Microsoft's newest Lumia 930 promo video joins the Internet cat craze

Microsoft's latest video that promotes its Lumia 930 smartphone was not only filmed using the camera on the Windows Phone device, but its themes of cats using the phone itself won its creator a big prize in a social media contest.

The clip, "Catz using Lumia 930" (and yes, that is the way "cats" is spelled in the title), was created by Mia Mullarkey, a filmmaker based in Dublin, Ireland. The video itself is very cute and adoable, and the fact that such a professional video could be made just with the Lumia 930's camera is a testament to both the hardware in the smartphone as well as Mullarkey's talent.

She entered the video in the #SMWCreative contest, sponsored in part by Microsoft and by Social Media Week, a worldwide effort into this industry that's being held from today to September 25. Mullarkey will get a trip to the Social Media Week events in Los Angeles where she will see her video get a bigger spotlight.

Do you agree that the "Catz using Lumia 930" is a fun and entertaining video?

Source: Nokia on YouTube

John Callaham