Microsoft working to add new Windows Store features in Windows 10

Surface Pro Microsoft Store
Surface Pro Microsoft Store (Image credit: Windows Central)

The official launch of Windows 10 in late July also brought a new version of the Windows Store for app developers and publishers to use. This week, Microsoft offered an update on how the Windows Store is doing compared to the older version on Windows 8 and 8.1 and outlined a few plans for the future.

Microsoft stated that the average Windows 10 user is downloading six times the number of apps on Windows 10 compared to Windows 8:

"As customers use Windows 10 it gets better at suggesting information and content that help people DO more in ways that are personal and relevant. For example, Cortana provides app recommendations based on the customer's personal interests. In addition, the Start menu, Microsoft Edge and the Notification Center will also suggest apps that customers might enjoy."

Microsoft has also made the Windows Store itself a universal app for Windows 10, which allows the team to quickly update it with new features and bug fixes:

" For example, we've already released Store updates to add device filtering for ratings & reviews (available on the app's listing page) and to address initial constraints with search. And you can expect us to add new capabilities in the coming months, including support for carrier billing (paying for apps via your phone bill) on PCs and tablets to help you reach customers who don't have a credit card or traditional payment methods, as well as enabling you to offer in-app subscriptions. We'll also launch the first phase of a new storefront designed to help organizations to acquire, distribute and manage digital content across their small business, enterprise or education institutions."

Microsoft also points out the upcoming official launch of Windows 10 Mobile, which will use the same universal Windows Store app.

Source: Microsoft

John Callaham