Microsoft's new Modern headset, speaker, and webcam are available now

Microsoft Wireless Headset
Microsoft Wireless Headset (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft's new Modern accessories are available now.
  • The lineup includes a webcam, wired headset, wireless headset, and USB-C speaker.
  • Microsoft takes a closer look at the new accessories in a recent video.

Microsoft announced a new Modern webcam, wired headset, wireless headset, and USB-C speaker earlier this month. The accessories are designed to help people communicate in a natural way and include features like dedicated Microsoft Teams and mute buttons. Microsoft showcases the new hardware in a Microsoft Mechanics video and highlights that the accessories are available starting today.

The video breaks down the devices in great detail. For example, Microsoft's Branden Powell explains how the new Modern accessories use a similar design language to the Surface Headphones. Powell also shows off small details, like the mute button being concave while the Teams button is convex.

Microsoft focused on practicality and ease of use with the Modern accessories. Hardware with a mute button features push-to-talk functionality, so you can keep yourself muted but easily jump in for a quick comment in a call or meeting.

Because the devices are Teams certified, they work better with meetings and calls. The mute button on each device works by cutting off the microphone hardware and muting the audio through the Teams app. As a result, you won't hear an echo as you mute and unmute your microphone.

Powell also answers some frequently asked questions in the video, such as why the Modern Wireless Headset has a dongle.

To control all of the new accessories, you can use the Microsoft Accessory Center app that recently launched.

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