Microsoft working with WhatsApp for notification fix on Windows Phone 8

Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took the Twitters this morning, which can only mean an announcement or an attempt to calm the throngs of Windows Phone users. Today, it’s the latter as he briefly addressed the ongoing WhatsApp issue with it being removed from the Store recently.

Although brief, Belfiore reassured users that Microsoft is working with WhatsApp to fix an apparently serious notification bug for Windows Phone 8 users with Update 3.

The problem is only for Windows Phone 8, as 8.1 uses a different notification architecture. Belfiore notes:

“For those w Q’s on Whatsapp: they pinged us about an issue that popped on notifications, we’re working with them on a fix.  More info soon.Ps - the notifications core in wp8.1 is different than wp8. The WhatsApp issue is in wp8 upd3.  How's your wp8.1 notifications experience?”

Indeed, while the public version of WhatsApp is MIA from the Store, the private beta is still going strong with version 2.11.478 going live this morning for internal testers. Presumably it is there that they’re tweaking notifications for Windows Phone 8 as the beta app gets an update nearly once every 24-48 hours, with no new features in weeks.

No word on an ETA, though Microsoft appears to be trying to grab the bull by the horns on this one. Let’s hope we get an improved experience sooner than later.

Source: Twitter 1,2

Daniel Rubino

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  • Thanks for the heads up Dan ! If the notification bug is for Windows 8 why did MS remove the app for WP8.1 ? They could have simply made the app available for WP8.1 only. Weird ? Moreover I always heard and read WP8.1 users complaining more about notifications than WP8 users. Suddenly the tables have turned over......
  • Is it still banned in Iran cuz zuckerberg is a Jew?
  • He renounced his birth religion - so technically, Iran have banned the app because Facebook/Whatsapp is run by someone who doesn't believe in fairy stories :).
    Welcome to the modern world
  • They ban any form of communication they can't have control over and therefore may lead to freedom of speech. The "Jewish", "Zionist", "opressive, indecent US" and all that crap they attribute to these forms of communication is merely the excuse (NSA gave them quite a boost though). There is also the habit of banning anything that's new, due to the reasons explained above. I remember when they used to make propaganda against VHS players, back then. After a while those became pretty common, in everyone's house. Then there was the satellite dish thing, that they used to search buildings for and threw them down the rooftops. Now Rouhani announced more than 70% (close to 80% if I'm not mistaken) of Iranians have satellite dishes and access to thousands of programmes, so according to him it was pointless to fight a certain cultural phenomenon by force from the beginning (that's the good thing about Rouhani, that's why he is a moderate). Then there is the purposeful limitation on Internet bandwidth (can't get above 256Kbps in your house unless your company makes a formal request that says you need it for work, or that you are a student, etc.) and Rouhani announced he is not satisfied with bandwidth and they are working to get better access on mobile phones too (we now have 3G on phones, but they are not allowed - yet - to enable video calls...but since there is Internet access you can do that with Skype).
  • whatsapp is not banned in Iran, and yes internet speed is slow but is not limited to 256kbs! i have 1mbs in my house.
  • The ban was removed due to Rouhani's direct command. And you have to have a letter from somewhere to get speeds above 256Kbps.
  • i have this account for 1 year now and it didnt require to get any permission from any where.
  • sure is!
  • MS didn't remove the app, WA themselves removed it
  • Oh sorry, I meant Whatsapp, was typing fast and hence the mistake. :D
  • can we expect a BIG friday update??? 
  • same question, big update or re-list of whatsapp in this month itself?
  • How do you expect anyone to answer that question?
  • That should become a thing!
    F.U. (Friday Update)
  • The notification does not show up on time but just showing up all together after a short period of time
  • Eh... I never understood the craze for the app in the first place.
  • Not everyone has free unlimited sms...
  • Worldwide.
  • I barely need texting in the first place. I havent really posted on facebook in months. I only use Skype once in a blue moon to message a few developers about their apps. The only people I talk to these days are my family, I could probebly live off that $30 per month that they offer at WalMart or something similar. My internet communication solely consists of /g/ and similar boards, xda-developers, and occasionally here at wpcentral. >antisocial rant off
  • Asocial*
  • No additional international texting charges.
  • This....We have people out of country regularly.
  • But tons of same services exist!
  • No one's on them and because of that no one uses them, It's like Google+. It's not bad but no one cares.
  • Yeah but can't they just use Facebook messaging? I guess I don't understand the benefit of WhatsApp either. I use FB Messenger all the time though.
  • I end up using Skype & Facebook messaging a lot.
  • Because people don't want to. The international community uses Whatsapp.
  • Google + is really bad
  • Free picture, video and sms....cross platform, with notification of when the other person has received the item-and when they are typing etc.
    It's texting for the 21st century. Shame it's now owned by a company that is sh*t at developing mobile apps!
  • Free? Sure, apparently you don't pay data!
  • You can send Whatsapp messages without a contract at all (just use WiFi or hotspots). Remind me again how you send text messages without a call plan?
  • Ok, I'll, go to the message app, open it, choose the contact you gonna send the message, write the message and done!
    Is pretty simple!
  • Must pay attention! I asked, how do you send a text message without a call plan (i.e., without any credit on your phone, or without a contract). The simple answer is, you can't. So if you go travelling, you are either going to spend a big chunk of money on doggedly using text messaging....or you're going to use an essentially free messaging service in the form of Whatsapp! No usage limits, no extra charges. 60p a year for unlimited video/audio/text messaging. For those that live outside of a contigious landmass like the United States, Whatsapp is a real god send. I can travel anywhere in Europe and pay nothing for Whatsapp. & all my friends and family are on it too. That is why it is so important to the platform...and why it is a huge loss! (American's may not understand to the same extent as you all seem to have unlimited texting plans.....but for everyone else in this world, Whatsapp solves a very real problem)
  • Oh, I wasn't enough sarcastic? Ok, here is the answer: Line, viber, Skype, webchat, facebook messenger, kik, do wanna more?
    Edit: I'm not from USA and USA is not America dude, is part of it!
  • Have you ever tried getting all your family and friends on another platform? And then have them use it? Who the hell wants to use one platform to talk to everyone, and then another one to talk to ONE GUY, temporarily, just because his Whatsapp isn't working? Nobody.
  • Seriously!?
  • Seriously, you're dense. The first guy was saying how Whatsapp is free and everyone he knows uses it, you chime in and for pretty much no reason throw out a list of alternatives to which I said they were not as convenient due to their relative lack of ubiquity. What's the problem?
  • +1020!
    I gave up trying to talk sense into Guilliams. He seems to think the world will turn on its axis and choose a different messaging system just because Windows Phone users can't use Whatsapp. The truth is, if Windows Phone doesn't have Whatsapp for an extended period of time, then new users to the platform will return their phones and go with something else. Whether Guilliams accepts that is besides the point. Whatsapp is a make or break app...
  • I got your point from the first comment, I just don't really see the drama! That's it!
  • Do you use Whatsapp?
  • Of course, more than others IM app, but I don't gonna change my OS for just one app!
  • I don't have Line, Webchat, Facebook Messenger or Kik. I did TRY Line and Kik, but there was nobody on it I knew. Viber is the same....I think I have about a half dozen people on there. Skype is NOT a substitute for Whatsapp. It is a VoIP product, with a pretty poor instant messaging option tacked on. It also requires that I get the username for each of my contacts in order to message them. With Whatsapp, I save a persons matter what nationality....and they pop up! It's the simplicity of it that makes it a must have. Why don't you try it out?! Oh no, you can't...because it isn't available on Windows Phone! Whoops
  • What's ownership got to do with it? When Facebook bought the company they also bought the same employees who were already developing the app, so essentially nothing has changed.
  • You seem to think that company priorities will remain the same....
    Facebook don't even build their own dedicated Facebook apps. So it surprises me little that their newly acquired companies are dropping the ball when it comes to Whatsapp support for example...
  • well it costs money... so it's not completely free... it's $1 for a year :) or am I wrong? even skype is more free and kik (eww) and Line (which is more crossplatform since it has a win8/PC and osx client)
  • Sorry, but 60 pence per year is not a barrier to use. Whatsapp saves you having to buy a call also works extremely well, and everyone has it. All those other options you mention are just playing the free card to try and gain market share. They are irrelevant though...
  • Technically you still need a call plan in order to activate Whatsapp.
  • I was being facetious. I don't know anyone that doesn't have a sim card in their mobile phone with at least 10 pence of call credit :). Let's include that into the bargain. 60p for a years Whatsapp service, and 10p for a text message to activate :). 70p is pretty good value to me! (On a slightly different note,, the world today seems to assume everything is going to be if there is no inherent cost involved in making such stuff free! Google's products are littered with advertising and trample on our rights to privacy....but they are free, so let's all buy them!! Give me a paid product model any day!)
  • >2014 not blocking ads
  • In Europe everyone has WA. No one uses SMS here... No unlimited plans :/
  • The UK is in Europe and I get unlimited calls, texts and data. That's probably why I don't use what's app, but I do see the benefit for those with poor contract terms or on payg
  • Not quite true but I get your point
  • My whole family across multiple countries text in WhatsApp rooms/groups for free. It is the most used app on my phone, even though I have free texting in US.
  • Imagine if you will working at a regional location that has NO cell phone coverage at all, BUT the company you work for has WiFi capability. Skype, WhatsApp, Viber etc is the only way I can receive quick and easy txt info (other than email) using my mobile phone. I can even use my mobile phone to call people without having cell coverage. That's extremely helpful for the likes of people in my shoes or wish to save money as there is an allocation of data you get usually with your monthly phone bill. There are some places in the world that have no mobile coverage, let alone as others have already brought up, you can freely text message friends and family internationally (without paying $2 each SMS from Australia to the UK for instance), for free. Now do you get the idea of these wonderful apps and how we rely on them to work without hiccups. Personally I can't wait for the WhatsApp updates to finally roll out to users. I'ld love to know how to get onto the private beta program for WhatsApp... anyone know?  
  • I'm still using my titan 2 bring it back.
  • Great news! :D
  • Lumia sales in India will be affected the longer thus goes on.Rumors will spread that WP doesn't have WhatsApp
  • Exactly!!
  • I actually held off on recommending a Lumia phone today because it doesn't currently have Whatsapp (UK resident)
  • Seriously? You deliberately dissuaded someone from moving to our platform because of an app that's coming back within a matter of weeks?
  • Here's a pro tip...don't read what you want to read, read what is actually written!
    Where did I say I dissuaded (her) from buying a Lumia?! FYI, we message a lot via to recommend her a phone that doesn't currently have it. Well that would be a real good suggestion (I'd be shooting myself in the foot with that one!).
    So yes, don't moan at me. It's Microsoft that should have put this fire out before Whatsapp felt that they had to pull the app from the store. I am not one of their sales reps - I recommend devices on the strngth of what I see before me. & quite honestly, issues like this make me assess my view that WP is the platform for me.
  • I agree. I talked with a guy today who returned his Nokia Lumia 520 and got a Moto G because the Nokia didn't have whatsapp. This whatsapp issue is hurting phone sales and the windows phone platform image.
  • It is actually.. I'm from Himachal (India). One of my friend was almost ready to buy a 720 but then woalaaa!!! Sine one said WhatsApp is no longer in wp devices..... As a result he bought a mota g instead..
  • It's coming back!! Why are people freaking out so bad about this????
  • Ikr...
  • Because for many of us, Whatsapp is THE most used app on our phones. This is a communication device after all - and at present, it is missing the most popular text messaging platform on the planet.
    You may not use Whatsapp. You may not care. But a 450 million user base says Whatsapp is important.
  • It's coming back? IT'S COMING BACK?!!! That's the whole issue here, this is already way too long so we are sick and tired of hearing that 'it's coming back'. This should have been a problem that should have taken 3 days max to fix, hell even those 3 days is just way too long in this internet age and I keep saying if this was on iOS or Android this would have NEVER been an issue in the first place. I love Windows Phone, my WhatsApp is working fine but lord have mercy this is seriously hurting Windows Phone, they were even having a discussion on the radio here in South Africa about this and they had the wrong information that WhatsApp may NEVER return to Windows Phone, now you have the wrong information being broadcast on national radio to the masses that should be adopting Windows Phone as their first smartphone. I CAN'T
  • did you even read the article it says FIX not "it's not coming back"
    I'm surprised people really seem to forget they have a brain...
  • Better, then you can get your lumia cheaper!
  • How can I get hold of the beta version?
  • You can't.
  • As its a non physical thing, or you have other justifications. Ehehe jk
  • Hihi... you got me there.
    But i was more refering to how to become a whatsapp beta users? :P
  • They are not enrolling people to the beta program anymore. You could get to it by emailing and asking them a year ago.
  • Alright... Too bad I missed that.
  • Same way you enroll into any beta. Email the devs. I started beta in February 2014. Definitely not "last year"
  • Not sure. Stopped using Whatsapp after all the notification issues. Only use text message and Facebook message now. No plans on going back.
  • I think people are over-reacting since it still works for those that use it (at least on WP8.1).  But for new users coming on board to WP, ya I can see that's an issue.
  • It's not an issue for us....but it is becoming a HUGE issue. This kind of issue is enough to impact peoples long term perception of the platform.
    A smartphone without Whatsapp. Not very smart.
  • If it were gone forever, maybe we could consider it an issue, but it's coming back. Do people just have zero patience anymore? Is this really such a big deal that people would avoid the platform altogether? Seriously need a reality check around here.
  • True... The day before they pulled it I lucky reinstalled my device and it works like a charm.
  • Well hopefully once the notification issue is fixed on the wp8 update 3 version they can sort it out on the wp8.1 version as well, still getting delayed or no notifications, and support tells me that they are working on their wp8.1 version at the moment :/
  • Turn off data sense data limit. This prevents notifications in my case.
  • +1
  • This doesn't do anything, same problem persists, I have tried this before.
  • Whatsapp wasn't really optimized for 8.1 though. Notifications don't always clear in action center, notifications are one line with group info, person who send the text and the text itself, so you can never read it. The text has to be in the 3th row so you know what the text is about
  • Here is perfect with WP8.1 as you said!
  • Considering WhatsApp is more popular than regular SMS, they need to fix this ASAP.
  • Not here in the USA..
  • ^this !!!!!
  • But in Europe. And the european market is bigger than the US market...
  • No, it's not more popular than sms in europe...
  • ... USA has the lowest WP market share so it doesn't matter that you don't care about WA
  • Funny how a US company bought WhatsApp and now we (the rest of the world) have to deal with this incompetence, arrogance and total ignorance for anything that is outside the US it's bad enough that we have to suffer with not having a proper Facebook app for WP but hey it's just the evils of Facebook in their master plan on being the sole ruler of whatever it is they are trying to control.
  • Hurry up!!!!
  • It's nice that they will work together to resolve the issue. On the other hand, Twitter needs an update too, the images and tweets are loading very slow on my NL920 running WP 8.1.
  • Any is also with wp 8.1..i am facing it since a long time..and even now i am facing it..whatsapp really sucks..i am using wp8.1 preview..and having d same notification problem since a lng tym..
  • Check data sense settings once
  • specifically what data sense settings are you talking about? any article on it?
  • The notifications work just fine on my Lumia 1020 with WP8.1
  • Notification only?  They should work hard with those programmers at Whatsapp about  fixing the bugs and UI. YESTERDAY!
  • Yes, because without Whatsapp all life on the planet will cease to exist as we know it, it's just that important. Get a hobby.
  • Look at the beta. Its really good :)
  • Don't use bad words Praise the Suckerberg.....LoL
  • Why they don't have ETA... Its since Feb that we are hearing that WhatsApp will update "sooner than later"
  • I don't care with this fucking whatsapp
  • Thank goodness. Maybe it will silence all these drama monkeys who have been running around screaming "The sky is falling"! You can relax now, kiddies. Your Uncle Joe has confirmed that its coming back, since you wouldn't believe the people who actually develop the app. *smh*
  • Before you get on your high horse...consider this;
    There are 450 million active Whatsapp users. Windows Phone at the moment is the ONLY platform where it isn't possible to download and use it right now.
    Even Nokia Asha's are better supported!
    It may not be a big issue to you...but this is going to have a big impact the longer it goes on. Who gives a damn about Cortana and whatever else if the core smartphone experience is absent.
  • Skype is used by 600million users, what is your point. Posted via the WPC App for Android!
  • Whatsapp is growing massively...Skype isn't. & the skype app is STILL pretty hopeless on WP.
    The two biggest messaging platforms still don't work well or at all on Windows Phone.
    What was your point?!
  • I think you need to chill out as well pal, i'm not saying people over reacting over this were right, but you're not doing much better spamming the same stuff all over this comment section. You made your point. Move on.
  • I have it on my Nokia c7(Symbian) with option to hide last seen it was updated few weeks ago.
  • If the problem is with windows Phone 8 then why the issue still persists on WP8.1? Even on WP 8.1 the notifications are delayed.
  • notifications are awesome & when will update or relist of Whatsapp in store, using Lumia 720 from India on wp8.0  
  • Notifications are working fine on my Lumia 920 WP8.1 DP without any delays.. Waiting for the Whatsapp update with new features
  • Yeah, have been working fine for me as well, they didn't for about a week a few weeks back, but i'm guessing it's due to WA tinkering on the back end to get the notifications right.
  • Never had any issue with notification on all my three Lumia mobiles, be it wp8 and 8.1. So strange. Notification center works like a clock.
  • I'm using WP8.1 on my L620. Today I woke up with literally hundreds of unread messages in the Whatsapp that never showed up in the notification. This has happened to me a few times now but I at first I just thought it might be a problem with the WP8.1
  • Check data sense app settings once.
  • Same thing thing would happen to me on WP8 too; as opposed to 8.1.
  • Quiet hours....check it, too.
  • I don't have seen any problem in notification I am using 8.1 in Lumia 1320.but WhatsApp must provide upgrade this time.for other platforms they gave monthly update..
  • Cool it sucks when it gives noti after minutes :)
  • I am not facing any issue in my WP 8.1
  • So much freeking out for an app. Silly people. I'll bet if things goes wrong again after WhatsApp is back. The rivers will flow again and people will play the Justin Timberlake; cry me a river song.
  • We need them to make WhatsApp like iPhone and Android, their WhatsApp is better, even BlackBerry's WhatsApp is better than ours. Damn
  • what is better in their whatsapp? I don't have any issues whatsoever with WP 8.1
  • They have different colors representing different recipients in a chat group,while we have all the same bubble colors. The messages layout UI are more pleasant to the eyes while ours are like over enlarged bubble and taking up lots of unnecessary spaces? And on Android, there are much lesser useless animations than the one on WP when opening messages, etc. Bottom line, WP version is just bad.
  • No probe wd me either I use 8.1 on 820 India. Problem it looms so dull n useless compared to other os
  • The delay in what's app is going to affect the 8.1 buzz. In India what's app is huge. This will be HUGE negative point!! MS wake up and fix it ASAP!!
  • Maybe they will fix it to be faster...i mean while under the hood flip it from Silverlight to xaml make it universal and on tablets.. Oh and toss in backing up texts to OneDrive
  • even iPad does not have whatsapp. how do you expect it to be universal - pcs, tablets and all?
  • A man can dream lol
  • Mine is still normal than ever! Touchwood!
  • If your running wp8.1 that's the reason it still works with no bugs :)
  • I believe the rush of complains is more about a community getting tired of asking faster response from developers to get WP apps to the same level than Android/iOS:
    Facebook, Instagram (BETA lasting like forever with no updates), WhatsApp, Spotify for example lack of features that are available on others platforms, and many still wonder if King games as well as Google apps will be ever available. Don't get me wrong, I know that Microsoft has nothing to do with this, but the regular user won't think "Ok, since this isn't Microsoft fault I will give it a go", they'll buy an Android-based smartphone to avoid this kind of issues, period.
  • +1020
  • Oh thank you kind sir for explaining this to those fools who don't see why we have such a big urgency to get the app back, this is the exact reason why this is a problem.
  • Exactly! Consumers will not give a chance to WP at all when they are getting new phones because of the serious lack of quality and quantity of apps. Yes, apps are catching up on WP but from what I see, developers or companies of those official apps are not even giving good attention to them. On Android, I have been receiving updates regularly for Tunein, Whatsapp, Shazam, Speedtest, Instagram, Box, Flickr, etc etc. But everything is so qiuet on Windows Phone! Till now, I have not receive any updates about getting bugs fixed for Tunein on WP! I really don't see how well WP will go although WP has a good face lift for WP8.1. Not much consumers will even bother to look at WP at all.
  • may be coming tommorow? its friday tommorow! so most probably it will be tommorow cuz WhatsApp always give updates on fridays! ;)
  • It was working fine for most of us. Why did they have to remove it from the store?
  • Just got the dual sim 630.. missing having 1 WhatsApp account let alone 2
  • It works for everyone who has wp8.1 because as it said in the article, wp8.1 has a different notification architecture so the bug doesn't effect anyone who has wp8.1. :)
  • MS And WA better work fast or noone will buy Lumias in India and Europe anymore. In these regions WA is like SMS. Would you buy a phone without SMS?
  • agree, that's happen in Indonesia too.. whatsapp = SMS
  • Can you still email people? Skype? Facebook? Google Hangouts via web browser? Posted via the WPC App for Android! on BlackBerry Z30
  • Skype and Facebook are pretty one uses Google Hangouts! & what kind of an instant messaging system is that where you are advocating using a web browser!! Haha...
    Whatsapp is important to lots of people outside the US. It is the de facto text messaging platform. If Windows Phone doesn't have it, then it is kind of a dead sales prospect. No salesperson in their right mind would sell a smartphone in the UK market that didn't have Whatsapp!
  • No you wouldn't buy a phone without a sms... But that's the point... Use sms untill WA come back... Not difficult
  • will be coming back with no new feature? I'm so upset..
  • That means nothing significant should be expected.....
  • Getting really tired how every core app -fb/whatsapp/twitter and so on - sucks on windows phone.
    MS, just give each of them a billion and let them make perfect apps. Without these you'll never ever grow strong!!!!
  • Twitter needs an update ASAP
  • On my 920 with 8.1 DP, after the update, clearing a WhatsApp notification in the action center doesn't clear the app's live tile. When opening works OK. Am i the only one?
  • After reading some of the comments on this article, I couldn't stop laughing, I find it funny how WA gets taken down from the store so they can do a major bug fix, and after 2-4 days most people are having a rage about it.... XD for example "a smartphone without whatsapp, not very smart" xD I don't think anyone goes to buy a smartphone and looks at a selection thinking 'i want one that supports whatsapp...' Every1 should chill out and grow some patience... It would probs be back in a few days... Lol
  • I have heard dozens of reports from people who quit buying WP and went for Android because Whatsapp was not available. And remember we don't know when soon is, Flipboard was coming "soon" and it's been a year.
  • WhatsApp replaces text messaging for a lot of people now, myself included to a large extent. Many of my friends only use WhatsApp now. Thus, for those people, it is like buying a phone that doesn't text. It is a big deal in that regard. I get what you're saying about it coming back soon and why it isn't the end of the world; but there is still a lot of uncertainty around. We are guessing that it'll be back in short order, and I imagine it will, but no one really knows when that will be. If I had no allegiance or fiscal investment in this platform and was looking for a new phone, I might look somewhere else as well; for the time being.
  • In emerging markets like the ones here in South Africa having WhatsApp on a phone is a big deal. Here we have uneducated people and people who are not tech savvy but these two types of people know this: Nokia (brand loyalty) WhatsApp (cheap alternative to expensive SMS as carriers/networks make most of their money from SMS) now people don't earn much here but the little they can afford to buy airtime to load up onto their phones WhatsApp plays a significant role in making that airtime worthwhile and last longer, now this is not only an Africa problem this is important in other markets where people just can't afford contracts and you just won't believe how WhatsApp had changed many peoples live here in Africa heck my mom and gran use to struggle using SMS/Text service but now they are hooked on WhatsApp
  • "probs be back in a few days" your wild guesses perhaps? Not even Joe is giving a confirmed date. Are you so optimistic about it? Not me. Why can't Whatsapp and MS get the bugs fixed without taking down the app from the store? New buyers joining WP will get very pissed with this. And yes, smartphone without Whatsapp nowadays is considered as a phone without a text messaging function aka useless. Perhaps you are not a heavy Whatsapp user, but others are.
  • There is no notification in 8.1! What is JOE talking about. I've gotten any notification since I updated to 8.1
  • just when i want a classic official response like "try using skype instead"
  • I have an 820 running Black and WhatsApp works fine on my phone. I don't understand the error is it phone specific? I have a Lumia 520 running 8.1, and that has problems with WhatsApp notifs. Have they got it upside down or have I? :/
  • Personally, I was having intermittent problems with it on a 920. It would randomly stop pushing for indiscriminate chunks of time, then I'd get a pack of messages all at once. Sometimes it wouldn't happen for weeks, then it would happen 10x a day. Can't explain it. This was on regular WP8.
  • Anyone know why they took the step to delist the app rather than just fix it behind the scenes and update it?
  • My friend was going to buy a WP, but she heard there was no WhatsApp on WP so she is kinda skeptical as to which device she buys now. She wants WP, but with no WhatsApp she's not willing to make the jump, especially since there's no date for its return...
  • No WhatsApp shall indeed cause drop in sales. As people shall go for Android alternatives. No wonder why Microsoft is getting so involved at it, although Facebook is an
    MS competitor
  • I m considering to change my wp just cz its watsapp sucks and crashes oftenly
  • Like someone said the other day, they probably delisted the app from store since their ratings had gone down to 3 stars. Whereas they enjoy a high rating on other platforms. So the idea could be to start afresh? WP 8.1 will get a lot of new adopters and a 3 star rated Whatsapp would stick out like a sore thumb, pulling their impression down.
  • Yeah sure
  • I wish they add share music option too
  • Guys i cant download what's app on my 920, help please!
  • Fast please ! My main chatting app
  • I dont have problem using whatsapp after updating to wp8.1dp. Actuallly the app crashing when viewing chat history is also gone for me which is good .....
  • Currently, the push notifications and receiving messages on the app are happening on 2 different channels. The push notifications come from MS servers, while message are coming from Whatsapp server directly. I think that's why notifications are not working well sometimes. I really hope both of the events are coming from Whatsapp directly, just like on Android / iOS. MS push notifications are always a screwed up.
  • Guys, find an alternative while the app is being fixed.
  • Meet with friends and ask what's up???
  • People who already installed watsapp , there are still using it its possible ...?..if it is taken how they are able to work with it ?.....without WhatsApp we are finding difficult to communicate with our loved ones .......please solve this problem as soon as possible
  • Whichever is the most difficult making applications in WP or Android?
  • So what's the bug? I've been using WhatsApp all this week on WP 8 w/black update and have been receiving toasts and live tile message counts; no issues with the app.
  • This application is funny. I am of the opinion that Microsoft shouldn't let them to republish again. Instead Microsoft should start to establish their one messenger.
  • Hello, Is there any other way to install whatsapp on WP ? Please let me know. i have bought new L630. Thanks
  • Hello., How much time it will take to publish the whats app on windows phone, it's getting difficult to communicate with the friends.. please let me know that when i can download this app Kavita Meshram
  • Any wild guess when it will come back on the windows store????
  • Any comment?  When it will be on the windows store for download?  Thanks
  • Any News About Whatsapp Return???? 
  • Finally it's available again on the Windows Store... downloaded and using again!!!