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Microsoft's FREEdom Rewards will give you prizes for playing free Xbox games

Microsoft is looking to give a boost to its library of free-to-play titles on the Xbox One with the aptly named FREEdom Rewards campaign. Open to Xbox Live Rewards members, FREEdom Rewards{.nofollow} essentially gives you a shot at winning prizes for checking out games like Roblox, Neverwinter, and Warframe.

Roblox Freedom Rewards

At the moment, the biggest prize of all is up for grabs for playing Roblox. For every 30 minutes you play the game through February 28, you get another entry (up to 4 per week) to win a 4K Samsung TV, a wireless gaming chair, or a gaming headset. Other games, like Neverwinter, World of Tanks, and Star Trek Online will reward you with a small in-game item or items for referring friends. Meanwhile, spending money on in-game items and add-ons will earn you Rewards Credits.

The current campaign has 42 days left as of this writing, so there's still plenty of time to get in. Be sure to hit up the FREEdom Rewards site{.nofollow} for the full skinny on what's up for grabs and to join Xbox Live Rewards to participate.

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  • One more MS service(Xbox live rewards) which is not yet available world wide, and ppl wonder why doesnt MS ever become as popular as google or Apple.
  • Xbox live rewards has been around for at least the last five years or so so it's hardly a new program. That being said I do wonder why it's never been expanded globally.
  • Probably legal stuff they don't want to deal with.
  • I believe that's the reason for most "giveaways" being regionalized. Legal, or tax reasons.
  • As far as I know, Apple doesn't do free/rewards points giveaways.  So, you're complaining you can't get free things and therefore prefer Apple, yet Apple doesn't do it either...?  I don't get it...
  • Read my lines again, I said MS is not as popular as google or apple(in consumer space). its not abt giveaways, yes apple doesnt do giveaways but its more about parity. MS services, are restricted to few countries, they dont have a lobal footprint, yet they aspire to compete with Google and Apple, that was my point. get it?
  • Popularity in the consumer space as you mention, MS is far more popular with a much higher market share than both google and apple in the personal computer market, neither one has a gaming market, more xboxes have sold than appleTV's so MS wins in the streaming device popularity too. The only market MS falls behind in compared to the 2 is the Mobile market, which has nothing to do with the vast majority of the services they don't offer around the world, so no we don't get your point.
  • I would be happy being able to redeem my pending 154K XBox Rewards points. Haven't been able to redeem in over a year.
  • And all the "rewards" require my friends to spend money (save for one). No point trying.