Microsoft's latest Windows 10 promo is all about doing many things at once

The latest daily '10 Reasons to Upgrade" video promoting Windows 10 has gone live, ahead of its July 29 launch. This time, the focus is how Microsoft's next operating system will let its users do and see many things at once on the screen.

The video shows how Windows 10 apps can be snapped against each other in a variety of different ways and positions. It also showcased its multiple desktop support that allows users to switch between different desktop layouts on the fly.

The Action Center in Windows 10 is also shown off briefly in the promo video, which keeps track of notifications like Skype messages, emails, and if any apps need updating. Finally, the clip shows Task View, which will allow users to see any open apps in Windows 10 and switch between them.

Source: Windows (YouTube)

John Callaham
  • Adrenaline rush, due to your regular updates on windows 10 :)
  • Random windows phone comment in 3. 2...
  • ...1 and go!
  • hmmm
  • WP is dead!!111!! Blame Nadella!!! Want Ballmer b4ck!11!! Will switch to Android and iOS at the same time and hang out here nonetheless to remind you that WP is dead! Fuck xbox, btw. Did I miss anything?
  • Forgot to say something about Zune and how the Groove music app sucks in Windows 10. I think that covers just about everything haters like to yammer about. EDIT: Oh, and Cortana not being available everywhere.
  • Don't forget hating everything about a developer or competitor (like Google) because they're all evil because MSfanboys say so.
  • Seems faster
  • Hahahahahaha XD.!! Nice comments
  • Their ads are coming! Good to see that things will come in a right direction. :)
  • That's great but I really can't wait to see commercials for the new flagships showing off cool new things like Continuum and the Iris scanner for Windows Hello!
  • ^This!
    that's what I'm waiting for, too!
  • Did you notice at :24 there was some universal messaging app in the notification Center?
  • Same here. Can't see anymore of those scooby Doo themed ads :/
  • I kinda didn't like that ad.. However, the OS is so beautiful :)
  • The ad is useless. For people who are close to Windows 10, it's unnecessary. For those who aren't it's much too fast to understand our take in anything.
    It could have shown multitasking in touch mode, where it blows away the new iOS split screen.
    Seriously, who is this for and what are they trying to achieve?
  • I'm loving these ads 
  • Noyce
  • My action center on 10240 isn't that feature rich lol
  • No kidding! MS must have plans for it that they couldn't quite implement by this rushed August release - maybe the big Fall update will bring some utility to the action center?
  • That's because not all apps are updated as W10 universal apps. From the video we can see a messaging app and a new facebook app which feature actionable toasts.
  • I like the ads, music is pretty awesome :) I had it stuck in my head for a bit hehe so i guess it working.
  • But Microsoft should change the music other wise ppl will start making troll videos of the same.
  • Will install it in Sept,
  • When are these ads rolling out? Where are these ads rolling out?
  • I've seen the babies commercials on tv
  • These i believe are online only, Babies are on TV/Hulu already
  • Not one of these commercials get my hyped for Windows 10. Microsoft needs to steal a few advertising people from Apple...
  • Nothing about Apple ads got me excited ever. Especially the one where they lied about Macs not getting viruses.
  • I like this video, they did a great job with it.
  • Intersting. They show a Start tile for they Metro Skype app, which they killed (stupid idea, BTW - they should kill the old Win32 app and write a Universal app instead) and Action Center shows notifications from the mysterious Messaging app. How about showing the actual product people are getting?​​
  • The new Skype app will be released with Redstone. And will be integrated with that new Message/SMS app. People app its another app.
  • Don't you mean Skype will be released this fall with the update to threshold? Redstone is next year, bigger update.
  • Just got a Windows 10 launch invite, I'm crying.
  • very exciting :P
  • Congrats m8 !!
  • Congrats.
  • Action Center shows a messaging app
  • This new action center looks cool
  • Put on your tin foil hats people! We've repeatedly seen this Windows Laptop mockup for years now. I wonder if Microsoft has any intentions of making a Ultrawide Screen laptop for Windows 10. Basically something along the lines of a 14" laptop stretched out horizontally similar to all the ultrawide screen monitors that have become popular lately. I'd love to see that!
  • I like this marketing campaign so far. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Fun. Definitely glad for the multiple desktop support (which I've been using forever in linux).    But what exactly are PB&J things? (yes I know peanut butter and jelly). Not a concept I've encountered apparently. Not sure if it should make me feel too old or too young.
  • I was wondering that too... not sure why anyone would want to eat peanut butter with jam though
  • Awesome... I cannot wait for this
  • WTF is multi-doing? why not just call it multi-tasking?, a term everybody else uses, why confuse people?
  • Creatives being fancy. 
  • Ugh! Stupid, stupid music is driving me nuts! But still excited for the release of Windows 10. 
  • That music lyrics, eh eh eva cha eva eh um um hechachacha (repeat)
  • Hey with the app snapping thing, you can still just have windows yeah? And position them wherever you want?
  • PB&J? Took me while to figure that one out. US-Centric I guess. Thought it was a euphemism hah
  • That's a beautiful background picture John. Where did you find it?
  • Ok, that's much better, actually showing off the functionality instead of random kids playing in a field.
  • This is just one ad. I am sure there will be others...