Microsoft's new wireless display adapter projects your PC in 4K for $70

Microsoft 4k Wireless Display Adapter
Microsoft 4k Wireless Display Adapter (Image credit: Microsoft)

What you need to know

  • Microsoft launched a new wireless display adapter for PCs today.
  • The 4K Wireless Display Adapter can project your PC to another screen.
  • The adapter is available will be available for $70.

Microsoft today launched a new wireless display adapter that can project your PC to the big screen in 4K. The $70 adapter comes alongside the launch of a slew of other new accessories, in addition to the updated Surface Pro X and new Surface Laptop Go.

Microsoft is no stranger to wireless display adapters. The company has offered one that can connect your PC to a TV or projector for some time. That adapter, still available for $45 (opens in new tab), is limited to HD resolutions, however.

Microsoft says that this new adapter uses Miracast to duplicate your screen from your PC to whatever you have it connected to. That's the same tech behind its previous wireless display adapter. The big advantage here is that you can now cast content from your PC to a TV or projector in full 4K resolution.

The Microsoft 4K Wireless Display Adapter will be available for $70. That's alongside the Surface Laptop Go and Surface Pro X, which are available for preorder today and are set to launch on October 13.

Dan Thorp-Lancaster

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  • Excited about this. Looking forward to hearing what the response time is on this.
  • Agreed. Response time on the previous model wasn't awesome. Hopefully it's better now. I see the HDMI side now has a 1" lead on it allowing more flexibility plugging it in so that's a nice design upgrade.
  • It'd be nice if the USB power side was a jack rather than a short pigtail too. There isn't always USB power that close, or easy to get to. Yes you can get an extender, but you need to buy that specifically. Always have longer USB cables around.
  • Wait and see for me. Previous devices I have used demonstrated miracast is not great, but maybe this will work well
  • Yes, good idea to wait for the reviews. The old adapter got warm quickly. This new 4K version would definitely gets hot and heat could be an issue in performance. A mini fan in it should help a lot...!
  • The previous generation got hot to the touch, was only 1080p and drained the hell out of your laptop's battery, but it was a great tool when you don't care about latency and when there isn't too much Wi-Fi interference. I used it very often to give presentations and lectures. You can walk around and even give an audience member the tablet to write something or look something up that everyone can see (because it's wireless). The big problem is Wi-Fi interference, though. It's not easy using it on a college campus! I eventually defaulted to a trusty HDMI cable.
  • All the new features of the Adapter and its software belong to the new 4K version....The old 2K doesn't get any new features...! Thanks Microsoft..!!!
  • What new features? The article suggested the only feature is the 4k output.
  • Must be referring to the app update. There are references to the 4K adapter, but no mention if there are any changes for the older adapters.
  • I have the original Wireless Display Adapter and used it a bit at first but haven't in a good while. I don't need 4K but if that means that the throughput would be sufficient to cast video effectively then I'll be all over this new version. I watch cricket from overseas on my Surface devices and have to connect them to my lounge and bedroom TVs with long cables which is OK but not ideal. If this new adapter will do the job then that would be awesome. I think I have some Microsoft Rewards points lying around that I can use to buy Microsoft Store vouchers too.
  • I find the old, 1080p version perfectly fine for presentations. But if this manages to improve the Wi-Fi signal (having to fight through a forest of Wi-Fi can make it unreliable), lower battery consumption in my laptop, and maybe even improve latency, it might be worth the $70. Being able to walk around with my Surface Pro while giving a presentation can be useful (it's wireless!), as is being able to give the device to someone else to write something down or look something up that gets projected on the big screen for everyone to see.
  • I just took a look at the updated Wireless Display Adapter companion app, which has been overhauled, and it looks like the new adapter has options to speed up connecting with your Windows device. I forgot about all my connection headaches! Hopefully that should help a lot.
  • It's not just for PCs as the article continually states. Most Android phones have Miracast too except Google Pixel. I have the V2 1080p adapter and it only actually supports 1600 x 900 if you want at least 60 Hz. At 1080p, it falls back to a measly 30 Hz refresh rate which is not acceptable in today's era of 144 Hz displays. So anyone getting this 4K model, don't expect it to run at 60 Hz. They don't even mention if it's 802.11ax/Wi Fi 6.
  • I'm interested in this. I had the original but it didn't work well. Often the screen would get pixelated to the point where it was bothersome. I hope this works better.