does this mean that One controllers will be able to work easily with Windows 8 (after the 8.1 update) without the need for silly dongles and drivers?
  • Xbox controller still looks ergonomic. I'm glad they moved the Xbox button to prevent accidental pressing when u mean to press start or select. I'm glad they the kept the option for attachments also, i.e. Kb, or headset.
  • I really like the look of the new control. How it is to use is a different matter that can only be told when we get our hands-on.
  • Whatare the 40 design "innovations"? All I see are changes in ergonomics, not anything that changes the way people use a controller. Innovation =! design changes. 
  • Design is not limited to aesthetics, there is a lot going on under the hood of the controller from what I have read.
  • Those aren't innovations. They are design changes. There are no innovations in this controller, the title is explicitly false.
  • You seem to be under the impression that innovation and design changes are mutually exclusive. Innovations are anything that is new or different, therefore design changes can be innovations.  You're original point is correct, innovations do not equal design changes, but design changes can be innovations.
  • You seem to not know the definition of the word innovate. Here, let me help you. 
      in·no·vate   (n-vt) v. in·no·vat·ed, in·no·vat·ing, in·no·vates To begin or introduce (something new) for or as if for the first time.   there is no innovation in this controller. It does all of the same things it did before, except the physical design has changed. The guts have been improved or changed, but there is absolutely nothing "new" in this controller and its not the "first time" we've seen any of this. It looks amazing and I really want one, but its not innovative. I'd call the Kinect in its original form closer to the definition of innovative than I would this controller. It's an evolution.   
  • First off, I do know the definition, but of course definitions will differ slightly depending on the source.
      [in-uh-vey-shuhn]   noun 1. something new or different introduced: numerous innovations in the high-school curriculum. 2. the act of innovating; introduction of new things or methods. Second, innovations do not need to be something completely new, it can be new methods of doing previous things. Doing the same as before, but in a different or new way is indeed an innovation. The 'guts' being improved or changed as you said are considered innovations. They are using new and different methods of doing what they were doing before.
  • No, they are evolutions. Changing the button placement isn't an innovation. Changing the speed of the wifi connection between the controller and the box is an improvement. They aren't innovations because they don't change how the device functions in a completely new way. They merely improve on the last design. Evolution.
  • They don't need to create a completely new way, they just need to be different than before. I think you are confusing innovation with invention. Improving on previous designs by altering the way things work in a new way is indeed innovations, while also being evolutions. The new  way does not need to be completely new, just new for the product/company.
    They also have not released everything that has changed, you are simply commenting on what you can see. Using WiFi direct instead of propreitary wireless as before is an innovation. If they did indeed put a headphone jack that can do 5.1 in the controller then that also is an innovation. 
  • You know what, I think I have gotten them mixed up. I'll see myself out and make sure the door hits me.
  • They should make the new XBUno controller compatible with WP devices... This would be awesome!! They should make a plastic sleeve that would allow for a WP device to attach to the new controller.. Nice!
  • Now, will the controller be compatible with Xinput-based games and software (Steam's Big Picture, for one)?
  • Someone above said that the controllers are using WiFi Direct tech, which some think will replace bluetooth, so it is entirely possible. (read: I hope so lol)
  • This looks like the duke 2.