Microsoft's latest episode of "On the Whiteboard" talks about 3D Printing in Windows 8.1

This week Pamela Woon, editor and host of Microsoft’s On the Whiteboard, takes us on an adventure of Maker Haus to see the future of 3D printing. Mike Kemery describes the location as a “gym… allowing users to access tools that usually aren’t accessible”. He discusses the future of 3D printing evolving from a hobby idea to a mainstream focus over the last few years.

Microsoft has added the ability to print 3D objects into its latest version of Windows 8, Windows 8.1. Seth Boettcher of Microsoft explains why they believe it is important to introduce the new ability so quickly into the Windows operating system.

The Redmond company’s goal is make 3D printing as easy as printing a word document is today. Utilizing new pipeline technology, hardware manufacturers can easily plugin their devices to the familiar Windows print dialogue.

With Windows 8.1 printing a 3D object as easy as hitting File -> Print.

For more information, check out Microsoft’s latest episode of On the Whiteboard above.

Source: Microsoft News Center (opens in new tab)

  • Booyah!
  • Cool, Microsoft does 3D Printing... Now give us Rotation Lock!
  • Guns, guns, guns...that's all I want to print. :)
  • For anyone that has a 3d printer, knows its not as easy as hitting file-print. There are so many variables with temperature, speed and hardware. I'll stick with Slic3r and Repeteir-Host for the moment. But very cool none the less. I think another 5 years we could be at that point of ease to print 3d without custom software.
  • I have yet to see a killer app for 3D printing. It doesn't seem in any way useful.
    You can use it to create sub-par plastic objects and that's about it. The most useful applications are throw-away guns and mockups. Maybe you will be able to create miniatures at decent resolution next year.
    But what else can it do? Why would I want it?
    I heard about 3D printed food, but that's still a full-on gimmick.
    3D printing seems like a niche gimmick that everyone is hyped for right now. And then everyone forgets it.
    It's not much different from the likes of Google Glass - Originally it was thought to be awesome, now everyone whines about the design (I wish to shoot all of you) and no one has any fucking clue on what to actually do with that thing, except for POV cam.
    And I seriously hope that 3D printing will NEVER get to the point where ordinary printing is today. Fuck the cartels.
    The EU should fucking sue all of the retarded printer makers for their anti-consumer behaviour. (Someone did it once already, when new printers with ink were cheaper than buying more ink. Now you just pay more for printers)
    It's why I got a laser printer - Far less of a hassle. Unfortunately, it doesn't have an RT driver and isn't really the kind of thing I should want to have in my apartment due to heating and unhealthy fumes.
  • only because you dont see the use in 3d printing it doesnt make it useless..... wow.
    This is not even a new technology but its obviously expensive at the moment for most people...
    I dont know if you what you are talking about. but there are alot of used for this technology.
    I wish i could show you the siggraph 2013 video from lightwave when they show and announce their official support for 3d printing.
    "Output to 3D Printers: LightWave Modeler now includes new import and export options to support the popular STL and PLY file formats. VRML is also supported and offers surface color data for 3D color printing of objects with texture maps. Also included is full control of the export format used, whether in ASCII or binary, the up direction, and units for export. New geometry clean up tools specifically for 3D printing output are also included."
    Obviously it needs some tweaking and its not only press print and end. but since more and more major 3d packages support it, it will grow, maybe not this year, but I believe 3d printers will become cheaper soon since its becoming popular in alot of places.
    uses? in my case 3d design... maybe you dont know about it but since I see you dont have a vision for this.but it will work there, so it can be an usefules wait of showing a director or a client, how models will look like without having to have a computer with you, who wouldnt want to see models in real life anyway? maybe not you, but alot of people will.
    Lightwave in their siggraph booth, had a model printed, and it printed it out with colors and all. so you dont even have to do the painting part yourself. of course the size of the model wasnt 80 meters tall. but it was still a good size with colors and all, and it really looked fairly good. of course quality will improve overtime but it looked good for printing colors and all.
    but other uses I have seen, its people who have made phone cases with it, jewelry and all. but im sure as it becomes popular and cheaper then it will grow more and be an amazing way of creating and sell stuff for more and more people. (like what shapeways do today)
    like i said maybe becuause you dont work in a sector where it would be useful it doesnt make it "useless" or anything. to me it would be useful, not like i will die without it, but sometimes a designer will like to have models printed and not only as digital assets.
    I mean, not everyone has money to pay Jordu Schell or someone as talented as him (he is the best sculptor in my opinion) everytime someone want their 3d models in their table or somewhere in real world.
    again, only because it might not be useful for you, it doesnt mean its useless or just a niche gimmick. it can be useful for alot of things, even if its just for fun, it can be used also for work.
  • Guess what I meant with "mockups".
    I know that it has its uses for certain niches. Which means fuck-all.
    Google Wave was useful for me. That didn't help its adoption.
    I'm talking specifically about widespread/private use. Something that would make it as important as the current hype makes it seem. It's constantly equaled to ordinary printing, despite having very restricted use cases.
    A phone case needs better materials than what a 3D printer can produce. A toy shouldn't be 3D printed because the material is not child friendly (same goes for anything related to eating).
    And nothing says "ghetto" more than 3D printed jewelry made of weak plastics.
  • your reply simply shows you havent researched much about this.
    one thing i will say its this isnt meant to replace 2d printing, but its a new way of printing that will be useful for some industries. obviously not for you... since this clearly shows you dont work in something that would get benefit from 3d printing. like I say you should research more about this, you dont even know how "weak" or strong a 3d printed object can be, so stop calling it "weak plastic", im sorry but that makes you look ignorant. one thing i really want to say, which shows again you need to research more, its about jewelry. I never said it was about "print it and wear it"... I have seen some nylon plastic jewelry done, which is meant to be artistic.
    BUT I also meant about creating things like "3D printed silver products", even though its not a "print it and go" thing, 3d printing is used for that
    Even though i know the process, I found it well explained so i will paste it: "3D Printed Sterling Silver products are made using a three-step process. The products are created with a lost-wax casting process using a high-resolution 3D wax printer. The 3D printed wax model is put in a container and liquid plaster is poured around it to create a mold. After the plaster sets, the wax is melted out and molten silver is poured into the plaster mold. The plaster is then pulled away to reveal the silver and the finished product is polished for a smooth surface." again, like you see this doesnt even use a "cheap plastic" 3d printer as you think. or wait, is it still cheap plastic jewelry to you?
    and just like these sterling silver objects, there can be other materials used for it, with the same process or similar that you just read. (so, not every 3d printer is meant for nylon products, thats my point) and just like i said, this is not meant to replace 2d printing and most people wont be able to pay for this technology or find it useful or important to have it at home. but it doesnt mean its useless....
    and well... somehow I think, you really really think you can only create tiny little 3d printed objects... like i said, lightwave 3d printed object was no way a huge model, but it wasnt small either, well at least I dont think a kid would actually be able to eat it anyway. so only because its 3d printed it doesnt even mean its automatically so small that any child would eat it. but anyway, its clear this kind of technology doesnt even seem to be important for you and you arent in a job or hobby that would get benefit of this. I only wish people like you, would research more. so it wouldnt look like there is just a wall of ignorance in front of me.
    But anyway, I also know this is how internet works.
  • When will I be able to 3D print from my windows phone?