Microsoft's Third Quarter Report: Bing helps bring in billions

Microsoft released their third quarter numbers today and things are looking good over at Redmond. Third Quarter Revenue was reported at $14.50 billion (a 6% boost compared to last year) which is another earnings record for the company. While Windows 7 may get a lot of the credit for the boost in revenue, Bing is getting a little credit as well.

Peter Klein, Chief Financial Officer for Microsoft, stated "Windows 7 continues to be a growth engine but we also saw strong growth in other areas like Bing Search, Xbox Live and our emerging cloud services."

Windows revenue was up 28% compared to the same quarter last year and with more than 10% of the computers in the world running Windows 7, it becomes the fastest selling OS in history.

While I don't think Microsoft's overall success hinges on the Windows Phone market, it will be interesting to see how the release of the Kin next month and the Windows Phone 7 later this Fall will influence the financial statements. You can find all the numbers on the Third Quarter Report here (opens in new tab).

[via: Microsoft (opens in new tab)]

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  • Microsoft's overall success hinges on the Windows Phone market. Microsoft's Bing was built to force Yahoo into a position to be bought out by Microsoft. Then after Microsoft spends a year consolidation their services they will launch an all out attack on Google.
  • I agree. This speaks volumes as to how far Google has come and to how powerful they are, if at least in mind share, that MS more or less recognizes them as a real threat even if they don't publicly acknowledge it. I personally don't use anything Google unless I must and will only do so as a last resort with the exception of YouTube of course. I can't imagine life without YouTube which is a sad state of affairs when you think about it...
  • Microsoft's Rob Bennett talking about the changes. The video, embedded below, features a "view more on MSN Video" link that, when clicked on, takes a user to the new Bing Video site.
  • Services like Bing and the live stuff will help push WP7 and WP7 will help push Bing. That's how it goes, that's how Google is doing it with Android as well (that's the whole point with that system). The E&D unit at MS mad a nice bit of profit, iirc, $165million? That's the part that has WP7/Xbox/Zune. Bing being in Online services is the only group that posted a loss, but that unit also has things like Windows Azure I think? I'd have to check (if a chart is out there anyways), so with all the Azure spending that area didn't do so good. But the point is that the "online services devision" isn't just Bing.
  • So why then did they outsource 5,000 IT jobs to India?
  • Why does every company outsource jobs to china or india or somewhere where it's cheaper... oh wait.
  • You did not read the article fully. This in now way affects their own IT employees. They are just consolidating their existing IT contracts to one vendor.
  • Really? Tell that anyone of the 5,300 people that Microsoft let go. I'm sure they could have used one of those 5,000 jobs Microsoft outsourced:
  • Just so you get it... Microsoft regularly outsources non-essential services to keep operational costs down. I'm sure you don't know much about how companies work but it is common place in business. Those 5000 employees (roughly 5% of Microsoft's workforce) have certainly gone on... some to find themselves back with Microsot in some capability... some to find themselves in the partner ecosystem... some with the competition. Regardless of how you feel people that have worked at Microsoft don't stay unemployed for long. I speak as one who has been "RIF"ed (reduction in force) and joined back at Microsoft only to get paid significantly more in another role... don't worry - people survey / evolve.
  • Microsoft spends a year consolidation their services they will launch an all out attack on Google.