Microsoft will help Seattle's KING 5 News cover tonight's Washington presidential primary

Microsoft is helping Seattle's KING 5 News cover the Washington state U.S. presidential primary tonight. The TV station will use Power BI and the large Surface Hub PC to display the data about the primary results.

KING 5 was the first local TV station to begin using the large Surface Hub PC back in February and used it, along with Microsoft's Power BI data analytics tools, to offer viewers details of the "Super Tuesday" primaries on March 26. For the local Washington state primary, Microsoft says (opens in new tab) it is helping KING with some additional Power BI features:

This time around, the Power BI report will showcase more data for increased interactivity with a county-by-county breakdown of votes for both the Republican and Democratic parties, including Republican convention delegate allocations. We worked closely with KING 5 News to design a report to meet the branding needs and functionality required by a leading media company in the region.KING 5 News is using Power BI to create a report with visualizations to help them tell the story of the election tailored to a TV broadcast. The report has to stay up to date as data is uploaded from sources like the Associated Press and the Washington State Secretary of State's office. The data is loaded into an Azure SQL Database and into the report using our Direct Query technology.

In addition, the Power BI app recently added a Surface Hub presentation mode that KING 5 will use on the air:

This is a critical component to KING 5's storytelling capabilities, as KING 5 News' reporters can now use Surface Hub's pen to fluidly make notes on the report so viewers clearly identify important insights. This already would have been quite a compelling use of Power BI, but we wanted to do more. So we are using the Power BI publish to web capability to add the same report used on air to KING 5 News' website and KING 5 News' Android, iPhone and iPad mobile apps. This second screen experience allows KING 5 News to provide engaging election coverage beyond the studio, something very unique at the local level in broadcast journalism.

  • Awww, Surface Hub.... 4 months overdue, no delivery date given, 25% more expensive.
  • Built one of these touchscreens 4 years ago for network TV.... ran flawlessly on windows 7 .... 4 years ago
  • How many years ago?
  • I think between 3 and 5.
  • Around minute 2 and 2:20 you will see it was not flawlessly.
  • Haha - fair enough. Point is this is just a weird PR move considering nothing is really new here in terms of Windows 7 had great touch support.
  • No W10 app? WTF?
  • Bravo MS!
  • And Power BI being...?
  • Power BI enables KING 5 News to give more BS than previously possible.
  • Thank you for the laugh.
  • Hopefully there won't be any Windows 10 upgrade prompts during the broadcast.
  • King5 also likes to use iPads (I live in Seattle). I get a multiple popups daily on my iPad telling me to upgrade, which I refuse to do because of repeated upgrade problems on Apple products. You should go over to iMore and bit*h there about Apple, being you hate those popups so much.
  • I know this article is more about the process that the content is being delivered on rather than the content itself but most political junkies know the Washington state primary election is meaningless.  The delegates for the 2016 presidential election were chosen in the Washington state caucus last week. Jon Oliver had a funny piece about the process.
  • I lost my cat. The whole cat.
  • As long as the political parties can cheat, they welcome all automation of elections and election coverage.
  • Why are we still entertaining Bernie? Hes done.
  • Obviously not
  • Well done MS
  • Wow, I was very confused because I was sure the Dem primary had already taken place in WA. Guess this is for the GOP primary.