Microsoft's Spartan browser for Windows 10 reportedly supports Chrome extensions

"Spartan", the internal code name Microsoft has given to its new web browser that will be released with Windows 10, could support Chrome extensions, according to a new report. If true, this would allow Spartan access to a lot of third party applications originally made for Google's web browser.

Neowin's report states:

"Spartan will be able to use Chrome extensions and, while we are not sure if they will work 100% natively, the way extensions have been implemented is nearly identical to that of Chrome which will make it a simple process for developers to make their extensions work on Spartan."

Rumor 8

It's likely that Microsoft won't use Spartan as the final name for the web browser. Previous reports claim that Microsoft will ship the desktop version of Windows 10 with both Spartan and Internet Explorer 11 for backwards compatiblity. The company should reveal a lot more about their plans for the browser on Wednesday as part of its Windows 10 press event.

Source: Neowin

John Callaham