Can you feel that? It’s Friday, which means we’re about to go have fun for the weekend, but there may be a WhatsApp update in store for us shortly. Microsoft’s Joe Belfiore took to Twitter again to calm the surging masses who want their WhatsApp back. In the brief tweet, Belfiore noted that they have worked with the WhatsApp team and that the fix should be here “quite soon”. To our ears that sounds like some last minute certification is occurring, meaning we may have something by this weekend (or earlier).

"Sorry for being quiet about WhatsApp. We've worked with them to get a fix built and expect it to be back QUITE SOON." - Joe Belfiore, Microsoft

WhatsApp was recently pulled from the Store due to a serious notification bug affecting those on Windows Phone 8 Update 3. Microsoft and WhatsApp have been working together to solve the problem, though, after nearly two weeks, new users to Windows Phone are getting angst ridden. People who have picked up the new Lumia 630 don’t have access to the app, resulting in frustration.

It should be clear that Microsoft is paying attention to the demand, so hopefully we’ll see something soon. Stay tuned, folks, it could be a fun weekend!

Source: Twitter