Microsoft's Channel 9 shows the preparations in San Francisco for Build 2016

Build 2016 is just a few hours from beginning, but Microsoft has been preparing to hold the developer conference for some time. A new company video offers a taste of what Microsoft is doing at the Moscone Center in San Francisco to get it ready for Build 2016.

As posted on the Channel 9 site, Microsoft's Scott Hanselman offers a tour of the set that's being constructed inside the Moscone Center. The Channel 9 team will be livestreaming from that set with special interviews and events during Build 2016. We also get a glimpse of some of the other parts of the convention center that are being made up for the conference, along with the outside of the Moscone Center with Microsoft's Build 2016 banners.

You can livestream Microsoft's keynotes from Build 2016, along with many of its panels and special interviews, from the Channel 9 site. Windows Central is attending the conference and will have a live blog set up for the first keynote, and we will be reporting from Build 2016 througout the week.

Microsoft Build 2016 – What to expect and what you need to know

John Callaham