Microsoft released their third quarter numbers today and things are looking good over at Redmond. Third Quarter Revenue was reported at $14.50 billion (a 6% boost compared to last year) which is another earnings record for the company. While Windows 7 may get a lot of the credit for the boost in revenue, Bing is getting a little credit as well.

Peter Klein, Chief Financial Officer for Microsoft, stated "Windows 7 continues to be a growth engine but we also saw strong growth in other areas like Bing Search, Xbox Live and our emerging cloud services."

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Windows revenue was up 28% compared to the same quarter last year and with more than 10% of the computers in the world running Windows 7, it becomes the fastest selling OS in history.

While I don't think Microsoft's overall success hinges on the Windows Phone market, it will be interesting to see how the release of the Kin next month and the Windows Phone 7 later this Fall will influence the financial statements. You can find all the numbers on the Third Quarter Report here.

[via: Microsoft]

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