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What you need to know

  • Edge has brought its useful Shopping coupon feature to Android.
  • The feature is available on Edge Canary for Android.
  • It allows Edge to automatically gather coupons relevant to the site you're on.

Whether it's shopping on eBay or ordering a pizza from Papa John's, just about every site has a spot for coupons to be applied. However, finding said coupons can be tricky and will often result in you leaving money on the table without even knowing it. Therein lies the benefit of Microsoft Edge's Shopping feature, which it now has on Edge Canary for Android.

In case you like to do your shopping via mobile, Android's Edge Canary now supports the coupon-clipping feature that will automatically hunt down discounts across the web and round up the best codes for you. As spotted by /u/Leopeva64-2 on Reddit, the feature's available right now, you just have to enable it via flags. To do that:

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  • Type "edge://flags" in the browser's search bar.
  • Search "coupons" in the new search bar that will appear.
  • Enable the coupon setting.
  • Restart Edge.

Edge ShoppingSource: Robert Carnevale / Windows Central

Once you've gone through those four simple steps, you should be all set! Just go to whatever site you want to buy goods from, and coupons should appear beside the URL informing you that deals are available and ready to be automatically applied to your order.

It's great to see this feature make its way to Android since it's been on the desktop version of Edge for some time now.

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Microsoft Edge Canary for Android just brought the useful coupon-clipping Shopping feature of Edge to mobile. Now you can save money while on the go as effortlessly as you would from a desktop browser.

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