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Microsoft's Mixer streaming platform is rolling out microtransactions (update)

Updated January 22, 2019: Embers are now available on Xbox One and desktop clients.

Mixer is Microsoft's game streaming platform, and the service is always finding new ways of monetization for its partners. Beforehand, only "Sparks" were used to provide patronage to certain channels, but that's changing today with the introduction of "Embers". Embers are a virtual currency — essentially cosmetic microtransactions — that you can give you a popular streamer of your choice to pay them.

Mixer issued the following statement on its website explaining Embers and how they work. The company went into great detail on how they're different from Sparks.

We're excited to kick off 2019... with the launch of Mixer Embers. Early access to Mixer Embers will start today for users... on Android and iOS platforms. Then, Mixer Embers will roll out to viewers on all platforms next week. Embers are a virtual currency... that you can purchase and then spend on premium Skills, including animated Stickers and full-screen Effects. With these premium Skills, you can also add a custom message that will be prominently highlighted in chat, helping your message stand out within the Mixer community. For Mixer Partners, Embers provide new monetization opportunities by enabling a more direct form of patronage with bigger cash rewards. Sparks are a virtual currency that viewers earn for free, just by watching streams... Embers are a paid virtual currency that viewers can purchase directly... Although there are specific Skills for each currency, both Sparks and Embers will result in patronage for a partnered streamer. Embers provide a more direct form of patronage as Mixer Partners receive a fixed dollar amount per Ember spent on their channel. At launch, Embers will be exclusive to Mixer Partner channels – so only Partner channels will offer premium Skills that can be purchased using Embers, and only Partners will receive cash payouts for Embers patronage. This is just the start as we aim to make Embers accessible to more creators.

What are your thoughts on Embers? Will you purchase them to support your favorite streamer? Let us know.

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  • Seems a bit weird that they've simply not just allowed people to use their Microsoft reward points as donations for mixer streams. I'd be more than willing to throw a few reward points at your favourite streamer, for what is essentially free just by using Bing, xbox or mobile searching a few times - the streamer is rewarded with ability to buy more games, dlc or even hardware from Microsoft.
    'm not buying some a virtual currency that's locked to one task, it's bad enough that they've gone backwards with that idea in Minecraft's store, I honestly thought that was a thing of the past with the Xbox store points.
    Embers? No thanks - not as it stands.
  • Good point. Maybe they could implement that in the future.
  • Except MS rewards isn't an international thing.
  • Sounds to me like you're quibbling over something that will eventually be addressed.
    bing rewards and xbox rewards eventually merged after starting out separate. Sounds to me like Sparks is just Mixer Exclusive Rewards program. One that could be expanded across the ecosystem.
  • I like this idea. I'd use MS Rewards points towards this as well.
  • Mixer is getting bloated with these stickers , sparks and embers
  • Mixer is trying to be like Twitch
  • Mixer actually has way more unique infras than Twitch at the moment.
  • People will get turned off by referring to it as microtransactions but anything that allows more content creators to actually get paid is a good thing.
  • Aye, how is this any different from twitch bits? It doesn't seem to be that different at all.
  • Not much different except you get to choose a sticker you can use with a comment. More personality then say just using bits. I also agree that the title should just read "Mixer provides a new way to support your favorite streamers" It's not a video game.
  • They have become the very thing they swore to destroy.