Windows 10 Start menu can switch to full screen, new action center for notifications

Microsoft has announced during its Windows 10 press event today that the Windows 10 start menu can switch to take up the entire screen for the first time, along with a new action center that's basically the new version of the charms bar that was introduced for Windows 8.

Microsoft's operating system VP Joe Belifore showed off the Start menu full screen mode while demoing some of the new features that will be added to Windows 10. It will also have application-added buttons, images, and edit controls. The user interface for settings in Windows 10 should be familiar for users of Windows 7 and 8.

Windows 10 Action Center

Befiore also showed off the previously demoed Continuum mode in Windows 10 which offers owners of 2-in-1 devices an easier transition from the mouse and keyboard to the touchscreen-only mode.

It will feature full screen Windows apps and gesture navigation but can quickly switch back to the mouse and keyboard setup. This will work even with regular Windows 32-bit apps Continue can also exit tablet mode without any attached input devices.

Stay tuned as we will continue to post information from the Windows 10 press event. To see it all roll in live be sure to join us in the liveblog!

  • Wow. The action center now looks identical to the notification bar on Yosemite. I wonder if MS haters will say it is horrible and somehow Apple does it right.
  • Complain complain complain, no matter what an outcome is in a situation, someone always frekin complains...
  • Quite right, sir. Lazy people - more likely to write hate and share misery rather than make a compliment. 
  • Besides the fact that you misinterpreted what I was saying I know what it is like to never receive praise. I work in IT and have spent months of night and weekends on projects for organizations to make their experience so much better only to have them see none of the good. I cleaned up an entire organization that had a server that crashed a minimum of 3 times a day and systems locked up all day and no one could get anything done. I pretty much camped out there for months rebuilding everything,fixing wiring, adding servers, cleaning it up with not a single thanks. A year later one service stopped and caused the file share be inaccessible for 10 minutes and people just said how much worse thing were. Keep in mind there was zero downtime the entire year before that point and they had no file share to begin with. My point with my original comment is as far as Microsoft has come over the years that people don't see the progress. If you want to acuse me of being lazy you might want to not be lazy in reading my comment.
  • Actually, SOME of us have had high praise for Windows 8 and 8.1.  With a few minor exceptions, I LOVE Windows 8.  In contrast, I hate everything about Windows 10.  The Tech preview has been so disgusting that I've come close to dropping-kicking my test computer several times. and any hope that I had that I'd get the awesome Windows 8 experience back with the consumer preview demonstrated today has been obliterated.  It sucks.  And that's after a LOT of comments I posted as part of the Insider program.  What a flipping waste of my time.
  • It seems that the majority of feedback given outruled the ones who thought the same as yourself. Sorry my friend, but a standard logic in life is that you don't always get whatcha want. Just keep using Windows 8 or create your own OS.
  • Actually you misinterpreted what I'm saying. I actually am excited to see what MS is doing. What I'm already expecting is for others to downplay it. An example was a photographer with a Macbook I spoke to recently. He was pining over the features of his MacBook and iPhone and how advanced they are. When I showed him my Surface Pro already had the features and more he was surprised but then dismissed it. Then I showed him my photos off my 1020 and the camera interface and he was again surprised buy then redirected back to how great the iPhone does. My point is it seems lately that no matter how good Microsoft does people just dismiss it. If it were Jobs showing the 84" inch screen on stage, the journalists would be passing out on the floor with excitement. Of course no surprise when you see the entire group has MacBooks.
  • Wow and a rant... Add that too.
  • I want it!
  • Look how excited we all get over a notification centre thats been in our phone for years (and OSX with Growl for just as many years) zzzZZZ  
  • Lol its not just that bro... Plus iOS is still late in so many other aspects of devices. Welcome to 2012 iOS users.
  • For real. IPhone stuck in the past with their hardware and software, yet arrogant like it's from 2016... SMH...
  • Waiting for windowsphone screenshots
  • The full screen start menu looks really good in my opinion, should be far more functional than 8.1 on a laptop
  • Thats action center is sick!
  • They also wp 10 new start screen
  • Shared notifications between devices?
  • Cluttered.
  • I really like this feature, since i just got well accustomed with the full screen menu. would've hurt to have it all changed. Good going MS, to give us the option of full screen.
  • TY MSFT!  I love my Start Screen Live Tiles!  
  • That's a lie. It is NOT full screen.  What is that stupid menu garbage on the left?  That's not the normal Start Screen.  What's the Task Bar doing there?  That's also not the normal Start Screen.  This is just garbage.
  • The Win 10 tech preview supports having the 8.0/8.1 start screen. Toggling between using the start menu and the start screen is a task bar setting that requires logging off and back on.  What this is showing is that the start menu supports displaying in the full client area now.
  • No matter what setting I set, no matter how many times I restart, the Win10 TECH preview doesn't get rid of the Task Bar.  And watched announcement and I saw that the Task Bar is THERE, too, the whole time.  Plus there a stupid menu list on the left side.  Unacceptable.
  • So much clutter on that desktop *shudders* I really hope the UI is tidied up by the end of the development stage
  • Really? Have you ever used Windows 8? Its all up to the user how it looks!
  • I've used windows 8, since dev/tech preview to be precise, so I've seen the changes. I'm just seeing a lot of things going on, on that screen. Although some might say very functional to me, it's not aesthetically pleasing. Hopefully, there's a lot of customisation
  • i like it, looks more Windows phone now (the tiles that is), all that is left now is an option to eliminate that taskbar and side menu in full screen mode, imo they just make the screen look too cluttered
  • The taskbar is here to stay. it solves the discoverability issues that plagued windows 8. Taskbar allows you to access Start, Cortana, and switch between apps without having to learn any gestures. They might provide an option to hide the side menu but I doubt it.
  • Did some one throw up the crayon box ?
  • I want the Windows 8 start screen back!!!! I don't like the tablet mode menu! what about the charms bar?! My windows tablets doesn't have the physical Windows key!    
  • That's why MS decided to permanently show the taskbar. The Start button will always be there. It's not as innovative as Windows 8, but the people who hate Windows 8 will love it.
  • This is brilliant. I love this
  • So we can receive messaging notifications in our PC?