satya nadella

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella revealed on Monday that team members at the company are now allowed to share code from their projects internally with each other for the first time in an effort to change its work culture.

Nadella, who made those remarks as part of a Q&A during the Fortune Brainstorm conference, stated that before he came on board as CEO, team members has a mindset to "hold" and "protect" code from their projects. He added:

We need places where we innovate and we need renewal is in the core. When I think of our challenge today ... the core priority is renewal of mainstream work [processes]. Let's take what we are good at and rethink it. That's not a side project. That is the very company itself.

Nadella also stated that that he would like for more Microsoft employees to contribute to open source projects, including Hadoop. The statements reinforce what he wrote about last week in his over 3,000 word email to employees, where he also hinted at some major organizational changes that are coming to Microsoft in the near future. Those changes are rumored to include an unknown number of layoffs.

What do you think of Nadella's efforts to foster sharing of software code inside Microsoft as well as efforts to add to open source projects?

Source: Business Insider