Comfort Headset

Microsoft's recently revealed new earphones, the Comfort Headset, will go on sale sometime in March in Europe. Pricing for the earphones will be €15. So far, there's no word on if it will be released in other parts of the world.

The Comfort Headset was first announced alongside Microsoft's latest smartphones, the Lumia 435 and 532. In a post on the Lumia Conversations site, Microsoft's Miikka Lehtinen describe the idea behind the design of the earphones:

"The in-ear type of headphones were liked by many people, but didn't offer maximum comfort to all. They were great for music and entertainment, providing an immersive listening experience, but were not optimized for business or conference call purposes where hearing your own voice properly is important."

"We wondered if we could combine these features—immersive music and great experience in conference calls – in a headset that would fit most ears. Our comfort headsets were a result of this—they're great looking and work brilliantly in all places and scenarios. By combining different types of earpieces (in-ear and ear bud), you get our semi-canal headset earpiece design and you will love it."

The Comfort Headset will be sold in orange, black and white colors.

Source: Lumia Conversations

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