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What you need to know

  • Microsoft just shipped an update to PowerToys that brings the app to version 0.55.1.
  • This is the second update released for the app this week.
  • The update to version 0.55.1 contains stability fixes but doesn't have any new features.

Microsoft's PowerToys has a new update available. The latest update brings the utility to version 0.55.1 and fixes stability issues that Microsoft deemed "important." Another update rolled out for PowerToys earlier this week that contained several new features.

Microsoft outlines the fixes included in version 0.55.1 on GitHub:

  • 15910 - Shortcut keys retain taken after disabled for Shortcut Guide, Mouse highlighter, Mouse pointer crosshair. This was a bug we had for a while but with the increased mouse utilities using the shared code path, it was just noticed.
  • 15450 - Fixing a bug where settings wasn't properly saving. This bug was introduced with 0.53 installer update and now is fixed with 0.55.1.
  • 15487 - After install, PT won't automatically start as admin unless dont-elevate arg is used. This bug was introduced with 0.53 installer update and now is fixed with 0.55.1.
  • 15869 - Removed a dead code path and unused DLL
  • 15885 - Mouse pointer crosshairs crashing race condition bug.
  • 15348, #15488 - Small UX fixes for helping wayfind.
  • 15887 - Revert part of a Window Walker improvements in #6084 that did a IsCloak check. This impacted virtual desktop users.

Microsoft's previous update for PowerToys is more notable when it comes to new features. Version 0.55.0 of PowerToys has a tool to help people with visual impairments and two new File Explorer add-ons.

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PowerToys is a collection of utilities aimed at power users on Windows. The app just received an update to improve its stability.