Microsoft's Lumia 735 is coming to Verizon Wireless

Last night, AT&T and Microsoft's Stephen Elop let it the world know that the 'affordable flagship' Lumia 830, announced last week in Berlin, is coming to the US carrier in the coming months. However, Verizon Wireless has lately overshadowed AT&T for new Windows Phones, as 'Big Red' has managed to scoop up the Lumia Icon (aka Lumia 930), Samsung ATIV SE and HTC One for Windows.

Nevertheless, one missing link in Verizon's portfolio is a new mid-range Windows Phone, as the others are all considered high-end and flagship.

Windows Phone Central has learned though that Verizon is planning to get the Lumia 735, likely in the coming weeks. Branded-devices are now making the rounds, according to numerous sources familiar with the matter, suggesting carrier approval is in its final stages. Of course, until Verizon official announces the budget phone, plans may change.

Retired site evleaks noted back in a June that Verizon is slated to get 'Superman' a mid-range Lumia with Windows Phone 8.1 Update 1, and this looks to be the carry through on that report.

The Lumia 730 (dual SIM) and Lumia 735 (single SIM, LTE), are follow-ups to the well-received Lumia 720. Featuring a 5MP front-facing camera, the so-called Lumia 735 'selfie phone' is meant to appeal to a younger audience who cannot afford the pricier HTC One for Windows, which also has a 5 MP front-facing camera.

The rest of the specs for the Lumia 735 include a 4.7-inch 720P display with ClearBlack, a 1.2 GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 400, 1 GB of RAM and 8 GB internal storage (with micro SD expansion).

The build quality of the Lumia 735, detailed above in our hands on video, makes the device highly appealing for non-enthusiast shoppers. In many ways, the Lumia 730/735 borrows aspects from the Lumia 920's design and brings them down to a more affordable handset.


One touchy issue with US customers regards the issue of exclusivity of smartphone handsets. Although AT&T has announced a Lumia 830, and our report claims Verizon is getting the Lumia 735, neither necessarily mean that the handsets are exclusive to their respective carriers. In other words, we can consider this news as AT&T is at least getting the Lumia 830, and Verizon the Lumia 735. It also says nothing about T-Mobile or Sprint, whose plans remain unknown at this time.

However, due to the closeness in naming and ranges, it would be surprising to see AT&T or Verizon get both the Lumia 730 and Lumia 830, unless they see the value to their Windows Phone portfolio aka strong demand. Still, until more official news comes out, we will have to wait and see.

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Black.berry.passport
  • I know exactly one person who even thinks the Passport is a good idea. And I'm Canadian.
  • Too bad but we have to enjoy L635 for a year first
  • Microsoft needs to wake the fuq up and let people know where and when can they get the dang phones
  • Not sure. I'm using the Roger's 1020 on T-Mobile and probably won't upgrade until the next 41mp camera. Verizon stinks though, the remove the visual voicemail app and charge you to get it back. Also they still haven't released 8.1 for the icon.
  • I totally need a new WP as my 920 is packing it in (which was my own fault). And I don't want to get the 1020 since its the last year model and the S4 processor is on the older side and only dual core. I hope to see a phone with snap dragon 800 or higher so I can use the "hey Cortana" voice command! Also a great camera, 20 or 41 mp. Rogers needs to serve their WP customers too!
  • Get a 1520 then
  • Guess you missed the part about Rogers... the Lumia 520, 635 and 1020 are the only Windows phones they currently offer.
  • Anything coming to T-Mobile?
  • The bands for both work on T-Mobile, I have a 720; worst case, you can get it off contract online
  • Unlocked int'l versions only work on HSPA, and only in refarmed areas. I also had a 720.
  • Exactly what I'm tmobile now!!!! Tmobile = growth
  • What about read the article?
  • It's was a rhetorical question. Should've said does anything come to... To be honest I'm used to Windows phones not coming to T-Mobile and was just going to buy an 830 unlocked but it's too expensive at $433 so going to look into other options.
  • Ugh...was hoping for an 83x on Verizon. I have no use for a selfie phone....a Pureview rear camera is what I'm interested in.   Oh well...I guess it's the Icon for me then.
  • Yeah, except I need microSD too... So I guess I'm sticking with the 822 even longer.
  • I'm there with you. My 822 contract ends in December but I still don't see a viable replacement for me yet on the Verizon horizon. Might have to wait for a Threshold phone.
  • My contract ends in November and I need microSD too. I was thinking the 830 wasn't enough of an upgrade from my 822. The 822 is great and meets all my needs, but I want an even better camera and an even faster CPU, and screen with glance. No word yet if Verizon will even get the 830? We are thinking of changing carriers.
  • I also have the 822 dilemma! So does the 735 have Glance? It almost feels like a step down from the 822 except that you will finally get WP8.1 and Denim.
  • 735 doesn't have glance. Unless you take tons of pictures of yourself it is a step down.
  • And the 830 and 735
    Have that
  • Would it really be so bad to go with the One for Windows or the Ativ SE?
  • Doesn't the the new lumia 830 have a Lumia purview camera??? Like my 925.....? Its like a 2 mega pixel upgrade from the 925 plus quad core CPU! I think we just wait for high end 64bit processors windows 9 and selfie cameras be a norm there will probably better upgrades to worry about along with Ms smartwatch!
  • I don't get it. Why is Microsoft doing exclusives? I thought once Microsoft acquired the Nokia handset business, they would have an all carrier release for their phones. Of all the other OS's/Companies, they are the only ones still doing exclusives for their major phones. Why?! It's so maddening!
  • Don't blame Microsoft. The carriers have much say in what carry.
  • Nonsense. No carrier has refused a Windows Phone. Elop has been EXPLICIT saying carrier exclusives were the way to go. Stop spreading nonsense, this is MSFT marketing failure.
  • Your comment is nonsense. I'm glad that you have all the facts that "no carrier has refused a Windows Phone". Carriers pick up devices,and have a say. If you knew anything then you'd know that the next flagship was set to be released across multiple carriers. Please provide me with a link to Elop's comments. Even if he did. Elop doesn't have the final say now.
  • Carriers are the customers in USA, No exclusive No Buy for smaller brands like Nokia/MS Mobile with insignificant marketshare.
  • MS/Nokia are not the only ones doing exclusives.
    To think Microsoft wouldn't want all of their phones available everywhere is silly.
  • Yeah but why cant they just sell unlocked versions in their stores
  • Because carriers use different bands?
    And without carriers and retailers, sales would be even worse in the U.S. -also, not many people will be willing to buy off contract phones.
  • Yeah I get that part but what I mean what is stopping them from selling an unlocked 830 with bands for at&t or t mobile or whatever in the us and then an unlocked international version in their stores outside of the US is what I'm asking I know the contract issue in the states
  • Regardless, MS selling an unlocked version is just as bad as letting another carrier sell an exclusive. This is why unlocked phones don't arrive at the MS store until much much later (like the 1020 is now).
  • I don't get how that's just as bad cuz in my situation and many others living in the Caribbean we buy unlocked phones from t mobile or at&t and it works fine and I did that with my 920( got it unlocked from rogers though) and my 900 and I have a few friends in the states who just buy unlocked from at&t online and just use on another carrier
  • That really depends on the phone and carrier; it comes down to their decision. When I bought my 1020 a month after it came out, I paid full price at the MS store and called att (was not a customer) who gave me the unlock code. When my friend bought the 920 for full price 3 months after it came out, he had to wait an additional 4 months before he could even pay a third party for an unlock code. As far as I've seen, ATT doesn't sell unlocked phones even online (please link me if I'm wrong). Either way, there are hoops you have to jump through. The average consumer will simply buy from the selection available for their carrier or, much less likely, switch to another carrier that stocks their desired phone. This situation would be just as bad because if MS were to sell unlocked phones, they would violate exclusivity and condone the use of these exclusive phones (probably backed by contracts, marketing dollars, etc.) with other carriers. Carriers would instantly drop support and not deal with MS. There are ways to get your phone unlocked but, unfortunately, Microsoft's hands are tied.
  • Ohhhh I get what you're saying now that makes sense but sorry I didn't mean getting a phone from at&t if you look online you can find at&t unlocked phones is what I meant btw but i see what you say about why they wont sell exclusive phones unlocked
  • There are definitely ways to get phones unlocked: Unlock codes from third parties, unlock codes from the carrier (if you paid full price and they feel generous), and other countries (if the bands are all there for your carrier). But carriers want to lock down the easiest way of getting a phone, which is usually what the average consumer picks, in order to keep or attract new customers. Thanks for keeping an open mind and actually reading what I have to say. It seems like some people just don't want to understand sometimes.
  • Its different in the Bahamas I mean in the last 5 years is when our one carrier decided really offering phones on contracts but most people here are on prepaid Sims with unlocked phones. I'm just trying to get that 830 unlocked to use now to make please me ^^
  • They are starting to in Canada, from what I hear. It's easier to do here, since all the carriers use the same HSPA bands and some LTE bands as well. But they are only selling the 635 so far. I'll be snapping up whichever flagship becomes available first, either through my carrier or Microsoft Store.
  • Exactly!
  • No one said they were exclusives yet... they just said they will be offering the handsets... don't get your panties in a bunch yet. haha
  • Rounded edges on Verizon???
  • No, just never updated.
  • Death to exclusives. Just release these phones everywhere.
  • Microsoft's greatest tactic to sell phones and increase market share:isolate the great phones and even the midrange ones so that they are not easily available to the consumers while creating carrier envy. Genius! That's how you sell a ton of phones.
  • Carriers are the customers in the messed up USA market, No exclusive No Buy for smaller brands like Nokia/MS Mobile with insignificant marketshare.
  • Yeah it is messed up but mostly for the little guy. Apple and Android have most of their high end phones available on all four major US carriers which is frustrating. Especially when Microsoft keeps asking us to wait without telling us for how long or in some cases we don't know what we're waiting for.
  • Great, too bad it's not the one I want.
  • Will this come to U.S Cellular too?
  • That would be awesome. Pressure them on Twitter. Samsung Ativ Odyssey is the only option now.
  • Verizon crap... Icon is still lumia black!!
  • And the stupidity that is carrier exclusivity continues...
  • I think I explicitly point out that this says nothing about exclusivity in a whole sub-section? However, I don't see either carrier getting both, not due to an exclusiveness, but due to their choice.
  • Release the phone to work on all carriers and it wouldn't matter.
  • That would require the phone be quad or even penta band support and include a CDMA radio for voice on Verizon and Sprint.  And including all those things means the devices cost more...  I hate exclusives but it's what the US phone landscape has become.  Sadly. 
  • Daniel... I honestly marvel at your patience. Its like nobody even reads the articles you write.
  • Microsoft can provide alot of incentive to carriers to carry these devices.  They have alot of $$$ and connections, it's hard to beleive that if Microsoft is willing to go all out that this kind of thing is still happening.  Samsung spends alot of money on advertising their Galaxy line, and  if Microsoft did half of that, Windows Phone would be in a much better place.  I'm still convinced theres alot of internal politics not resolved within Microsoft which are holding Windows Phone back
  • I dunno, I've seen a boat Los of wp/cortana commercials on my DirecTV. Funny thing is she's not officially launch on any verizon phones. (with the exception of the new m8)
  • Rubino ur ABSOLUTELY wrong as well as ignorant about the industry. I work in it and I can tell u this is MSFT setting the stage, no carrier has rejected a Windows Phone. It is MSFT who has gone the exclusives route as Elop says, "To help with marketing".
  • Wow, maybe you should start your own website to rival the biggest windows phone website in the world and post whatever you think as fact. Seeing as how you work in the industry and somehow know inside information about every single carrier. (also, let sprint know that there are plenty of Nokia WP devices up for grabs. kthx)
  • Daniel it doesn't matter that you didn't say that. What matters is that consumers don't know that it's NOT an exclusive. If we don't know and they aren't telling us and the trend has been release the same phone (920,928,925) to different carriers at different time schedules or not at all(Lumia 1020), then what the hell are we supposed to think? It's time to stop defending Microsoft.
  • Yeah! Now I hope Verizon gets the 93X! Or the 1030! Or the 1530! Wait, hold on a sec...
  • So does this mean Verizon will get off of their lazy, worthless asses and release Cyan and Denim for the Icon sometime soon?
  • Or even release them for the 928? It seemed like Big Red was doing great until recently.
  • Sure. Just sit there and hold your breath for that. Make sure you're some place safe, though, since you'll pass out well before Verizon gets off their lazy asses and does anything worthwhile for the Windows Phone camp.
  • How would getting the L730 imply they will improve that? In my opinion that just means it adds yet another frustrated user base to Verizon's portfolio.
  • You're not going to get those updates from Verizon directly until after the contract is over. Don't even bother to hit search for windows updates. Verizon ain't giving us shit.
  • Maybe Cortana can remind the Verizon sales staff to sell the product.
  • I would just settle for them not trying to talk people out of buying WP. That would be a gigantic step for Verizon.
  • When I went to get my 822 a few years ago, someone tried to talk me into getting a free Android phone. Nope. Not gonna settle for an Android.
  • Yeah it might help WP sales if there are actual phones to buy where people buy phones. Maybe one day...
  • Microsoft actually does have a glagship on the market in the US, and that happens to be the Lumia Icon, it's a shame that Microsoft can't do anything to help sales perfomance of this beautiful device, because jusy leaving it up to Verizon employess to sell is a guaranteed flopage. They may as well of released the rumoured McLaren, but if the problems with carriers still exist, everything will flop.  They need to seriously consider having a Microsoft rep in Verizon and at&t Flagship stores,  Or  open a Microsoft mobile section with a Microsoft  rep in these locations.  Yes they\lle spend alot of money initially but in the long run its guaranteed success.  All it takes is a few idiotic sales reps to ruin the reputation of Windows Phone, and if Microsoft can stop this, it can significantly help Windows Phone.  It's all about perception
  • "They need to seriously consider having a Microsoft rep in Verizon and at&t Flagship stores,  Or  open a Microsoft mobile section with a Microsoft  rep in these locations.  Yes they\lle spend alot of money initially but in the long run its guaranteed success. " I agree. Samsung has done this at Best Buy at least, I think MS should consider doing the same.
  • I wonder if the big stores are the issue.
  • Com'mon T-Mo! Get your act together.
  • T-Mobile don't care they only got the 635
  • Please Verizon just have some color options. I do not want a boring black or white device
  • Red should be an obvious color choice you would think. I would also love to have a choice of cyan.
  • I'd just like to say that I hate the US carrier stranglehold and I especially hate CDMA.
  • I can't stand the carrier stranglehold either.  But...Why the hate for CDMA?  I get voice coverage all over the place on VZW when friends on T-mob and AT&T have no bars... :)
  • And CDMA is going away to be replaced with LTE or xLTE (as VZW calls it).... In the long term goal is to shut off CDMA... I would give it abouty 5-10 years though, there are a lot of CDMA towers in the US...and people still use CDMA...
  • waiting for TMo support or announcement on one of these phones... preferably the 830 barring that, i will force myself to buy it unlocked :) - hoping it will be using LTE bands that TMo supports... There is an Uncarrier announcement later today - wonder what JOhn L will announce for that....
  • So far, his hints point to something cloud related, which sound lame. If T-Mobile made a WP announcement at an uncarrier event, that would be a real surprise.
  • Just hope for you people in the US, AT&T doesn't gouge the 830 as well. Also wasn't there a rumour that 830 would come in three different variants to three US carriers?
  • "Also wasn't there a rumour that 830 would come in three different variants to three US carriers?"
    Yes, from TK Tech News, who so far has proven to be unreliable.
  • This is true. On the other hand it sucks that at&t will remove the qi wireless charging......
  • But since it is integrated into the removable back it should be was to restore.
  • I hope so
  • Oh common. Verizon is lazy enough. The more phone they get, the more lazy they become. And now if they have lu735, how long will we suppose to wait to have Cyan?????? Such a nightmare!
  • You mean "come on"
  • Yup. I mean it
  • MS stop making devices exclusive to carriers. It is fine to make models specific to carrier but exclusive kill your marketshare.
  • Microsoft isn't "doing" anything. They don't want to release their phones as exclusives any more than we want them too. Your anger and frustration should be pointed at the carriers. They are the ones that say to Microsoft, if you don't give us ___ phone as an exclusive, so that there's no competition from another carrier selling this model, we won't sell it at all. The carriers are bitches like that. They really are. They deserve your anger and frustration. Not Microsoft.
  • Oh so it's the carriers? But meanwhile consumers can get any Android or iPhone they want. Even IF(I'm not buying that it is) the carriers are the ones selecting or neglecting devices Microsoft needs to either offer something to get more acceptability across carriers or sell direct from the own store. Plus the fact that the HTC 8X originally launched on three carriers and the HTC One for Windows is coming to ATT and T-Mobile leads me to believe this is mostly a Nokia/Microsoft issue.
  • Please bring it to Sprint!
  • Carriers are the reason windows phone isn't growing in US
  • It has nothing to do with Apple and Samsung? Interesting.
  • It is.. Carriers drive consumers away from windows phone.. Along with the fact that these carriers do not have many lumias.. Even if they have, they do not promote as much as Samsungs or apples
  • THE reason was a bit strongly worded. A strong contributing factor, nonetheless.
  • I partially agree I went to Metro Pcs under T mobile yesterday I told them what phones they have in stock right away they show me low end Android phones saw L 521 display it was just a cheap paper cut out and no sight of L 635
  • Well, I assume it is safe to say the date we get Cyan for our CURRENT Lumia devices will be AFTER this new model is launched. 
  • Which will probably be early 2015, after Cyan is released on every other carrier.
  • Didn't we say that after the M8? Nothing's happened so far...
  • T-Mobile better grab at least one of these phones. Hoping they get the 730
  • Hope not exclusives. Please Tmobile get the 830. Even low end WP are not in demand since no carriers are rushing to get it on their shelves. Sad
  • Wonder if this will be released to promote Verizon's prepaid plan which just upped speeds to 4g lte.  The 735's price point would be good phone for prepaid plans.
  • Just kill Nokia name in the US and MS should introduce it's own line of Surface phones across all carriers. One for low end, one mid range, and one high end.
  • Please point me to any evidence that the 'Surface' brand is something consumers know and rate highly?
  • Nokia name is getting killed by end of year @neowin just reported
  • I like that, Lumia is a good brand.
  • We need a Lumia on Sprint, I love my S Neo all "plastic build" on Samsung is kinda annoying. I want something more sturdy, plus Samsung hardly supports Windows phone anyway. Anyway Sprint & Nokia GIVE US A GOOD LUMIA DEVICE!!!
  • Yes, I am annoyed at carrier exclusivity (though this might not be an exclusive as Daniel point out), and at locked phones and at Verizon's lazy and dismissive treatment of their WP customers with regard to the Cyan/8.1 rollout... but... I'm glad they are getting this phone, and any WP. This should be a great fit for many, and it seems like a very good value for the money. They just need to have it in stores. And not just their own flagship stores, but anywhere Verizon sells phones. Microsoft needs to do something to make that happen.
  • Awesome, another Windows Phone that will never be updated.
  • +822
  • "Microsoft's Lumia 735 is coming to Verizon Wireless". I sense that the Nokia name will be replaced, soon. Sad.
  • You must be psychic
  • Waiting for Daniel's article about that!
  • Great to see a more budget type phone available on Verizon, but I am hoping for the 830 still. I see that as an upgrade to my 928.
  • I see the 830 as a downgrade, I own a Lumia 822, Lumia 928, and Lumia icon. I would get the 928 over an 830.
  • I would prefer the Icon, but I would miss Glance too much. Compared to the 928, the 830 has a bigger screen, better camera, micro-SD slot, and I think a removable battery. I had a 822 too and those last two are what I miss most about it.
  • Looking at specs, the 928 has a better rear camera. Not sure how the processors compare, the 735 having a slower clock speed but quad cores.  Other than that, I don't know why the 735 couldn't replace a 928.  735 is almost exactly the same size, just thinner and lighter, SD card slot, better FFC, slightly better battery.  Am I missing something? GSMArena spec comparison
  • I won't buy another Windows Phone until there is a clear strategy to fix the app gap, bring more games to the platform and not have to settle for a "mid" range Lumia phone on Verizon. I do not want a selfie phone.
  • Just because they don't tell you about it, doesn't mean they don't have a strategy.
    I think we've seen the strategy playing out, and its about as aggressive as possible.
    BTW - You have two high-end WP to choose from on Verizon.
  • The more people that buy WP the quicker the app gap will close. Microsoft needs to keep up with the ads. Its good to see they are doing some now but they need to do alot more.
  • Correct Ryan, also Microsoft is continuously making it easier for devs to make/port their apps to WP... they're even paying devs to bring their apps!
  • In the coming months?, oh, come on!! Samsung's Note 4 was being sold even before they could announced it.
    Why Microsoft have to take this long to actually sell the phones? When they finally put their phones in sale newer phones are already released by their rivals and almost all the expectation they raised in the presentation is gone.
    Not to mention they only sell some of those phones the US.
  • I guess my question is what makes more money: 1 phone with band variants (one, galaxy, nexus, etc) or multiple phones with different attributes so each carrier can have it's own? For Nokia specifically, is it better to have at&t selling the 1520 & 830 and Verizon selling the 930 & 735, or is it better to have BOTH sell a "Nokia Lumia 5.0" & "Nokia Lumia 4.3"?
  • While I am very happy that Verizon is expanding their WP8 portfolio, considering that the 730/735 is supposed to ship with 'Denim,' I would be really pissed if the rest of us haven't gotten the 8.1 update by then, especially since the 8x isn't getting the update until October.
  • What I find interesting is with the coming of the Lumia 735 to Verizon, Verizon will actually be carrying more Windows Phones than iPhones.  Apple will have iPhone 4s, 5c, 5s, 6 and 6Plus = 5 devices.  Windows Phones will have available the Microsoft Lumia 735, HTC One (M8) for Windows, Lumia Icon, Lumia 928, Windows Phone 8X by HTC and Samsung Ativ SE = 6 devices.  All of which are capable of running Windows Phone 8.1, and all of the Lumia devices capable of running Denim firmware update.  :-)
  • This is amazing, not long ago did Verizon only had two windows phone. Trophy and some other one. Now there are 3-5 which makes ALL the difference, this is re ally big in my eyes
  • Lumia Icon (aka Lumia 930), Correction 929....Nokia calls it the 929...
  • I'm a Verizon customer, so glad to see more Windows phones in the lineup. Just hope those salespeople will push it! I've had bad experiences in this area with Verizon, having to buy my 928 on eBay instead of in store. Not to be negative, but we can have all the Windows phones in the world at the stores, but we need experienced salespeople promoting the platform.
  • Great. Verizon is expanding their Windows phone portfolio while not servicing the Windows phones already in their customer's hands (why doesn't the Icon have the Cyan update or the update to the update yet?). Buyers be warned.
  • True dat! Still waiting for cyan on my 928!
  • This is the last time I'm going to say this I may be speaking through my emotions but I really need someone from sales and marketing or production or a carrier representative to do a full out interview explaining to consumers the every day consumer what the hell is going on with this exclusive death grip on the Windows Phone landscape. ATT you get the 920. Let's wait a while. Now your turn Verizon. You get the 928 with xenon flash. Wait a while. Hey T-Mobile you get the 925. Super slim and half the storage of the other guys. ATT you get the 1520 with SD expansion. Wait a while. Verizon you get the Icon with no SD expansion. T-Mobile you get the 630. What the hell kind of a strategy is this. Even with the HTC One for Windows. Its the same damn phone but ATT and T-Mobile has to wait some undisclosed amount of time for its release. Meanwhile ATT gets the 830. Verizon gets the 730. But guess what all carriers will likely have before either of these phones are released? An Apple iPhone 6, 6 Plus, Sony Xperia Z3, Moto X, Galaxy Note 4 and Edge(or whatever) and maybe we can squeeze in a few more competitors before then. And we don't even have a concrete release date and T-Mobile customers don't even have anything from Microsoft to look forward to. Does anybody think this is a great strategy to gain market share. Microsoft needs to speak up and be upfront about what the hell they are doing and not keep us in the dark. If they're indeed working on a Lumia 1020 successor or any other flagship, they need to say so now. Just put it out there on the table. For this exact reason, I'm switching to Android with the Sony Xperia Z3 because at least it is known to be coming to T-Mobile. Sick of waiting for Microsoft to do whatever they're doing while I'm left in the dark waiting for one flagship to hit T-Mobile's shelves. Don't bother with the 925. 16gb with no SD expansion does not qualify as a flagship device. I really love Windows Phone but I have been patient in hopes that things would change. In the end, I'm the one that's changed. Ready for something new.
  • You've brought up some great points! It doesn't make any sense, with the exclusives. I remember at&t getting the 920 and I was so pissed! I bought the 822 on Verizon since it was the only one with wp8, waiting for the 928. 6 months later, the 928 arrives! Then, no one at Verizon wanted to sell me a 928, I bought it off eBay! When the icon came around, I was excited again. Now, they're falling behind on the updates for their flagship! I know Microsoft is making more money on the low end phones, but what about the people who love the platform and want a high end device? I feel your frustration... Are there other Windows phone users in the same situation?
  • Carriers are the customers in USA, No exclusive No Buy for smaller brands like Nokia/MS Mobile with insignificant marketshare. Rest of the world operates in a much better way, that is you buy your phone then pop-in any sim card of your choice.
  • Yeah I guess Microsoft is powerless or are they? That's why I need someone reputable in a high position to break it down to the consumers. At least then I could understand and know why things are the way they are. Just seems like more work to make three separate models of the same phone or similar phones and release them at different times with different distinguishing features. I just need one of those guys to enlighten me. Like whose decision was it to make the 925 with 16gb instead of 32gb of storage? I really have been patient and I think that with some sort of interview explaining how things work I could wait it out with Microsoft cause it really is my favorite OS. But what I can't do is wait it out in the dark and not have a clue why I can get the iPhone 6 but not the 930 or 1520 or most likely the 1020 successor if they decide to release one.
  • I hope that Tmo will announce any new lumia phones during there uncarrier 7.0 this pm...Bring the bacon Tmo.<..>  
  • It's all nice and good that Big Red is finally upping their game with more Windows phones. But what I really want to know is when the he!! Is VZW going to release 8.1 to existing devices. My Icon is not feeling the love.
  • I wonder if the 830 will work on CricKet...
  • If it's on AT&T it will.
  • Based on the LTE bands both the 735 and 830 support, it does not look like Verizon will be getting either the 735 or the 830 (unless they have a custom variant coming out). Verizon utilizes bands LTE 4 and 13, Nokia's website does not list these bands under the hardware specs for the 735 or 830. My guess would be that there is a customized variant of one or both of these phones to Verizon. I bought the 822 when it came out (still rockin' it). But, two years ago Nokia announced the 820, and then several weeks later they came out with the 822, somewhat quietly if I remember correctly... Fingers crossed that they do have variants for Verizon in the pipeline for release soon!
  • I wish MetroPCS or T-Mobile would get the 735. MetroPCS more so because that's my service now. They would sell ALOT more windows phones if MetroPCS got some decent ones.
  • I'm with you. I already switched back to android ditching my 521 for a LG G2. I did this when MetroPCS got the stupid 630 with only 512mb of ram. Yes my 521 was through metro and my g2 is on metro. I'm sick and tired of waiting for a decent windows phone on metro or T-Mobile.
  • I've been waiting for over a month to either buy the 735 or the 2nd gen Moto G (US - so the same as the first, but with SD card and LTE). I need the 735 for AT&T/T-Mobile, so I can either go through Cricket or T-Mobile prepaid. VZW's prepaid is too expensive and I don't want to be locked down to the carrier.
  • I was interested in the 830- not the 735 :'(
  • When this come to Indonesia?
  • Hmmm, the 735 has a replaceable battery, SD card support, WP 8.1 & Denim, my Icon doesn't have this! Are you sure it's not the new flagship? ;)
  • When will be nokia lumia 735 in india stores?
  • Let me know the release date of nokia lumia 735 in India? Any body plz give me a reply for this?
  • Any word on a US release ?!