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Microsoft's Continuum Windows 10 Mobile dock rumored to have HDMI, DisplayPort and USB ports

Microsoft has already announced that Windows 10 Mobile will include support for Continuum, which will allow phones with the operating system to be used on a much bigger display, like a big PC monitor or TV. A new, but still unconfirmed, report claims that Microsoft's Continuum dock for Windows 10 Mobile will contain some different ports to connect to a larger screen.

An image of one of Microsoft's upcoming Windows 10 Mobile devices, connected to the Continuum port, were allegedly shown in a video podcast last week. According to Brad Sams at

When the device is released, it will support three USB ports, one HDMI and one DisplayPort. The device, to no surprise, will have the option for its own power supply which means that your phone can also be charged while plugged into the dock.

Windows Central initially broke the news of the dock back in July, which goes by the codename Munchkin and may retail for $99.

We can report from first-hand accounts of people who have seen the device that it has a "heavy feel" so as to not slide around a desk when connected.

The dock will allow phone owners to use a keyboard and mouse so they can work with their files as if they were using a Windows 10 PC. The report adds that the Continuum feature will also work with a wireless Miracast set-up, but the hardware dock will make it easier to connect the Windows 10 Mobile device to a larger screen. Microsoft is rumored to reveal its first two Windows 10 Mobile devices, and its Continuum port, at a press event in New York City in October.


  • d-sub ;)
  • I have a feeling that this is simply a mini Usb C hub. Just like the one needed for the latest Macbook. So maybe an aftermarket usb C to VGA might work. Can't say for the voltage requirements though.
  • I'm not completly shure, but I have a feeling that it wouldn't work. USB 3.1 is capable of delivering Display Port signals but for D-Sub you'd need analog video signals. The cheap Displayport-VGA adapters available are just physicals adapters to change the connectors formfactor, the actual conversion is done by the graphics card. Almost all PCs support that, but not all. I don't think phones are capable of doing that. So you would need a real converter wich changes the signal. But that would be realy expensive. I even wonder if the Phone delivers HDMI signals. For what I know this is not posible with USB 3.1 since it only supports Displayport. So eighter it's not pure USB 3.1 or there is an active Displyport/HDMI converter in ther dock. For the later one the dock is to cheap I think.
  • Display port, DVI and HDMI are all signal compatible. So it's just a matter of using the right addaptor. Display port digital to analog VGA is pretty cheap these days. Sub $20 so not a big deal. I hope VGA dies since its so far past its prime.
  • Why no wireless
  • There is wireless. Reread the article. The dock is just an option.
  • Why can't you read the article before posting a comment/question?
  • I wonder about external storage support.
  • Well.. 3 USB ports.. So, 1 for a keyboard, 1 for a mouse and 1 for an external hdd/pen drive..
  • What about bluetooth?
  • The phone will be bluetooth, I'm not so sure that extra storage will be possible, though it'd be pretty cool.
  • The phone supports Bluetooth.
  • Actually, if you use Logitech keyboard and mouse, you have the option of using only 1 USB port.
  • Already confirmed. USB media devices supported.
  • Really?  Where have you seen this?  I've been looking for the answer to this for a while now.  Just wondering if this could totally replace my parents' PC.
  • How about when somebody calls?
  • They can answer calls :) MS is using Miracast for this...
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  • Really good ppint, but the 950 is so fucking ugly.
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  • I like it, and I'm sure it's not as ugly as you... or your mother, sister, etc.
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  • Not a very subtle way to try and pick up someone's mom.
  • So you've seen it in person and have held the device?? Let's wait until these phones are in the wild before making stupid judgements.
  • remember, it is rendered, not the real/final product, that's why it will be a little (or very) ugly
  • I like it, its not ugly. And have better look than 930
  • Yeah, and ugly makes it work so terribly. I bet 2 of the cores and 1GB of RAM will just not work because it's so ugly.
  • Lolol I keep thinking the same thing when people flip out like this.
  • It's ugly.. Moto g 3rd gen looks better compared to those renders
  • Not ugly, just doesn't look like a flagship.
  • It's look like a low budget phone
  • Yet other continuum capable devices from other manufacturers are being announced before an official 950 announcement. What has a continuum dock to do with the 950? It will work with any Windows 10 Mobile that has the hardare to support Continuum.
  • Just to be honest I'd say the leaked images show an ugly device. 950XL seems nice (though not flagship material), while 950 seems mid-range at the most. I could never sell it to a friend as a flagship based only in the specifications having that plasticky look. If those were the updates on the, say, 640-640XL area, that would be ok.
  • Yes you are correct in most of the cases where people use a phone. But I like to look at my 930 and my gf gs s6. Both are nice to look at and I want to enjoy what I look at just like many people here do.
  • I don't understand the "ugly" thing on cell phones.  It's a cell phone.  It spends 75% of it's life in your pocket, and when it is in your hand, it's either pressed against your ear or you're staring at an app on the screen.  Who cares about the lines on the phone or if the back has chrome accents around the camera?!  It's about how good the screen is, and how good the guts are (processor, memory, storage).
  • You and some of my friends don't care about the "looks" of the device. Good for you. A good % of the consumers do (we can just pay attention on how much time, work and money companies spend on that matter, even thou they fail from time to time) so it does matter. Having said that, people, especially technicians like us, do care about the specifications as well.
  • Exactly. On the other hand, there's the phones that are designef to be "beautiful" and thin, but end up being fragile, because the design privileges looks and thinness over function and durability. So people end up using them inside rubber cases, ugly as crap, which hide the phone's design. Isn't it ironic? I'm talking of the highly revered iPhones and Galaxy S. I have too an utilitary view of the design. Sure, a phone can be good to look at, but it's more important that it feels good on the hand and that the design helps it do its job well, which includes not bending or shattering to pieces with the slightest of falls.
  • HDMI & DisplayPort are quite obvious. 3 USB is very reasonable: mouse, keyboard + some flash drive. I'm really looking forward to it..
  • Too bad it doesn't look like a dock but just like a mini pc you plug into your phone.
  • Yeah, a more dock-like form would be nice, but this maximizes portability and the flexibility to work with different size phones and cases. That said, I can't help but think Apple would never release something like this where the phone just lies askew on the desk, connected to a little dongle with wires all over.
  • Needs to be universal... There are too many phone sizes, shapes, and port locations to make it as a dock. I'm thinking that the surface phone will have it's own dock specifically designed for it like the surface tablets.
  • You could swap out tips like those ipod/iphone speakers. You could just make a Usb c nub and a easel type dock. Both those ideas look better than this in my opinion...but I guess that's the problem with leaks...
  • Best not to be a physical docking station. Putting one wire from the phone to the dock is best, so that you can pick up the phone and answer it when it rings. The whole point is to be able to use it as a computer, while still using your phone as a smart phone.
  • As airplay and Chromecast are winning I disagree about wires as apposed to a dock. If the dock is for an office or home you could have another bt headset for calls. If I'm on the road say at a hotel and I can't use speakerphone, then I could pick it up off a dock one handed as apposed to using two and unplugging the cord, the argument many used for their love of Qi. Too bad this isn't all wireless, NFC pair, bt device hub, Qi, wifi direct to hdmi out....mmmmmmm
  • @CJ Thunder, the dock is an OPTION. You can still connect to the big screen using Miracast and a keyboard and mouse via Bluetooth. Microsoft has offered us the best of BOTH worlds here, and you want to complain about something you don't even understand? It CAN be wireless, the dock gives you more options, like being able to do OTG with a full-sized 2TB or larger USB HDD. Android and iOS can't do that. Not if it's bigger than 32GB.  And yes, you can do it with NFC pair as well. Set your phone down on a NFC sticker and be ready to work wirelessly if that's what you want. Some people want to plug in and charge their device when doing things, though. Like me.
  • I'm all for options but MS needs to wow, this doesn't do that. It needs to be more attractive and just work. As silly as it sounds a resting dock does that better then plugging in a cord to the layman. I just don't like cords all over my desk and the isn't even a keyboard and mouse in this setup (that can bee seen). All I'm saying is it could look more professional, more magical... Though like I said, that's the problem with leaks, this might not even be the actusl case they want to use.
  • Just don't get it, do you. This isnt' a dock for a specific phone. That's what it would take to get what you are asking for.  Some manufacturers will have their own docks for their phones. This is a dock that will work with anything.  Besides, its a blooming phone! Not a tablet or laptop! If the phone rings, and you take it out of the physical dock, you've lost your connection. You asked, "Why not just wireless." So I said that is an option as well. You have a choice. So your answer back is that it isn't as good as a dedicated dock custom fit for each phone?  I can see you will not be happy, because it is Microsoft we're talking about. If Apple introduced this people would be foaming at the mouth to get it. 
  • MS is only making two phones that can use this dock, I'm sure they can make a dock that can accommodate two phones. Why would they make a universal dock anyway? They are trying to let other manufacters make WP now by making the software more accommodating. And actually I love MS, I just point out where they can do better. Like they already have: The Zune dock was ajustable to fit their different sized Zunes. The part about it ringing, I already answered, the dock could be tied to a phone or headset, or you pick it up, or you are on speaker, that has no bearing if it is a cord or dock. Only issue I can see that you brought up would be a case. If you have a case then adjustmanets would need to be made, but if MS throws everyone bumpers like Apple, then the dock to be ajustable to make it work. I'm just thinking out loud here. No need to get in a tizzy either, you like the cord, I hate it. So I'm looking to see about a dock.
  • I'm sure plenty of 3rd party docks will be made. Why does it have to be by Microsoft? And speakerphone isn't an acceptable solution in the office, which is where most of these will start out being used at first.
  • So why does MS' have to accommodate other manufactures phones? Like you said it doesn't. So they know their phones and can create accessories accordingly.
    Our last point of contention seems to be, if my pc is my phone and I can't be on a call, then I have a headset. If I don't, I have a handset... I mean this will be new territory in that regard. Say if I'm using my phone, then dock it use it as pc... I got to be able to move around again most likely otherwise I have a stationary pc there, so I undock... So my guess, input devices should be connected to dock. Using it as phone should just be handled via bt headset. Less issues when I come and go. We'll see... For my use though, I put it on the forum a while ago, a dock with everything connected to that.
  • It's about value. These phones will sell because they bring hardware value to the contract we are expecting to pay and yet the functionality is highly important  and valued as well. I myself is a bit rough with a smartphone so pretty will get ugly sooner than I'd like so I value functionality and sturdiness more so.
  • something like this (Ubuntu has idea of it) would be perfect
  • I can buy those at Dollar Tree for $1 each in several different colors. They are made cheap, look cheap, and fit only the thinnest of phones and only for people that don't have a case on their phone. There are a myriad of cradles on the market to handle the docking, and they will come with USB type C as well. Plug it into the cradle, which plugs into the dock out of sight. Makes everyone happy, and you can buy the cradle you want for your specific phone.
  • So that isn't a speculative render...
  • I am wondering about printing
  • Most modern network printers support web printing so that's always an option - no driver required
  • In the Windows 10 mobile preview, print options are available.
  • wait, you can natively print in Windows mobile 10? does it work if you want to print to a network printer? or am I mis-understanding you?
  • It's doesn't work for me yet but the option is there.
  • I did not know that. That would actually be huge for me, and I know a few others that would love the feature.
  • Yes the print option is there. For example in word/excel. But it just doesn't detect any of my network printers yet. (Brother 9140 and HP laserjet 3055)
    Only gives the option to print as PDF
  • Microsoft has promised native printing in Windows 10 for Mobile. It's just not finished yet.
  • Wireless printing, for your pleasure.
  • In one phone, you can carry your desktop, home entertainment system. Oh my!
  • Can do it with any phone today. Oh my!
  • No, you can't do it with any phone today. No phone on the market (yet) comes with continuum to allow you to do this. Doing this on Android or iPhone is completely different. You still see exactly what is on your phone with apps that are optimized for a phone or tablet. That is not a PC experience in any way. You just get a bigger screen for your small screen work. With Continuum, everything scales, and you get to use the PC based UI for all the apps. Only in Windows 10 can you do this. 
  • Yup. I'm not so sure he understands what Continuum actually is.
  • Please tell us which phone is it and how does it work compare to continuum?
  • Honestly do you think any of this will resurrect windows phone or even make it a player in the phone game this late in the game?
  • No, and they sacrificed mobile usability in the process. Which I don't think was a necessary sacrifice for continuum.
  • I think it will. If people thought it was a good idea to eliminate a computer for a tablet, then why not eliminate the computer and the tablet and get all of it in ONE device? Plus is not just continum, its also Windows Hello, and the fact that Android and iOS apps can now be VERY easily ported to Windows Mobile. Here's the kicker, once they are on the platform and the platform gains users they are going to actually want their apps to be universal so it can also be installed on PC's, HoloLens, and internet of things that are compatible with Microsofts ecosystem. So its not just continum that does the trick, is the entire swath of changes that is coming with the OS that makes the difference, each one playing a critical role in a larger picture to generate buzz, excitement, need, and purchases As that occurs the develops will start having a change of tune!  
  • I like the idea of it too.  But so much of the optimizations for phone use were just neglected in the process.  I really don't care to be able to have a full email and office esperience from my phone and much as I do an experience optimized for a pocket sized device. It's all a good idea, I just haven't seen it executed well for the phone.  I want my phone to be usable standing in line at the grocery store more than I want it in a docking station.   That runs the risk of backfiring and making it one of those ideas that was just too soon. 
  • I think I've had my fingers crossed for the past 4 years
  • Depends on how quickly Apple and Google implement the same idea in their phones.
  • Exactly. MS are great at announcing their great ideas early to huge applause. 6 months later they are struggling to either release it or release it Worldwide. When it's all ready (or 75% done for MS) it gets released to lackluster applause as the competition have either quickly launched their own implementation, or have announced them too meaning MS aren't seen as special anymore. Apple were always good at keeping leaks low, announcing it to huge applause, and putting it in multiple markets worldwide typically within 2-3 weeks of announcement (as opposed to 6-36 months from MS)
  • @schlubadub, that sounds good, but it's not really true in most cases. At least not for the big features that take years to develop. MS will be releasing continuum enabled products in the next month or two. There are no signs that Apple or Google are even close to having something like it. MS released the surface line years ago. Google and Apple still don't even have an appropriate OS to support a competing device. Hololens and Universal apps are two more examples. The competition is years behind on all of these things. Also, apple has been very bad at preventing leaks in recent years. I don't even follow their products and I usually know what is coming, or close, well before it is announced.
  • The work on Windows 10 and what Continuum needs in order to work has been being worked on for years. It will take Apple and Google about 4 to 5 years to catch up with something that can do continuum with any meaning to the extent that Windows 10 can. By then, Microsoft will be that much further ahead.  Apple would have to completely rework the core of Mac OS/X and iOS to make them the same core to make it work. That would break almost every existing program for the Mac or existing programs for iOS. Either do it and kill their ecosystem, or not do it and die a death from not being able to keep up. That's their choice. And with Andriod, what are they going to do continuum with. Chrome OS? Linux? Hahahaha! Yeah, let's talk market share there. :P
  • Unfortunately, it makes no difference how they market it and release it - people will keep buying iPhones, and Galaxy's, because thats what they are familiar with..........I show people videos, and tell them all the time about Continiuum........but they just line up for the next iPhone regardless, cause thats what sheep do.
  • Videos of something that is still not available isn't going to influence most people's current phone buying decisions.  When the real thing hits the shelves, it will be noticed by people that are tech geeks and people that have a real need for something like this.  From there, family, friends, and coworkers start to see it and at least some of them will "get it" once they can see it used in the real world. 
  • Better look at wp10 closer and see who's implementing what.
  • Android has supported Bluetooth keyboards and external displays for years now. The difference is, Android actually has apps available including all the Microsoft apps. Nobody cares about this regardless. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Don't know about Google but it'll take some time for Apple to copy. Whether you like it or not, Windows 10 has both desktop mode and tablet/mobile mode. Apple's desktop OS and mobile OS are separate and quite different. How long does it take Apple to merge the two? I would guess it'll take them as long as MS.
  • Honestly, the more I think about it, I see the potential for it to do so. Even if it doesn't take off for home users, this is a big feature for business and corporate environments where productivity is key. Many companies run Windows laptops, iPads and blackberry phones. If you can condense that into one device then that's a big benefit to hotdesking. It's not going to happen overnight, but this is the start of a big change in productivity. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • I see a small market for this and that's all I can see. People won't flock to Windows mobile for this single feature. Since most people already have a laptop/tablet/desktop and a phone. You would have to carry all the items with you all the time to reach the same level of functionality as you would get by carrying a laptop with you.
  • That's how I see it too: if you need to carry a host of cables, a dock and accessories.....why not just carry a slim Ultrabook? Sure, it's a differentiating feature, but I can't see this one thing bringing in users who glance at the phone on the shelves of mobile phone stores around the world.  More likely, users will be asking the sales clerk, 'Hey does this thing have Instagram? YouTube? Snapchat?' And most non-caring sales associates who want to make commission, will steer them towards an iPhone , Samsung GS6 or LG G4.
  • Many people already have those things on their desk at home and their desk at work. There is no need to carry it all around with you. Also, most hotels have HDMI enabled TVs so a folding Bluetooth keyboard and mouse would be all you would need while traveling. This could be very useful for students and businesses travelers.
  • It's a nice gimmick, but I don't see it as anything more than that.   It doesn't make smartphone usage any better; it just apes a low powered, limited RT tablet on a large screen. The return of Windows RT.  It's been resurrected, Frankestein's monster-like with Continuum.
  • You'd be surprised by how much you can do with a Windows RT tablet. There's life outside the x86 ecosystem.
  • You have to admit thought - its a pretty cool re-incarnation.  I hope that they allow more than 1 app to snap side by side.
  • This is a serious addition to the ecosystem, I can see a lot of people using this for productivity, or even home use. All you need is a desk and a monitor. Then you come home and have everything there, seamlessly.
    I'd even use it with a big tv.
  • Except you can do this with platforms for years. Motorola even had a laptop dock for their version. If it was full x86 Windows it would be interesting, but still wouldn't be popular. Running WindowsRT makes this almost useless. No apps and the experience of RT is awful. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Motorola's probably didn't run Windows, or have HD video output and full size USB for connecting any keyboard or mouse. Or run Office. I don't think it's relevant outside Windows, to be honest. But it's noted that, of course, there's antecedents for this kind of technology, asl there always are. Also, as a happy Surface RT and Surface 2 owner, I disagree completely in that Windows RT is useless, that its experience is awful, or that there are no apps. But to each its own.
  • The experience is awful. I have a Surface RT that was given to me because no one wanted to use it. It is basically useless other than as a Netflix machine. Internet Explorer is painful to use. I accidentally went to a website with it yesterday that completely locked the machine down with just a popup. Control-Alt-Delete didn't work and I assume my only choice was a reboot. There are no apps. This can't be argued. The few apps that are available are also terrible. Even Microsoft doesn't make many apps for its own platform. Continuum will be the same way. Android has the same ability and also has more apps. This will be a non-starter. PCs are dirt cheap anyways and your data is ubiquitous because of the cloud. There is almost no reason to do this unless you want your phone to be tied up while using your PC and you are fine not having apps or a decent browser available. Almost nobody is going to jump through these hoops just for a crummy desktop experience. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Yeah, well, I couldn't disagree more with your post, I have the exact opposite opinion about everything you say. But well, there's no use in further discussing this. I'm happy with my Surface and use it daily, and you're clearly happy with whatever Android device you're using. So to each its own, we won't convince each other of what's basically a matter of personal taste and experience. A bit of advice though, if you tried to CTRL ALT DEL a Surface it was you who didn't know how to use it. That stands as a little fact that works to understand your bias against it.
  • I would be very surprised if the " option for its own power supply" is actually optional.
  • This seems kinda obvious, what else would they have as connections on the thing?
  • Was thinking the same thing.
  • What I don't like is that its a not a dock. I want the phone to stand up in a cradle that charges and allows the other components to connect to that. If it was a great idea for the Surface tablets, why is it a bad idea for their phones? Stupid!
  • Agreed, looks messy connected by cable, the phone should stand in a dock.
  • I agree. It loses it's intrigue by being connected via a cord. I get that it's important to be able to use for multiple device sizes and styles, but I'm sure they could have thought of something to accommodate all types
  • it likely will be a dock. That one in the photo is very likely just a quick prototype.
  • I'd like for it to be a wireless charger with NFC tag so I just have to set my phone up on top of it, my phone reads the tag and switches to continum mode and somehow they are able to get the necessary bandwidth wirelessly for everything.  Until OneDrive photo backup got broken with W10 insider previews, I hadn't used the plug on my phone in probably 6 months.
  • This would be really nice, but I wonder if the bandwidth is there for it. I'm not sure, and I could be sounding dumb, but I am always happy to plug in when it makes my experience better. Lol ran a cable to get my X1 wired, and when I get a PS4 I'm gonan run a bunch more to have everyhting in my home theater area wired.
  • I think part of their design considerations were that the phone was still usable as a phone while "docked".  Having it attached via a cord facilitates that. That said, I'd like to see a cradle version as well.
  • This.
  • What if you want to use phone as a phone while you are using Continuum? What is better, to disconnect phone from the dock or to bring dock to your face? Sure, you can use hands free to avoid this dilema, but you can not denie that simple wire has some adventages. Also, we should expect some 3rd party accessories... 
  • Surface has a dock where it stands because you still need to use its screen for normal use, with the smartphone you don't use it too look at it, you have the monitor.
    Besides, docks introduce potential breakups on connection, need to be designed for a certain size, and don't really add functionality for this use scenario, other than having the phone upright just for looks.
  • I hope otg support comes to my lumia 640!!!
  • To all existing phones please! I want it for my 730!
  • If USB OTG support comes to older hardware I would buy a Lumia 930 even now.
  • Is it actually gonna come to lower hardware
  • Hope the 950 supports this n it's not limited to th rumoured Intel Surface phone
  • Will it have HDMI 2.0? I have been looking out to the new Skylake M processors to create or buy a fanless multimedia pc to use with my new 4K tv and AV receiver setup. But unfortunately skylake won't support HDMI 2.0 but 1.4 (and thus won't be supporting 4k @ 60Hz) over its HDMI outputs. But if this dock will support HDMI 2.0 this will be even cooler. Being able to use a Windows 10 based phone as a Plex client. Not sure though if that will support H265 and DTS.
  • Is there any chance that this will work wireless to the dock? That would make this so much better.
  • If you want wireless you don't need the dock. Miracast screen and Bluetooth mouse and keyboard
  • We are all hopefully. I hope developers come on board to give windows the high end cutting edge apps that are needed, I'll stay hopeful but Sept 9 the iPhone 6s plus looks alot better than everything Microsoft is promising but wont be delivered untill summer 2017 l
  • So does HDMI and Displayport mean that it will support using two monitors? (Otherwise you would just use an adapter.)
  • I would guess they are just covering the main bases of TV's and buisness focused monitors. You can only fit so many ports on a small device like that.
  • Not interested! Coz old hardware won't support continuum..
  • It would be great if MS followed Acer and sell a package.
  • Wonder why the hardware device is recommended over the Miracast device..
  • For PC monitors (displayport) and TV's (HDMI) that dont have Miracast. Copper is also more reliable than pushing a signal over WiFi
  • Latency. There is a few millisecond lag in miracast.
  • If it had also D-sub would be perfect, though it's understandable if it doesn't have one, with the trend in today's monitors.
  • Another device to carry!!!!
    The only viable method is that the continuum dock should be built into the flat panel or monitor, otherwise it is worthless!
  • It's small enough that you could velcro it on the back. One USB type C cord stickng out for the phone, a decent wireless keyboard and mouse, and that's not a half-bad desktop setup.
  • They have Miracast for you.
  • It would be cool too if it had a wired LAN port.
  • Why don't they put these ports inside the phone? It's difficult but this is what will take then much ahead in the competition.