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Microsoft shows Android users which of their apps are available on Windows Phone with AppComparison

Microsoft just launched its new Lumia 950 smartphone this week with Windows 10 Mobile, and it wants to entice you to make the switch. That's likely the reason for the company to also launch its latest Android exclusive app, AppComparison.

The purpose of the app is to match your already-installed Android apps with some Windows Phone variants. As the app description says:

Are you considering changing your Android device to Windows Phone? AppComparison identifies your favourite Android apps and matches them with apps available from the Microsoft Store. The application also introduces you to some of the most popular Windows Phone applications.

You can download Microsoft's AppComparison from Google Play (opens in new tab).

  • Every little helps ☺
  • Yep, that's the spirit! We keep pushing!
  • Google, once, it puts an app like this in Wp store to move to android, I believe even the 1.7% share would still get more reduced.
  • If we need apps on WP than we need to do fake downloads just click on free button on the store cancel the download and rate it to make it universal make it for windows phone  
  • Snapchat whining in 1 2 3......
  • Why doesn't Snapchat (other missing apps), just charge for the necessary cost of development and support.  I get that the app may be free on Android and iOS, but what if they charged $4.99 for SnapChat on Windows with a $1.99 annual license fee.  Windows Phone fans could finally get the app, and Snapchat would likely make enough to develop, enhance, and support it.  If there are 50 million Windows Phone users, and you get only 1% (500K) of those to buy Snapchat, they would make 2.5M on initial sales for development (plenty), and 1M for annual maintainance and upgrades.  If you can't live without Snapchat, is $5 too much to pay?  Sure, you could argue its not fair, but not having the app eliminates those that must have Snapchat. 
  • No now that'll be awful Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • So it's better for the app to not be on the platform at all, and people to avoid the platform because it isn't available, than to have the app available for a few bucks?  I admire sticking to the principle, but isn't it a Pyrrhic victory?
  • Thats like the record companies trying to boycott itumes will never happen
  • That's terrible and Snapchat has the ability to make a WP app. They just flat out refuse to make it even after a really high user request and a direct request from Microsoft. There's an article here on WC talking about it how the owner just refuses to work with Microsoft. Not only that, investors have been getting inpatient and those paying a premium to advertise with them are seeing little ROI and people are questioning it's long term profitability. Basically I'm hoping snapchat fails or they change their minds and make a WP app. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Because with ironwood those costs are practically eliminated l. The fact if the matter is Snapchat just doesn't want to support windows. Period. It has nothing to do with cost. They just don't like windows. Snapchat is a fad that has pretty much run its course anyway.
  • You are right that it should be enough to make them make an app for us, but the creator of snap chat is a dick.
  • Because nobody would buy it. It's an app for kids and maybe really retarded adults. Those categories usually don't spend much on apps.
  • Umm won't this actually KILL wp when they see that the most popular apps are missing? Snap chat, periscope, clash of the clans, etc?
  • So those are your examples for most popular apps that actually are titled the app gap? looks like we are not doing to bad on Windows
  • No, he's right. Latest flagships mostly appeal to a young demographic (let's think teens). If you check the google play store you'll realize those apps have ridiculous amounts of downloads (50-100+ million downloads). It's been this way for some time now and I don't think the trend is stopping any time soon Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • It is not going to help the platform in anyway... The app gap is real and this will only ensure the people who were considering the WP don't but it. Microsoft should rather show off WP strengths not what it lacks.....
  • Or maybe people realize that most of the apps that they actually use are available and might take the plunge.
  • There's still the feature gap on Windows apps to consider if we over look the app gap.
  • But the average Joe would not know this ;)
  • Quote: But the average Joe would not know this ;) Yes, but the average Joe doesn't spend much in the app market either.
  • Most of the people use the generic apps, that are already available
  • I'm just happy Microsoft Garage hasn't built an app to move people from Windows Phone to Android. (sarcasm intended)
  • It's probably coming soon.
  • I see that happening lol Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • If we need apps on WP than we need to do fake downloads just click on free button on the store cancel the download and rate it to make it universal make it for windows phone
  • Never say never..
  • Considering the market share, the developers could make an app for windows as well since they already make money on android. Just make a version to reach the windows users as well, especially since you can just recompile the iOS app so you won't lose money compared to the number of users you reach with it. Press the developers to make apps for W10M as well, unless Google pays them to make sure there is an app gap on WP. Not to mention you can reach the PC users too now
  • There is a strong reason to believe that google would do that. Google is evil, no doubt! But MS is not saint either !
  • Exactly...
  • Does it show equivalent first party apps or third party as well?
  • It seems to prioritize third party apps. It doesn't show Microsoft products. Like for Google Maps it suggests Here Maps.
  • One thing is that the apps are there and another thing is that the apps work equally good. Which they almost never do. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • But some also work better. Our YouTube apps are the best for example. We have to emphasize our strengths and look on the bright side!
  • Yup. Tubecast is way better than the official YouTube app in android.
  • I think MS should work with any of the 3rd party YouTube app developers to make it an official app for YouTube in W10M and Name it YouTube+ ( this name suits because some 3rd party apps are far more better than official YouTube app ) .... So no more YouTube worries for those who want to switch ... ( let's don't talk about Snapchat:D )
  • We have tubecast 3 rd party app & it is mucch much better than youtube app in android
  • Microsoft already had a superior youtube app - it is not always up to them. Companies are actively workign against them.. google caused this app to disappear .. rudy had to take off snapchat and other apps even offering snapchat inc to use the code basis for free
  • Perhaps MS should consider a system of officially endorsed 3rd party apps to get around lack of 1st party support. Something like a verified developer system.
  • Yes.i hate to see ads while watching videos on YouTube android
  • You don't have to see videos anymore. If you have a YouTube/Play Music subscription ads are not displayed. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • This I believe is true. I played with my friend's android phone, glad to return it in a few seconds. ;)
  • General consumers don't care what's best. They care about what's official.
  • I'd agree with that - it's the only way a regular user knows what they can trust.
  • Perfect!
  • Sorry, not one of these 3rd party YouTube apps on WP top the official YouTube apps on iOS and Android. Bad example.
  • Don't be so sure, have you used android recently? Tubecast pwns pfficial youtube app at any time. Background play for example, which jsn't available in android.
  • I use WP and Android every day, I also use TubeCast and YouTube apps every day. I have as free, background play and downloads on Android. I also have working Cast support, access to all of my uploads and access to purchased/rented content on Android. TubeCast is great for a 3rd party app, it really is, $4.99 well spent. It doesn't come close, not for me.
  • Depends. I am paying for Google play music. That gets me YouTube Red and a larger collection of music to stream than Xbox music did for the same price. I get background playing and ad free videos like you do on Windows phone and am not paying more than I already was. For me they are about equal. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I don't know what you're smoking but android YT app has background play, downloading and whatnot. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Background play is available. When you switch to other window, the YouTube video minimizes and still plays in the bottom of the screen with an option to expand it anytime.
  • I have all three platforms and can confidently say Tubecast is superior to the official YouTube apps on iOS or android. Heck I also prefer mytube to the official apps. Of course it's a matter of personal taste anyways.
    Rudy's 6tag is also a good example although I'm not a heavy instagram user..
  • Is YouTube Red/music available on WP? Posted from my Note 5
  • Yes, but no. TubeCast does ad free, background play and downloads but not the "official" way. Google could shut them down at will.
  • I agree ! I used an android phone for few days and mostly missed YouTube related app (tubecast,mytube and mp3tube). And there is nothing like mp3tube in gap !!!l LOL
  • You can attribute developers as well for that.
  • That's true.
  • Totally agree, even Microsoft's apps are much better on Android than on Windows phone, which is a real shame. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • True. Consider the latest yammer app. Its awesome on android, and double shit in windows phone
  • They usually work just as good.
  • Hint: Not many. Yeah yeah im getting fed up and needed a vent. Also, great point by lorenzattractor: Its not just the app gap its the app quality gap too!
  • I have a lot of friends with iPhones and Androids, and pretty much every app they use they can get on Windows Phone except for SnapChat. And the only ones I can think of that are low quality are Facebook and Instagram, and that'll be changing with that iOS port incoming :)
  • That's a stupid app for teenagers who get a cellphone the first time.Pretty sure it gets boring to click a photo everytime.
  • Stupid yet very very important app. I don't use it but I know a hell lot of people using it and asking me if im on snap. So yes it is needed.
  • It is stupid, but a lot of people use it so it's kind of important that WP gets it.
  • Unfortunately a lot of people in my office in their late 20s/early 30s use it too. Not just for teenagers.
  • Lol you're just mad you can't get it, it is actually pretty fun, a lot of celebrities are in Snapchat and post funny daily videos. You just gotta know who to follow ;) Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I really miss Garmin Connect
  • Will check in my Bluestacks , whether I miss any Windowsphone apps in Android....
  • I do miss Snapchat, Microsoft really should just buy them aha :)
  • Snapchat is a dealbreaker for a lot of people.
  • A lot of hipsters.
  • True that
  • For me kik :(
  • Kik is on windows phone.
  • Support discontinued but
  • Last updated.... About 2012-2013 or 3 to 2 years ago. Discontinued. The Kik application sucks Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Well at least they left the app untouched, most companies pull their app after discontinuing it
  • Snapchat is definitely a deal-breaker for me: if you're my friend and you use Snapchat, you're no longer my friend because I don't socialize with idiots.
  • Hehe ;-)
  • Lol whatever happened to just using simple im services coupled woth email
  • One of the first things they'll look for is their bank. They won't find it.
  • Not true. It depends which country eg. The UK banks are onboard with WP. My Nat West bank app is one if my favs.
  • hsbc is one of my favs app.. oh wait
  • All the banks inthe netherlands have official apps. Just not as feature rich as the ios or android versions. (though all basic features are available. Enough to be always using your wp bank app to do your bank business)
  • Wells Fargo is on there.
  • In Poland all bank apps are here in the store.
  • In Denmark the biggest bank have all their apps on WM, and they're almost on par with the android counterparts. Actually I like the interface better on WM.
  • Lol in Canada cibc is the last holdout & Rogers bank(suretap) was announced to be providing support soon to the extent of secure element payment solutions thru their wireless carrier co-op enstream
  • Actually TD Canada trust has a windows phone app.
  • not a real one, just web but it's fairly convenient actually. missing stuff like image cheque deposits... I bugged them about it but nothing official comment wise one way or another
  • citi bank in india.
  • Yeah. Citi never sleeps .. my ass...:/
  • Thankfully my bank (USAA) has a great app.
  • It's in progress! this has been an issue since the beginning of WP! Come on MS! You can do it!
  • I might as well use an Android Emulator..
  • Microsoft shoots itself in the foot using AppComparison to lure Android users to Windows 10 Mobile
  • The person who wrote it is a complete idiot Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • He made valid points. People who use Drive don't want to move to a NEW cloud service. Though Microsoft should have included that there are third party ways to access your G Drive account. And suggesting another coffee shop app in place of Starbucks is also ludicrous. Outlook is a reasonable and arguably superior option for Gmail though. The app is poorly designed and some of the alternatives are helpful. Sure the guy is a fan boy but people wanting to switch don't want to start from scratch.
  • Wow, that guy is a real dipshit. Nobody uses or cares about Google+ and yet he harps on about it like it's the most imporant app to have. The same goes for a lot of other apps (Starbucks?? who cares!).  A lot of his concerns only apply to people completely devoted to the Google bandwagon, and I don't know how many people wouldn't be open to alternatives. UC Browser is a good alternative, and the built-in browser is just as great. Anyway, who cares - he's an idiot and he should keep his snotty, sneering attitude to himself. He has no objectivity and should be ashamed for pretending to be a journalist.
  • Sadly the browser comparison ends with 8.1.2
  • The guy who wrote that is an iSheep. You can see that from his other articles.
  • In India we have all banking apps. All ecommerce apps. But only amazon app quality isn't great. I think that will change with universal app. These applications are required here i guess by most of youngsters too.
    Snap chat
    Xender good quality but
    Clash of clans
    Software data cable
  • Yup Indian app catalog is pretty decent on the local side. Snapchat isn't still that popular in India though.
  • We still don't have Clash of Clans smh. An iOS port would do. Look at Candy Crush!
  • All Microsoft needs is Snapchat. Until then, the kids will stick with ios or Android....
  • Kids maybe. My wife and I just (shamefully) went to iPhone 6s after being on Windows Phone since the beginning and even Windows Mobile before it. I hate iOS but in just a few days since I got it, there are now apps that we honestly won't go back to Windows Phone without. Target Cartwheel, Xfinity Home Security, Chase Bank (had it, and they left us), Disney Parks apps. ​Worse, Microsoft's own apps, that I live in everday are better on iOS than they are Windows Mobile. Sad but true. Skype became unusable on my phone because the people I need to talk to there were communicating only in those new Mojis, so all I saw was a big "Unsupported content in this message" I miss my Windows Phone experience, because iOS is bleh... but the app problem is way bigger than Snapchat.
  • Yes. Like you I've been supporting since the beginning and now questioning to upgrade to another OS. I'm in the preview program and a lot has improved but there's just not a enough to get me sold on a new WP device. I think the continuum dock will become just another MS novelty. The more and more technology moves forward most if not all manufacturers only support Android or iOS compatible apps with their merchandise. The latest music application lost it for me so I cancelled my long time Zune/Xbox/Groove subscription. Surface Pro 3 had me sold that they were taking a new direction. I wish MS would create a mobile device in that image. I'll give it a few months before deciding to switch...just expected more at this point.
  • Well, if you do switch, don't mention it here. I've been down voted so many times through the process of consideration to pulling the trigger. It makes people very upset ;)
  • Not sure why you need to broadcast you switch as if most people on windows central care. I also saved money on my car insurance.
  • App addict. My condolecenses. Skype unusable? Haven't seen it be. Looks more like you're making it up? Nobody cares about someone leaving WP. Out of the door is out of our minds ;) Anyway for some the app gap may be bigger but for most it isn't. Your world is not any's world.   
  • Actually I gave a great example of how the Skype app is unusable in its current form. When you can't decipher what people are saying to you through Mojis because you can't see them... that's a problem. I'd hardly call it app addiction either. Being able to check in on my security system while away from home is kind of a big deal. Hell being able to check into a flight with Southwest without having to go through the browser maze... another big deal. Is it a smartphone if it doesn't make your life easier?  
  • Scumdog, you live in Orlando?
  • Negatory.
  • Twas the Disney thing that threw me.
  • We go to Disneyland a lot
  • The Natwest Banking app is fantastic and actually a lot better than android version. I have a Lumia 930 and xperia z3. I prefer the interface of windows especially file management. For me android is a bit of a Symbian in terms of complexity. But there is a massive app gap which I hate.
    Basically ZERO apps for medical professionals, hardly any quality dating apps and facebook and facebook messenger apps are terrible. Tumblr useless. No proper pinterest apps. No ability to pay with phone despite this feature being advertised with WP8. no snap chat which although I don't use I know people who do. BBC and other video players either absent or unable to download content for offline viewing. Kik doesn't have video. Zero good quality education apps or apps for children. No video streaming apps like showbox.
    The only things keeping me to lumias were Nokia design and innovation and camera. Now Samsung, htc and Sony are beating Lumia on design. Samsung and apple and lg with camera. And with windows 10 the interface is practical but less pretty and has lost the wow factor of beautiful panoramic apps and wp7 style transitions.
    I owned Lumia 800, 920, 930 and have converted six people to wp. However now I'm finding it very difficult to convince myself to stick to it much less other people.
    Seriously Microsoft should offer money and programming assistance to bring key apps to the platform, beautify the win 10 mobile interface including bringing back the two medium sized tile width for bigger screened phones as was the case with the Lumia 920 (its crazy that my Lumia 930 has a bigger screen yet my tiles are SMALLER!). One of the big selling points used to be glancability of big tiles compared to smaller android or ios icons. Now they are just as small and no longer glanceable. I've basically stopped looking at my weather large tile because it is so difficult to read, and I'm 30yo with 20/20 vision. That is a massive loss of a key feature and differentiator.
    You seriously have a problem if you are struggling to keep the fanboys on board.
  • Yeah apps like coursera and also required to be there. I forgot to mention in my comment.
  • I recently switched to the Z3. I love the design of the phone and having apps like CIBC for banking, Cineplex for buying movie tickets, Contest of Champions has also become my new favourite game.
    But boy do I miss the Windows keyboard above and beyond the best auto correct and the most efficient way to type of any keyboard I've used.
  • I'm waiting for my pre-ordered 950xl to arrive from Amazon on the 12th November. As good as Android is for my use, I'm extremely bored of it now and I tried the iPhone many years ago and got bored of that too. I must be getting old as the "app gap" as everyone is describing it as doesn't bother me whatsoever as the only apps I use are business related i.e. Teamviewer, Skype and WhatsApp. The rest to me personally are just pointless - not to say they are pointless to everyone else as that would be very narrow minded. For me personally, I develop on a Windows 10 PC, I have a Surface Pro 3 running Windows 10, all of my servers are Windows therefore it makes sense for me to have a Windows phone, considering the fact all my files, pictures, people (contacts) etc are available on ALL my devices, that is what I've been waiting for. I believe the apps available in Windows are initially aimed at the business market, perhaps in time the developers of the more commonly used apps will migrate, especially considering the "easier" migration tool provided by Microsoft from the iOS apps to Windows universal apps, however even with that tool, it still won't be as easy as pressing a button and go. This article/app has confirmed all the apps from my Android phone are available on the Windows Phone - all 4 of them :)
  • If you are bored, then Windows Phone Store has something for you: the official Disqus app. It is exclusive only for Windows Phone. They even have the Beta version with new features which you should try out.
  • It takes me a while to get bored, but I'm ready for a change. Not sure what the app you're talking about is but I'll check it out.
  • I've been reading that this tool hasn't worked out very well for Windows Phone and only helped to amplify the lack of official or non existent apps in the store.
  • That is correct. Tested it myself. Even though I already knew most of the apps I use were missing. There were no suggestions made for half of the apps I have installed.
  • I wonder who will complain about this being an android only release.
  • :)
  • Well we have a similar app but the list is rarely updated
  • Lol
  • Could this be used at all to show interest to developers? Say 3k people use it and search for a Periscope equivalent, can Periscope see those numbers (as proof that there would be support/user on the platform)?
  • Ya gd strategy..
  • But does it show good 3rd party equivalents or alternatives? 6tin, metrotube, navigation software (here)
  • Nop. Examples: the 3rd party equivalent to Tinder they present is "Timber" instead of 6tin. Instead of recommenting you a good YouTube alternative app like, as you mentioned, YouTube, they point you towards the "official" YouTube "app" on WP. Same for Instagram where they point to you the Beta instead of 6tag.
  • Snap chat should just allow Rudy get 6snap back if they don't want to make app for us.
  • Well lately Google's wrecking 3rd party API for youtube so its almost easier to just use the webrowser
  • SMH. What's the point of this app then? Make them Android users steer away from WP? They could've make the app recommend "good" apps. SMH again.
  • Dumb
  • Here in India.... I saw several commercials of apple's iPhone... Showcasing its core features, live view images, force touch aka 3d touch of apple, even Siri the digital assistant.... But alas! I never saw a Windows phone commercial showcasing what it really can do.... Its living imges, its gestures(beta), live tiles, and most powerful Cortana and hey Cortana....
  • Yeah Microsoft is very bad in advertising phones. Most of their ads are productivity based ads instead of phone features based ads
  • Lol & this is why they killed rt for some silly office apps that weren't ready
  • Yes, even I am surprised. The damn phones are launching on 25th and there are absolutely no advertisements at all. I've seen nexus , and the new iPhone hoardings accross the western express highway and wonder where the hell is MS? They even missed Diwali, which was a perfect time to crunch the tv and newspapers with ads
  • Yeah true. I guess it will begin with launch of respective phones. I think there could have launched a teaser promo.
    But since we have cortana .. I think ms phone will get a separate place in stores, highlighting the same instead of being lost in crowd. Post launch marketing help them a lot. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Sometimes I think Microsoft doesn't want people to move to windows phone. Even if this does work and people move they will be pretty upset when they find the majority of apps are nowhere near the quality of the comparison app on android(6tag and the youtube clients buck the trend in this) I have a 930 and would really like a 950xl but should I put myself through another two years of needing my iPad as well as my phone? Microsoft need to do a lot more than just equal other os to pull in customers.
  • I don't have any android to check comparison.
  • Use your browser
  • This is a bad idea! Even the 'apps' that do crossover are beta or lacking features of ios android
  • No use of this
  • W00t! Confirms all the Microsoft apps I need are on my Android. Oh, wait...
  • To everyone saying this is a bad idea: Shut your pie hole. Would you rather MS not do anything? Could they do more? Yes, but at least they are doing something.
  • Couldn't agree more!
  • They are doing nothing. What exactly are they doing? Showcasing their poor app choices? Showcasing their lack of applications? Showcasing official apps long abandoned ala Kik? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Seriously? OK, I get that the cool kids are using Snapchat, but you're focusing on kik?
  • Not so much at this moment. Still missing some important banking apps. AutoCAD 360 is missing, and some others i rely on. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Still no Abu Moo collection for Windows 10 Mobile. Epic fail.
  • Just installed it out of curiosity for the results. It will NOT entice anyone to swtich from Android, I can tell you that. Not only it recommends you a bunch of crappy 3rd party apps it also recommends "Betas" and apps that are know for being "great" on the YouTube app. If Microsoft was serious in this, at least they could make an effort to select the best apps they have on the Windows Store (which aren't even that many) to recommend when there's a lack of official app.
  • Just tried it on my Android, and I have to agree. Nothing there to make me want to switch platforms Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Same here. Android is so much better for me in this point of time. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oh man.. It's a shame what ms is doing..
  • I agree that the app doesn't even choose the best options available. For Chrome, they offer some weird browser instead of Edge. None of the music apps trigger Groove, but seem to favor MixRadio. Starbucks trigger the app for Timmy Horton's and not the third party apps for Starbucks.
  • Lol here comes the wc troll :)
  • Is there an answer for the Starbucks pay app yet? Two reviews I read mentioned that as one of the important apps missing. Hopefully Windows reputation for productivity continues reaching more toward apps that assist the everyday person in their daily activities, I think they already have the business angle covered. The Uber deal is a great start.
  • I tried it on my Android device and got Timmy Me as an alternative to Starbucks! That's just dumb. We don't even have Tim Horton's here, and a Tim Horton's app won't work at Starbucks anyway. Posted from my Moto X Pure Edition via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Lol it is 1 of few official apps