Photosynth is one of the more innovative imaging apps to hail out of Microsoft in the last few years. However, the Photosynth app for Windows Phone has not seen too much in the way of updates or new features. In fact, the last update was back in January.

So it is a surprise to see version 1.8 not only go live in the Store, but come with some new, post-worthy features!

Photosynth 1.8

  • New higher resolution capture mode that takes better advantage of your camera's capabilities
  • Improved stitching engine that blends panoramas faster and reduces visual artifacts

Indeed, launching Photosynth on our Lumia 1520 yielded some impressive results. Once we snapped all of our 'synths, the processing of them into the massive 3D pano took just seconds. The quality too seemed much better.

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In short, if you are using a newer, high-end Lumia 830, Lumia 930/Icon, Lumia 1020, or Lumia 1520, you should see the most dramatic effects. Of course, other Windows Phone users, especially with lower-spec processors, should also benefit as well.

If you have never tried Photosynth, you should. The app lets you take dozens of photos, and it effortlessly stitches them together into a unique, 3D panorama that you can share with others online.

Thanks, Sree H., for the tip!

QR: photosynth