Microsoft's Actiongram app for HoloLens will let you create mixed reality videos

Microsoft is working on an app for HoloLens called Actiongram, which appears to be a movie maker of sorts. According to leaked media and details shared by Twitter user WalkingCat, this particular app will allow wearers of the augmented reality headset to edit media and content while interacting with real world objects.

As well as offering the means to create these new experiences, Microsoft is also set to unleash a clicker peripheral that should also be compatible with Actiongram. Here's one of the videos shared by WalkingCat for the new internal HoloLens project:

It's a fairly neat concept, though as Brad Sams points out, these clips are to last just 30 seconds, making them more like short shareable clips rather than lengthy recordings. Microsoft may also be planning to use this app to help enlist content creators to market HoloLens.

Finally, health and safety information was also shared online, which runs the wearer through potential issues when first using HoloLens, as well as some health tips to prevent one from becoming fatigued during the experience.

Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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