Microsoft's new Chromium-Edge browser leaked in screenshots

Microsoft is currently hard at work at rebuilding Edge from the ground up using Chromium, with a developer preview expected within the coming weeks. Up until now, however, we've not seen anything regarding the new web browser, codenamed Anaheim internally. Today, that all changes as screenshots from an internal canary developer build of the browser have leaked online, giving us a good look at the work Microsoft has put into the new browser so far.

Thanks to the screenshots, we can see that the new version of Edge looks very similar to the latest developer builds of Chromium, and rightly so, as work on Anaheim has not long started. Because the new browser is based on Chromium, however, this browser is much further along than the original version of Edge was in the same amount of development time. I fully expect this UI to evolve and become its own thing by the time Edge ships to the public.

The screenshots also reveal work Microsoft has put into a new Edge start page, that lets you change your layout, and enable or disable a number of things on the start page like image of the day, and most visited websites. There's also a new Extensions store, that's sporting all the same extensions you can expect to find on Chrome. Microsoft plans to release a public preview for its new Anaheim browser as soon as this spring, likely within the next few weeks in fact.

Microsoft's first Anaheim preview won't include all the features it has planned for the browsers, but will rather be more developer focused, and will improve over time with new features and stability improvements before being released officially later this year. What are your thoughts on the new version of Edge? Let us know in the comments.

Zac Bowden
Senior Editor

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  • It will most probably have the same UI as the current one. I remember when IE10 was in developer preview, the UI was pretty basic.
  • The UI is fine. It doesn't need to change. All MS's designs usually look, and feel, better than the competition.
  • What do you mean? I actually prefer the UI on current Edge and Opera and DO NOT want to use something just looks like a Chrome copycat.
  • Yeah, that's what I'm saying. Edge currently looks great. The new browser should carry over these looks.
  • It looks so good that it has captured less than 5% useage share while being the default on W10. Microsoft should move in the exact opposite direction, but you don't want them to her successful. Like usual, you prefer they stay on paths that prove to be a failure.
  • Looks didn't make it grab less of the market share. People's default to RAM heavy Google Chrome is what did that. Many, not all don't know anything better, they are just Chrome sheep.
  • It just don't need a news feed and that red breaking news alert. They are awful for a browser.
  • I hope it doesn't look like Edge.
  • I hope, that this is not the final UI.
    I would like to see new name and logo. I still think, that Spartan would be much better choice than Edge.
  • Looks good so far. I'm excited for the new Edge and can't wait to try it myself.
  • I also hope that the UI will be less rounded, i like the actual EDGy corners
  • l think rounded looks great
  • okay Ta10M then you should just switch to Netscape, Firefox, Opera, or Vivaldi
  • Thanks for the information, I'll definitely try the preview version as soon as it's available. Also thank you for actual tech news and not an advertisement.
  • Looks pretty good, l think the search bar should be kinda rounded. "Most visited" should stay at the bottom just like that
  • I'm curious why browsers have a search bar when the address bar functions as a search bar. I remove the search bar to clean up that area.
  • I think it's for newbs who don't realize they can search right from the address bar. Having a dedicated search box is much more intuitive, and the rest of us can easily remove it.
  • Because that's how it used to be, you searched things in the search bar, and people are slow to change or don't like change. I'm sure it'll gradually be phased out.
  • yep and that is why the highest ranking website to be typed into the current Edge address bar is either bing(dot)com or google(dot)com because the average user doesn't see a search bar and they don't know that you can just search using the address bar :'(
  • In context of Vivaldi Browser, so that power users can use it to choose the custom search string (they have created) on the go, unlike having to remember any hotkeys in chrome.
  • Firefox here I come :-)
  • C'mon in. The water's fine.
  • Ditto. I will not contribute to a Google-dominated World Wide Web, so I'll switch to Firefox as soon as Edge switches to Chromium. 'Tis a shame. I'll greatly miss Set Tabs Aside (although, I notice that's not in the screenshot above anyway).
  • This extention does that very similar to Edge
  • Google doesn't own Chromium, they just built their browser off of it. Other browsers that use Chromium are as follows:
    Chromium(it's self) Google is just one of many contributors to the open source Chromium project
  • Where's the fluent reveal and acrylic? :(
  • Gotta gets the basics right before adding the aesthetic features. What good would it be to have a visually appealing product that doesn't work?
  • Well, Microsoft has focused a lot on fluent design on Windows 10 before smashing the plethora of bugs and issues.
  • There's always bugs and issues, period. And I'm not just talking about Microsoft.
  • I'd rather have speed than blurry effects
  • Looks like Edge will not use ram, Edge will eat ram now... It's sad to see this. EdgeHtml was good but not better, maybe with more love EdgeHtml would be the most powerful engine. I know why MS took this desition and I know chomium has a lot standars of the www, but I think that is not good, because will not exist competition between web engines in the future
  • EDGEhtml never worked right at small screen sizes. In my opinion one of the biggest problems with win 10 mobile. EDGE on android already uses chromium. Edge on ios uses webkit.
  • You're making an assumption based on what Google Chrome does. Chromium it's self is not a resource hog, my evidence is other Chromium based browsers like Opera and Brave which do not eat resources. The only thing that makes Google Chrome a resource hog is what Google did to it
  • It's probably a waste of time to hope they won't try to make this browser into a do-it-all thing. I don't need it to be a PDF reader, I don't need it to have extensions, I don't need it to have a special reading mode. I just need it to quickly, accurately and consistently render a web page and import my favorites.
  • They would have to take those functions out, not add them. I am quite sure they are built into Chromium. It would be weird if they removed those functions. Windows Lite or whatever will need them. The browser will likely be a one-stop shop like ChromeOS. You haven't switched to Apple yet? You would be much happier over there. Their ecosystem meets your requirements better than any of the others, especially Microsoft's.
  • You're correct, Chromium has extension support built in.
  • I want all those things you don't want lol
  • I'm glad to see they added the Bing daily background - I am missing that in the current MS Edge 🙂
  • Rahsna, just go to Settings and set "Open Microsoft Edge with" then select "A specific page or pages" and enter Then you'll get the Bing background every time you open the browser. Or, do the same further down in settings to assign Bing to your home page.
  • By the way, Canada just got the Edge Extensions as a separate tab in the Microsoft Store app.
  • Now they will be useless. 😂
  • I imagine Bandito that they will be linked somehow.
  • Oh cool, now we do.
  • Please change the name to anything else. If it stays "Edge" the IE logo needs to be replaced. If Microsoft wants to shed the negative connotation with that logo, then they need to have new branding for the browser.
  • Yeah they should use "Network Neighbourhood" or "Internet Newsgroup" instead.
  • They are very complicated names, so, not possible.
  • It looks more like Firefox than Chrome.
  • Will it be as optimised for touch as Edge is now though? Edge is so much better than other browsers with your finger.
  • I think the intention is that they'll push improvements in those areas into the Chromium project itself. They were heavily responsible for bringing Windows on ARM support, and have said they intend to push improvements and optimizations. So I think the idea is that you'll end up with not just Edge, but every other Chromium browser, having better support for things like touch. And this makes sense, since it helps them improve the overall experience for users of any Windows touch screen device, regardless of their browser choice (unless that choice is Firefox), which is probably more important to them at this point than whether people are using Edge or Chrome.
  • I use Edge on both my Windows computers and Android phone, I will be very mad if they take features away just to release it before it is feature complete. That is how they messed up Edge to begin with!
  • Hope the new browser have more zoom options than Chrome. Not really into too much graphics on the start page so an option for plain start page would be great.
  • UI looks almost but not quite identical to the latet version of Chrome. I'm guessing it's because it's largely unmodified Chromium at this point and the custom UI comes later on.
  • That's correct, it's an early build. Google Chrome more or less uses the default Chromium layout, same for Brave.
    This early build of Edge is also more or less using the default layout, likely because Microsoft simply hasn't finished developing the new layout.
  • People say it looks like chrome, so why not just use chrome.
    Bing search engine was rubbish never found the results I needed so swapped back to chrome and ditched edge
  • You can use Google in Edge. Why not just use Chrome? Because Edge will be preinstalled, will work with Microsoft Rewards, will have access to not just Edge extensions, but also Chrome extensions, will likely have features that Chrome does not possess, and will not be a resource hog.
  • Not interested. What the hell is the point? If I was that in love with Chromium, I'd already be using Google's Chrome browser. Which I'm not.
  • This has everything to do with enterprise, of course. ;0) Right now MOST enterprises are standardizing on Chrome browser, because that's what the majority of web developers are targeting. Making an Edge browser that is compatible with nearly ALL web apps that target Chromium may just well entice IT shops to stop installing Chrome (which we hate to do anyway because it's such a resource hog and introduces the whole problem with users logging into their personal Google accounts on secure enterprise systems) and just go with the browser out of the box, especially since a MS made browser will probably more closely align with the company's Active Directory accounts and policies. This is a great idea from an enterprise perspective. From a consumer perspective, many ppl may actually give Edge a try when they purchase a new computer if they know the browser will render all of their web pages the exact same way Chrome does. Why go to the trouble of installing Chrome?
  • I can only hope that set aside tabs stays, I have so much work there.
  • Lol I would be lost if I lost my set aside tabs...
  • Somebody blocked out a LOT of porn sites in their most common pages.
  • My pain pet peeve with edge is that it lacks a way to clear the search bar in tablet mode. Why no giant X at the end of the search bar.... it's frustrating when I can't quickly clear it out and start typing...
  • I download Firefox 😁
  • Oh please, yet another MS product being hyped. Pardon me if I say I'll believe it when it's available rather than when someone published a few screenshots. This is like the boy who called wolf.
  • I don't completely get why they are doing this but i really hope we don't have to go back to a stripped down browser. Edge has some very nice features but is still missing key features like search history and a built in password manager.
  • Chromium is more complete than Edge. Even if they did nothing, Chromium Edge would be better.
  • I just wish it looks as clutter free as it looks in this picture not like edge's present state.
  • Actually I just removed Chrome from my home computer and now use Firefox. I got tired of all the processes that Chrome was continually spawning (even when the browser was closed!). It also used way too much memory. In addition, Chrome was continually freezing and I would have to open the task browser and kill all Chrome processes to get things going again. It would quickly spawn 20 - 30 processes all over again. Now that Chrome has been removed my computer runs much faster and doesn't freeze. I hope Microsoft fixes these issues before releasing the Edge version of Chrome. As it stands right now, I found Chrome a miserable experience.