Microsoft's Russia store begins pre-orders for Lumia 950, 950 XL and Display Dock

Russia residents can start sending in their pre-orders for the recently revealed Lumia 950 and Lumia 950 XL smartphones from Microsoft. Both are now available in the company's official Russian store site, and both are priced at 49,990 rubles.

The site is also taking pre-orders for the Display Dock accessory for 6,990 rubles. It will allow those phones to be connected to a monitor, mouse and keyboard so that they can be used as if it was a PC. The new Lumias and the Display Dock are expected to be released sometime in November.

Thanks to Denis for the tip!

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John Callaham
  • Well still waiting here in the US
  • An official date would be lovely. These devices have been official for a week, yet we still only keep hearing "sometime in November." Dates please? Literally every other device that was announces has an official launch date, it'd be nice to know what's up with this one.
  • Exactly!!! Frustrating!!!
  • The lack of a date I think it's because of the Windows 10 mobile, nobody knows when it will be "ready" to put on those devices, so they can't give a specific time.
  • Getting cellphones in stores is bit more complicated than pcs. Carrier politics. For all we know their distribution plan for the US could still be in negotiation. Maybe they're still talking to big red about a variant. Who knows
  • I think an exact date of release on the Microsoft store website would be fairly easy though.
  • just chatted with Valeria R from AT&T and she said first week of Nov. take it with a truck load of salt
  • It's Microsoft. You should know by now that it's "coming soon." Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Definitely i'm not going to buy it, because my orange 930 still looks very good.
  • Haha, same here. Love my Orange Lumia 930.
  • My Lumia 930 White is a beauty and a beast in the shape of one. I'd rather wait for a better looking W10M flagship than part with this
  • I feel the same way but I love the iris unlock feature....
  • AT&T is out for coffee and donuts
  • The price isn't the same, the 950 is 44990, 950 xl is 49990.
  • Course. The sizes are different. XL is bound to be a bit expensive than the other.
  • The article says both are same price.
  • wen in 'merica?  Seriously, my 1520 is acting up and I'm itching for some new hardware.  I guess Microsoft is responding to the complaints that everything comes first to the U.S..
  • Whish they would ;P
  • You think that's bad, trying being the sucker still on the 920 because he skipped the 1520 because of McLaren and 930 hopes and dreams. I'd just about cut off a foot for a new phone.
  • You think that's bad? I was in the same boat as you, using an aging 920 when the microphone on it died. Still waiting for the 950, I moved back to my old iphone 4 as a stopgab measure. Yes, a 5 year old iphone, haha. It's a struggle.
  • My non-speaker mic went sideway a while ago. For the past year or so, I basically only take calls on speaker becuase I get told my phone cuts out otherwise.
  • Try buying 1520 from china to have it totally unusable after a year and go back to the 920 still waiting for something to come out... I share your pain.
  • I am in the same boat. I got a 635 with a fitbit some time ago. But that thing is a joke. My 920 needs to have exploded and unrecoverable before I use that daily.
  • Pricing is wrong in the article - Lumia 950 is listed 44990 rubles on the site!
  • Waiting....
  • Does W10M bring in usb OTG support for the lumias?
  • I believe it does. Of course no official word yet from what I understand. Posted via the Windows Central App for Android
  • Nothing till now , but there was a video that showed otg on an Microsoft engineering w10m device , but not on Lumias , we will see about that
  • As usual, no love for Canada. Hope msft will start treating Canada better with product releases, so far its been horrible.
  • The information in the article is not complete. The preorder will be include MS keyboard, mouse and dock if you preordered 950XL.
  • Direct link to the N-Store:
  • That website isn't the official Microsoft website.
  • This is the official MS Russian store  
  • Some mistake occurred: 950 for 44 990 ₽ and 950XL for 49 990₽