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Microsoft's Cortana-powered Office Work Assistant highlighted in video

Microsoft's upcoming Cortana-powered Office Work Assistant was revealed in a series of leaked images over the weekend, and now there's a video highlighting the functionality of the app. The video shows how Work Assistant can be launched via Cortana, and can then search for files stored on multiple locations, including your phone, OneDrive, OneDrive for Business, PC and SharePoint.

Using voice commands within Work Assistant, you can find, open, view, edit and load files based on several metadata points. There's also the ability to share files with your contacts via email with either a specific contact or a group of individuals.

At this stage, there's no information as to when Work Assistant – which is in a closed beta on the Windows Phone store – will be made available to the public.

Source: YouTube

Thanks Gabriel and Rokibul for the tips!

  • Nice! Although got a bit surprised they showed it on a Samsung windows phone.
  • At least it seems to flow nicely.
  • I'm suprised they showed it first on a Windows Phone. Usually it's an Apple device.
  • Hue
  • the once mighty ATIV S, and if you ask me, it is still an awesome device, and now with official wp8.1.1 it's even more awesome :)
  • True, I was more excited about the fact that the ATIV can run W10 than this office demo (which I won't use anyway as I dislike talking with my phone)
  • Probably because the app is not yet launched and could have been sideloaded using a hack. The best device for doing such stuff is the Samsung Ativ S. Even the guys at XDA use Ativ for all WP hacks.
  • That is correct :)
  • Awh no Clippy oh well
  • Can you see some new transitions in it?
  • Lololol there was a Spanish Cortana video. She was singing la cucaracha
  • Yeah, she does that for me once in a while too, lol.
  • I haven't got her to do that yet lololol
  • Nice hope they have adds multiple account sign in. One of work, personal and school.
  • I tipped that one hour ago :/ One day I will see my name on an article :P
  • Good luck
  • Best of luck, ese.
  • Ah. Missed that mail. Anyway, I added your name as well. Thanks!
  • One day I will not see users wining about how they tipped about news and not getting mentioned. Where I come from we call people like that "attention whore"
  • Calm down dude! you don't have to be so mean.
  • 'whining', and an 's' at the end of 'whore' day I will see someone on the internet correct someone else without making spelling and grammatical errors.
  • Well since the internet is a global thing and you cant expect everyone to master a foreign language in a couple of years you will have to see this for a couple of years I guess.
  • Well if you're going to call someone out for something they said then make sure your comment is perfect. That was basic English :)
  • Well, you don't have to be the grammar police.
  • I was just trying to help WC to be up-to-date with the news (I really like to see when WC is one of the firsts to post an article about something), seeing my name on the "Thanks" is just a plus, but I like too. And dude, try to be more relaxed, you're just like my grandpa when I do something wrong xD
    As you can see, my English isn't very good too, so keep calm and wait for Windows 10 ;)
  • Am I mistaken in that some of the commands he used touch for can also be done via voice commands i.e "send status report to email test". Maybe they were not available in this build.
  • I was wondering the same thing.
  • I really don't see the point in doing this app, I don't see myself using it, they should integrate it in the OS, that way it would be useful. They should integrate the app in the Cortana app, or add these search features on the files app and add the support for the cloud in the files app, that would be killer!
  • They are going for the app model because it allows them to push out updates via the store. As opposed to pushing out an o/s updates for bug fixes case in point the integrated facebook chat in the messaging hub would go loopy most of the times when facebook tweaked their backend.
  • Yeah this app doesn't impress me at all. :/
  • It's all in the updates. That's why :)
  • Yeah, thus just looks like a file browser for Office documents only to me.
  • Nice but its basic stuff. What would truly be impressive is that Cortana not only be able to send documents but remember the names of the document and to whom I sent them.  Not to mention when I sent those documents by voice request. This goes for email and text messages as well. If this is to be an assistant, lets not twerk the perimeter of an assistant, go the hell on in. From the video, I'm doing 80 percent of the work.
  • Seriously, need windows mobile 10 :-(
  • They're working on it. They've said they're working on it. Be patient; we want it to work later rather than crash now.
  • Do you use a Lumia 730/735? How is your review so far? Is there any issue?
  • Yes, I've had one for about 3 months now.
    The phone is nice. There are some frame drops once in a while and the display flickers a lot and refreshes very slowly (so much for PureMotion tech). I even got it replaced once, but the problem persists.
    Given the price, it's ok. However after the lollipop update, Moto G gen 2 seems like a better choice. It's just as fast, has greater storage and better rear camera.
    But if you want a budget Lumia or a selfie camera, 730 may be the phone for you.
    Personally, I've owned the 710, 520, 925 and now this. So I'm well versed with the WP platform.
    Also, if you happen to have a Windows 8.1 PC and tablet like me, having a Windows phone does help.
    But given that you have Office and other apps on iOS and Android, it's nothing unique.
  • Thank you so much Pratham Sarwate :) thanks for the information, your comment means a lot to me, thanks :) I have watched many reviews on YouTube, I just wanted an opinion from the user and you dropped a comment here. ;)
  • you are wrong - Lumia 730/735 has better camera lenses Zeiss and gives you better quality pictures. Even resolution is better on Lumia 730 1080p vs 720p on Moto G Gen 2.
  • I think u forgot a huge factor; support. The Moto G will hardly get any updates after 5.x, while the Lumia 73x will get some two years of updates including full W10 for phones update (well, the 520, which was released as a lowend back then, is still getting updated to this day). Also, I don't think that Moto g 2nd takes better photos. I have seen both in real and the Lumia 735 (the one I played with) takes really amazing photos, specially with Lumia camera (Lumia camera classic for pureview lumias) compared to the ok-ish photos out of th Moto g 2nd. The AMOLED display of the 735 is beautifully amazing, no stutter or whatsoever.
    As much as how good the Moto g (both gens) is as a low end smartphone, I don't think anybody should invest money on a lowend android smartphone as they hardly get the support of windows phones of the same price point, not to mention WP devices offer more value at the same price like a much better front cam (the Moto g 2nd has a horrible front cam, reminds of the horrible front cam of my old Lumia 920) and wireless charging ( in the 735 that I have fiddled with, my phone is an 830 and before it the 920 and I must say I can't live without it, specially the wireless charging power bank that comes with the 830).
  • I am having no issues with my 730. But I can't find modern combat 5/4 , nova etc in the store(US). Can any one enlighten me on that?
  • so Adam Lein has a copy of W10. 
  • Not that awesome. I can just push share button. It's more convenient
  • Looks very clean, I like it!
  • That was standard voice assistance not Cortana... Yeah the start was Cortana but... No.. Just no... But it works!
  • if you keep opening with cortana when your in the office app then its ridiculous. bcoz whenbin office u need acess to your files quickly so a normal voice recognition is perfect.
  • This video seems to imply that Windows Phone 8.1 exists for the Samsung Ativ SE.
  • It does for certain models :p.
  • Looks more like an ATIV S which does have 8.1.1
  • Well great
  • Useless.. I rather push buttons than to say too many words. 1sec of push > 5 secs of words. It's only convenient if you named your document 5 words+ and you have thousands documents on your phone.
  • Uninspiring
  • Nice. On a Ativ S too!
  • I'm not impressed. I saw a search bar using voice as an input method. ... I have no use anymore for office on my phone. I will not need this for quite awhile. Lets see more Xbox streaming videos. :)
  • I really don't see anybody using this functionality. Cortana is a handy tool for when you are driving, apart from that I don't see anybody using this. I spend 75 minutes a day on public transport. Usually I'm the only WP user. All the others have Siri or the google version and I haven't heard anybody using this EVER. It's nice that ms finally has a feature they can communicate easily, but I doubt this would be a reason for anyone to buy a windows product.
  • It seems Microsoft made Cortana as a reaction to Siri and Google Now. In reality they are useless applications.
  • True enough statement about using voice command. However, most people are to concerned with looking geeky. Voice assistants are useful, if you choose to use them. I find Cortona very useful, when I use my Bluetooth earpiece to respond to or send texts. But, the point is, why have a feature and not try and make it relative to device usage? Just because Siri and Google Now don't, doesn't mean MS shouldn't. Granted, using voice command isn't always appropriate, but it does have its uses. Since I'm a person that walks and uses public transportation most of the time, I find Cortona very useful in those situations. Besides, this is only the beginning. People will find more it nor useful as Cortona is updated. MS is aiming to not just have something gimmicky, but actually useful.
  • Excuse the errors. Typed it on my phone and I didn't read over it before it submitted it.
  • I hope you are right Vincent and prove me wrong. Usually apple is the most creative when its about making technology something people can and will use. Maybe ms will now do this with Cortana, would be Nice.
  • I use it quite a bit in order to avoid typing on this shitty soft keyboard. I don't care what others may think about me and am surprised at how well it works in noisy environments! Looking forward to using it more in Win10 or until someone releases a WP with a keyboard.
  • I will be impressed when the assistan will do everything by voice. No touch. ;)
  • I don't see why this has to be something else than Cortana. It's stupid. Cortana should simply do this. Furthermore it looks useless.
  • Same thought here.. I am also out of thoughts why this has to be a separate app! The only reason I am thinking of this.. it is going to be an app available across platforms.
  • Same here too I can search for documents in files app..They should integrate with cortona or office app that would be better.
  • wow nice features... thank you Microsoft it is so productive
  • Nice porn tune. I Love this new Microsoft!
  • That (Lumia) Camera Beta app on Samsung Ativ S :O
  • Why I this not integrated right into Cortana?
  • Great to see Ativ S runs upcoming feature of WP. I'm delighted.
  • Good, but nothing much
  • Useless for Me. I can search for documents in Files app.
  • Not sure why this app is even neccessary if they are integrating Cortana into Office. I'm not seing anything that shouldn't be possible with that. I would hate to have to open something else to accomplish tasks that should be built in.