Microsoft invited their biggest fans to check out Continuum on the new Lumias

Not even bad weather stopped Windows Insiders from showing up at the Windows 10 Lumia event last night. On December 1st, during a rainy night in New York City, Microsoft held its Windows 10 Lumia event for Windows Insiders at the new beautiful flagship store on Fifth Avenue to show off Continuum for phones with its new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL handsets.

We managed to show up and grab a few photos of the event, so join us for a tour!

The event was held at Dell's Department, on the third floor, where Microsoft had set up two stations for attendees to get some hands-on time with the new phones, and of course, to learn more about Continuum on Windows 10 Mobile.

At the demo stations, Microsoft showed off how easy it's to connect a Lumia phone running Windows 10 Mobile to a Microsoft Display dock. The setup uses a USB Type-C cable to a regular keyboard, mouse, and monitor and turn the device into a Windows 10 PC-like experience, and to work with various apps, including Word, PowerPoint. You also use files stored on a USB flash drive connected to the dock, stream full 1080p resolution movies, and change settings while the phone is continuously charging. The best part is you can still use the handset to make phone calls.

As the event primarily focused on Continuum for phones, Microsoft also had a demo that connected a Lumia 950 to a giant wall display. (I'm telling you, you have never seen a Windows 10 Mobile Start menu this big!) This particular demo showed off how Continuum can be helpful to present PowerPoint slides during a meeting and how PowerPoint presenter mode has you in control of the entire presentation. The main Continuum demo also showed off the Windows Store, Photos, and Camera apps and their advantages using them with the new Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL phones.

It appears that the event was also a great opportunity for many people to purchase their own Lumia phone. I saw some very excited people buying not one, but two of the new Lumia 950 handsets. Though, it's was sad to hear about a person wanting to get one of the new phones, but having Verizon as his mobile carrier stopped him from making the purchase.

On to the photo gallery, which you can catch below.

As always on any Microsoft event there was plenty to eat and drink, and some Lumia goodies, such as the Lumia pen with eraser tip that you can use on any touch display, even with your phone. Attendees also got their hands on USB car adapter and Lumia sunglasses.

It was a good experience, even more for those who were seeing and trying the new Windows 10 Mobile feature for the first time.

While we attended the New York City event, Microsoft also hosted similar events in Bellevue, Washington. Hopefully, there will be more events in the future at your local Microsoft Store.

Did you attend the Windows 10 Lumia event? Which one did you go? Tell us your experience in the comments below.

Mauro Huculak

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