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Microsoft's Bing News PubHub is designed to help news sites get noticed

Microsoft has announced the Bing News PubHub. It is designed to give sites a way to submit their content so they can receive more exposure on the Bing news section.

Microsoft stated:

With more than 20 percent of the U.S. desktop search market share (and continuously growing), Bing helps millions of users to get the most comprehensive and relevant news. In addition to the browser, Bing also gets in front of millions of Windows 10 users through Cortana and in front of Outlook users through Outlook News Connector. News is also available inside the Bing search app on both iOS and Android. When publishers submit their content through the Bing Publisher Network, they've just expanded their reach significantly, giving their stories and outlets even greater exposure.

Sites that want to be included in the News PubHub must get verified first with Microsoft's Bing Webmaster Tools and follow the company's guidelines. Those sites will be evaluated on several topics:

  • Newsworthiness – Report on timely events and topics that are interesting to users. Content that doesn't focus on reporting, such as how-to articles, job postings, advice columns, product promotions, is not considered newsworthy. Similarly, content that consists strictly of information without including original reporting or analysis, such as stock data and weather forecasts, is not considered newsworthy.
  • Originality - Provide unique facts or points of view. Faced with numerous sources frequently reporting similar or identical content, originality or uniqueness becomes a critical way to determine the value to a user of an individual story.
  • Authority – Identify sources, authors, and attribution of all content. News sites with authority maintain the highest level of trust and respect from our users.
  • Readability – Create content with correct grammar and spelling, and keep site design easy for users to navigate. Advertising should never interfere with the user experience.

Check out Bing News PubHub

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