Microsoft's HoloLens team used the headset to watch this week's Oculus Rift press event

Microsoft announced a new partnership with Oculus this week to include its Xbox One wireless controller with every unit of the upcoming Oculus Rift virtual reality headset. However, back in Redmond, Washington, the team behind Microsoft's HoloLens actually used their own headset to watch the Oculus Rift press event in San Francisco.

This was revealed as part of an interview by International Business Times with Microsoft's Xbox head Phil Spencer. When asked how the new partnership with Oculus will affect the development of HoloLens, Spencer said:

"This partnership allows us to focus on a space that's different from them with our Hololens, which has a lot of things still to be figured out. This partnership seemed like the right for me. The whole Hololens team sent me a picture -- they actually watched the briefing with the Hololens on, streaming the picture on the wall. It's like the most surreal thing, but they were all really excited about the show."

The Oculus Rift will also work with the upcoming Windows 10 update to the Xbox One, which will allow users to stream Xbox One games to their PC and watch them on the headset. Spencer stated:

"It's a 2-D display in a 3-D world, so we're not turning all the Xbox games into virtual reality games. But the fact that you get a big screen -- the screen kind of feels like that (Spencer points to a giant projection screen at the event thats about 7 feet by 10 feet) -- and the fact that everything else is nonexistent, everything else is blacked out, your mind's eye is on the screen, it's really a nice, immersive, dark experience. And a lot of the guys back at the office, that's the way they want to play."

Microsoft is expected to talk more about their HoloLens efforts in gaming as part of E3 2015 next week. Windows Central will be attending the event in Los Angeles to bring first-hand reports on Microsoft's announcements.

Source: International Business Times

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  • I think this is one of the smartest moves MS has made in a long time, Oculus just makes sense on both PC and xbox and the way they are packaging it is very clever. Interesting times ahead but we've been waiting too long so the payoff needs to be there, soon!
  • Hey much do you think the HoloLens will cost?
  • 400 or 600€
  • I don't think it will be less than 600$
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  • $2500 for the full Pro version and $750 for the consumer version
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  • $5000,I think
  • That's awesome.
  • I don't care I'm getting it
  • It's a good start. At least Microsoft is not getting left behind. With time they can certainly go far with this.
  • They probably got confused when they shifted their head 3 inches to the left and Phil Spencer disappeared from the stage.
  • Hahaha, yeah, we'll watch a briefing on your virtual reality device... Using our virtual reality device! XD
  • Augmented reality is not virtual reality
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  • I'll think about it.. I have a big screen. I also where glasses.
  • Are you sure that a PC is needed?
  • At least Oculus Rift is now finally a reality.
    Hololens turned out to be fraudulent smoke and mirrors demonstrations only.
    Lets just hope they can really get a full field of view sorted in a realistic timeframe and costs. Most of us are now doubting they can.
  • Non of it was fake other than the assumed FOV and to that point no one has said that the one in BUILD is the final FOV, so lets wait and see before making these declarations.
  • Bold statement to say "most of us are now doubting...".
  • Who is this "us" you speak of? Have you personally tried out Hololens?
  • Lets see which one is first to market with final product. I bet it will be HoloLens as it should come this year not next.
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  • HoloLens team can take hint from phones team what's coming.
  • I am more excited for the Hololens to come out than this only because I am not a gamer. But for gamers this is really a game changer.
  • But watch out Microsoft. HoloLens headset could go the way of Google Glass. I think they need to learn from what happened to Google Glass before they can bring it to Market.  
  • Meh, Google glass wasn't picked up because of privacy issues I.e using it to record videos and take photos of people without glasses and that its made by google didn't help them alot (not to mention the astronomical cost the equivalent of a down payment for a small apartment / car totally killed the adoption - good thing to)
  • I was under the impression that the HoloLens would directly compete with Occulus. How does this partnership benefit everyone involved and why would I want to buy both headsets? Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Oculus Rift = Virtual Reality, no visibility of surround objects. Hololens = Augmented Reality, uses surrounding objects as surfaces to display content on. Two very different products, no?
  • My take 'til more details come: Oculus Rift will become the Home version and HoloLens will be the Pro/Enterprise version of Microsoft's virtual/augmented reality plans.
  • I doubt they would go VR, alot of horse power needed for that. Plus that would make them a oculus competitor.
  • so should i get the hololens or the rift? will you be able to stream xbox games to hololens?