Microsoft's Continuum Windows 10 Mobile dock rumored to have HDMI, DisplayPort and USB ports

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 Mobile will include support for Continuum, which will allow phones with the operating system to be used on a much bigger display, like a big PC monitor or TV. A new, but still unconfirmed, report claims that Microsoft's Continuum dock for Windows 10 Mobile will contain some different ports to connect to a larger screen.

An image of one of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 Mobile devices, connected to the Continuum port, were allegedly shown in a video podcast last week. According to Brad Sams at

When the device is released, it will support three USB ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort. The device, to no surprise, will have the option for its own power supply which means that your phone can also be charged while plugged into the dock.

Windows Central initially broke the news of the dock back in July, which goes by the codename Munchkin and may retail for $99.

We can report from first-hand accounts of people who have seen the device that it has a "heavy feel" so as to not slide around a desk when connected.

The dock will allow phone owners to use a keyboard and mouse so they can work with their files as if they were using a Windows 10 PC. The report adds that the Continuum feature will also work with a wireless Miracast set-up, but the hardware dock will make it easier to connect the Windows 10 Mobile device to a larger screen. Microsoft is rumored to reveal its first two Windows 10 Mobile devices, and its Continuum port, at a press event in New York City in October.


John Callaham