Microsoft's latest dev tool makes it easier to port iOS apps to Windows 10

Microsoft has announced the release of the iOS App Analysis tool as part of the company's Windows Bridge for iOS software. The new tool is designed to show which parts of an iOS app are already compatible with the bridge, which should make it easier to port that app to Windows 10.

iOS App Analysis

Microsoft explained how the web-based iOS App Analysis tool works in a blog post:

The App Analysis tool will examine your project and cross reference the frameworks and classes used with the ones currently supported by the bridge, and return the results right in your browser. The tool will also identify third-party libraries and SDK packages used in your project and let you know if they – or equivalent libraries – are available on Windows 10.

This is just the latest update to Microsoft's Windows Bridge for iOS, which was first released just over a year ago as an open source project.

Check out the iOS App Analysis tool

John Callaham