Microsoft's Kaizala communications app expanding worldwide for Office 365 commercial

Microsoft Kaizala, a group communications app that got its start as a Microsoft Garage project in India, is preparing to go worldwide for Office 365 commercial plan users. In a blog post (via ZDNet, Microsoft said it is adding Kaizala Pro to Office 365 commercial plans "over time" worldwide.

Kaizala operates as a mobile communications app for teams, allowing group chats in a layout similar to WhatsApp. Available for Android and iOS, Kaizala is positioned primarily toward mobile, firstline workers. Microsoft explains:

Microsoft Kaizala makes it easy to connect and coordinate with your Firstline workers – wherever they are – using a simple-to-use chat interface. Efficiently manage work or collect data from individuals or large groups, even if they're not in your organization. View built-in reports to get insights for faster decision making.

Kaizala Pro is already available in 28 markets as part of Office 365 commercial plans or as a standalone purchase. You can view the full lineup of current markets at Microsoft. Over time, Kaizala will roll out to Office 365 commercial plans worldwide.

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