Mildly interesting: Windows 10 is really just Windows 9 underneath

On September 30, 2014, Microsoft finally revealed to the world their next version of Windows. Speculation about the name had been ongoing for months, especially with the known internal name of 'Threshold' being used widely in the press. Would Microsoft call it just Windows? What about Windows One or the more traditional Windows 9?

Microsoft threw everyone a curve ball by announcing the name as jumping from Windows 8.1 to Windows 10. No official reason is known, although the most obvious is to make Windows 10 seem like a big deal as an update.

So should it be surprising to find the OS string actually reported as Windows 9 Professional (build 9860)? Definitely not. Microsoft had to call the OS something while it was being built and Windows 9 was likely its real name, at least until Terry Myerson and crew changed it up at the last minute.

Evidence for the Windows 9 name is found by using the Belarc Advisor, a free application that presents all sorts of useful information about your PC (don't worry, the info is not uploaded but stays local). After running the app on our Windows 10 machine, its full name of 'Windows 9 Professional (x64) (build 9860) is revealed.

It should be clear that calling it Windows 10 was a closely guarded secret decided at the very last moment. It is interesting if only to show that this new Microsoft is a lot more dynamic, acting (and reacting) quickly, as opposed to following the predictable path. And we like it.

Finally, remember that the public name are nothing more than that, as the internal name for Windows 10 is just going to be version 6.4, a small jump from the previous Windows 8.1 version 6.3. The bigger deal is that image you see above of Microsoft's OS convergence, something that has taken years to achieve. It is awesome.

Speaking of, what do you all think of the Windows 10 name anyway?

Thanks, Dharmateja P., for the tip; Windows 10 map image via @AndyHammar

Daniel Rubino

Daniel Rubino is the Editor-in-chief of Windows Central, head reviewer, podcast co-host, and analyst. He has been covering Microsoft since 2007 when this site was called WMExperts (and later Windows Phone Central). His interests include Windows, laptops, next-gen computing, and for some reason, watches. Before all this tech stuff, he worked on a Ph.D. in linguistics, watched people sleep (for medical purposes!), and ran the projectors at movie theaters because it was fun.

  • Doesn't matter what the name is
  • +1520 The "Universal" thing is what really matters :)
  • Yuh!!!
  • Absolutely!
  • its just like Nokia Lumia 1020 is actually Nokia Lumia 909
  • Which is actually RM-875, RM-876, RM-877.
  • Exactly.
  • I think they should just drop version numbers.
  • Why can't it be called Windows Untitled or Windows Threshold? Honestly, I thought threshold sounded cool! What ever happened about that TH showing up on TechNet? How come WCentral doesn't go back and look at all the rumors AND facts provided and speculate on like why TH was there or other things?
  • Because numbers are simpler and general show which is the latest product. As an example, look at intel's names. you have sandy bridge, ivy bridge, haswell, and broadwell. When you go to a store they are all called Core I3, I5 or I7. You think an average person can figure out which is the latest, fastest processor by looking at these names? Before when you had 386, 486, pentium II,3, and 4 it was easier to know which was the latest product.
  • A rose by any other name....
  • just as sweet.
  • and crunchy
  • Windows 9, Windows 6.4 or Windows 17....
    Forget it, Microsoft can't count.
    Just call it MS Tiles.
  • In other news, Windows 10 is really Windows Vista (6.0) with yet another facelift...
  • I disagree, It may be a point release of Vista, but windows 8.1 and 10 feel like way more than a face lift. Vista would never run on some of the hardware that 8.1 or 10 will run on. Paul Thurott makes a very good arguement (even though it is not the purpose of the article) why they named it Windows 10
  • They stuck with the 6.x series *supposedly* because naming it 7.x or higher would create compatibility issues...
  • I second that. Lets just keep sending in our wants to Microsoft so they know our needs
  • I think the Windows 10 name was a great choice. The Windows 8 name unfortunately had/has a taint on it within the general public(like it or not).
    Windows 9 would have definitely communicated a progression to the masses, but I believe it would have been perceived as only incremental(perception, also like it or not is important). Especially considering that there had already been steps beyond Windows 8, to 8.1 to 8.1 Update, none of which brought anything major in the publics eye. The OS still, generally speaking, looked and acted very much the same . Consumers, enterprise and IT managers "PERCEIVED" this.
    To continue this perceived, non-consequential, evolution of the OS by calling the next iteration Windows 9, having already progressed partly toward that integer in the naming convention (8.1, than 8.1 Update) may not have signaled to all of Microsoft's current and potential customers that this latest iteration of the OS was indeed what consumers/enterprise were asking for. They needed a name that signaled a LEAP rather than a small step toward the unified OS vision. Windows 8.1 and 8.1 Update were names communicating minor numerical progression which accompanied minor steps in the OS's evolution. Windows 9, as a name would have been LESS than a whole integer step toward that (beginning a 8.1), 0.9 to be exact.
    What's in a name? A lot! The PERCEPTION, based on the name(if Windows 9 was chosen), and the recent history would have suggested that this was NOT a major step toward Microsoft's vision of a unified OS.
    By calling the OS Windows 10, there is the inherent suggestion that this is indeed MORE, than the incremental corrections we've seen since Windows 8 was released. There is also that sense of "completion" that the number 10 suggests.
    When we first learn to count, we often have as a goal - reach 10. We have 10 fingers and 10 toes. We have a base ten number system. Some may think these points irrelevant yet marketing is fundamentally a psychological endeavor, attempting to appeal to the minds of those to whom one is trying to sale a product. And more often than not, the seller is attempting to SHAPE the thoughts of the potential buyer. What is communicated, and how it is communicated is therefore key.
    Microsoft with calling this latest version of Windows, Windows 10, suggests that they have reached the desired goal of making the OS what they have been telling us it would be. Ten suggests a leap beyond previous iterations. It communicates a new base, or foundation, upon which Microsoft's hardware products(and OEM partner products) will be built.
    And finally once we all start using the roman numeral 'X' when we talk(or write) about this version of Windows, "Windows X" just sounds cool.
    Think about it, an "X" often represents WHATEVER something NEEDS to be. Windows 10 is just that, whatever it needs to be on ANY form factor. :-) I'm just saying. :-)
  • Well written and very accurate. I like Windows X, too.  But, as you know, we had a "Windows XP" and there's a tech company who has/had an operating system that had the letter "X" in the name also. Putting "X" in the Windows name would be FRUITLESS! Pun was intended.
  • Thanks for the compliment:-) Great PUN! LOL
  • Windows 10 is apart of the NT 6. Family! NT 6.0 Windows Vista
    NT 6.1 Windows 7
    NT 6.2 Windows 8
    NT 6.3 Windows 8.1 (aka Windows 9)
    NT 6.4 Windows 10 NT 7.0 brand new OS
  • Windows 8.1 is not Windows 9.
  • Sure is! The difference between Win8 and Win8.1 is the same difference between Win8.1 and Win10 ...just look at the build # it's not NT 7.0 witch is a brand new OS.
    Windows 8 NT 6.2 9200
    -No boot into desktop mode
    -DirectX 11.1
    -No start button
    -Internet Explorer 10
    Windows 8.1 NT 6.3 9600
    -Brings back boot into desktop mode
    -DirectX 11.2
    -Still no start button
    -Internet Explorer 11
    Windows 10 NT 6.4 9900
    -DirectX 11.3/12
    -Return of the start button
    -Internet Explorer 12
  • "The OS formerly known as 'Windows'"
  • They already explained the reasoning behind Windows 10 and backwards compat issues with naming it Windows 9. Do we need tons of articles pointing out stuff everyone knew day 1 ??
  • "Do we need tons of articles pointing out stuff everyone knew day 1"
    Cite our "tons of articles" please. Also, feel free to skip things in life you do not want to read ;)
  • there where tons of articles all over the web, so marketingwise they did the right thing. but yes, backwards compatibility issues are the reason why. and anyone still wondering somehow missed that.
  • Can you cite that as the specific reason from MS? I've heard that rumor too, and while it makes sense, until MS says that's why, that's not definately why.
  • Interesting, on Wednesday Microsoft told me it was because the German market wouldn't get on well with "Windows Nine". Point is, there is no confirmed reason, just rumours
  • " backwards compatibility issues "
    We never parroted that meme because it is well known to be bullshit, sorry.
  • If there were backwards compatibility issues, why did they do windows 98 after windows 95, wouldn't that have messed everything up? Backwards compat issues was the reason MS gave, just to have a reason. Instead of admitting they wanted to do something "cool" and innovative by skipping 9. If there was a reason why they "couldn't" use 9 then it sounds less attention seeking than, 10 is so much better, 9 wasn't revolutionary enough we had to go big. I like windows 10 btw, the TP feels like a new step. Inb4 haters saying im an apple fan boy or some shit.
  • Lol aren't we sassy today
  • Agreed - that's why I normally skip Daniel's articles since he snarks back at commenters degrading the overall tenor of the site in the process.  Also - it's tough to skip an article after you've read it and discovered how unnecesary it actually was.
  • It's just the opposite for me. Daniel's snark is the only reason I read the comment section anymore.
  • Haha same here. It bugged me at first, but now I'm looking forward to it. LOL
  • :)
  • You can't really blmae him for getting defensive, after all, he wrote the article. As far as I know, there hasn't been an official reason why they skipped 9. All the articles naming the reasons are speculating and naming non-official sources.
  • Seriously???!!!
  • Oh man Rubino put you in your place Colin. Note to self don't make a tech journalist angry on his news site.
  • Thank you!! Im so sick of people saying crud like that, just cause you or I already know doesn't mean others dont... Plus this is new, this is official
  • It comes down to the fact that no one is making you read anything. Some of us may not already know the reason and find this article interesting. I remember when there were days they didn't have anything to report on this website, and now I sometimes have a hard time keeping up. Thank you Daniel for doing an awesome job.  You can't please everyone all the time.
  • I too have read articles about the possible reasons behind the naming but didn't realize its full name was Windows 9 Professional or that internally it was known as 6.4. Does this or the article matter, that's subjective, nonetheless interesting.
  • That was not an official statement, just hearsay.
  • You go Daniel lol defend that article :)
  • I personally weighed each article. It came in under 1 ton.
  • I see what you did there...Lol Ha!!
  • We need an explanation for "Windows on Devices" shown as a separate OS converging into 10. Unless, that's supposed to represent RT.
  • Internet of Things (IoT), it's the next big wave in consumer electronics. Basically embedded an OS in watches, appliances, etc. that are connected to the 'net. Think home automation, etc.
  • Windows on what devices ?
  • IoT: watches, bands, washers, fridges, everywhere ?
  • Lmao
  • Lol Venetasoft (forgot the name) but dude its nice to talk to you again :). Haha I wish Windows 10 was on my fridge
  • IoT (Internet of Things). Putting Windows 10 on Thumb drives, small gadgets, watches, etc.
  • Is that supposed to be RT, or did they not have the balls to show on a separate path to extinction?
  • Well, RT is just the layer that runs over x86/x64, it's not really a seperate OS. It won't be extinct although it is not clear if we will have "just RT" devices.
  • Nah, it's not RT, that's just 10 compiled for ARM, IoT would use the much more limited CE -version. Hopefully MS won't make it as separate as WP and W are. P.S. I find some people to be a bit over-optimistic on the effect of Universal Apps on the app-ecosystem. Sure, it's good, iOS & Android had it from day one, but it isn't making the platform more popular. Xamarin is a pretty good choice for cross-platform, but MS seems to be well in their way on making MS-only API's to replace the ones that are currently available. The amount of silly mistakes they've made and keep making with their OS strategies is frankly staggering.
  • No, it is not right. iOS did not have Universal App from day one. There was this iPhone and iPad aggregation at first, and then the SD and HD bullshit (HD with higher graphical details, arised from new more powerful hardware, so if you upgrade you either buy the better one again or stuck with SD). I will not called an pixelated enlarged iphone apps on an iPad an Universal app. Also MacOS is a totally seperated platform to iOS.
  • The desktop is missing from iOS and Android app development sure, but I'm very unsure that there is all that much need for apps on desktop. All code sharing is positive though. iOS and Android have both been closer to the "code once, distribute everywhere" -paradigm, from day one than Universal apps are today, just go read through the documentation. They have also had a unified store from day one. The Universal app -approach is very welcome, but I very much doubt that it's going to make much of a difference in app count or quality. And like I said, Mono (and Xamarin) could be great for the W10 -ecosystem, but MS is shooting itself in the foot by limiting their API (for example: the .Net HttpClient does not function properly in Universal apps, because MS wants to force everyone to use their new version [which has some advantages, but isn't implemented in Mono; no cross-platform]).
  • iOS and Android have both been closer to the "code once, distribute everywhere" -paradigm, from day one than Universal apps are today, just go read through the documentation. Have to disagree there. iOS didn't have an app store until a year after it launched, it also wasn't until the 3.2 sdk released in late 2010 that they got the beginnings of universal app fuctionality (a full 3 years after the release of iOS).
  • Danny boy is windows tv os a rumor that your hearing ?
  • adding to what the others have already said, most Point of Sale systems run on a version of windows. Grocery store self checkout lanes are almost exclusively windows xp
  • Does computer viruses effect the phone,tablet or xbox too as it uses the same OS??
  • Not likely.  It's really not going to be one OS exactly.  It's going to be variants of the same OS code.  For example, the variants for phone and IoT will have componenets stripped out that don't apply to those devices (a lot).  So malware that is user installed (not from an app store) and targets full Windows is not likely to run on the more limited variants.
  • Glad to hear that. Thanks.
  • My question too
  • Intel Galileo Board
  • I have a Netduino Plus 2 that runs the micro .net framework right now but am interested to give the Galileo a board. Might wait for Windows 10 to try that out. Can't wait!
  • Name actually doesn't matter, but it is a smart move to name it Windows 10, it'll make people think like "Look they skipped windows 9 completely, that means this must be way ahead of what we were expecting!"
  • Or not, that's just what Microsoft said their reasoning was. I'm a supporter of Mircosoft and all, but to call that idea smart is rather sad.
  • Another relatable explanation would be that MS wanted to put 'threshold' as far away as possible from the W8 fiasco they had to face and re ensure the "disappointed ones" that W10 is a total revamp compared to 8
  • I find it interesting. One OS on phones, tablets, the Xbox one, and of course the PC, laptops, even convertibles and hybrids, MS gonna wipe out Mac :D
    Speaking of which, what will happen to the separate stores currently in place? WP Store, WinRT, Win8 and Xbone stores, how are they converging these three is what I would be looking forward to.
  • Yes, the Stores are supposed to converge too.
  • But will WP 8 apps work in 10 or will this be another clusterfuck like 7 to 8 where OEM's say "screw this, we're not paying to write yet another app to stay compatible."
  • True universal apps will need to be written in different code. The tradeoff/benefit though is you are not just re-writing an app for the phone anymore, you are writing it for PC, tablets, phone, IoT and Xbox One. The stakes are much, much higher for devs in a good way.
  • I agree about the stores, it'll be interesting to see how it's done, and what kind of issues there will be, when it's first implemented. It could either be an easy, almost unnoticed switchover...or a nightmare until developers decide to update their apps to be compatible
  • I'm sure the store apps will have icons to indicate which devices they work on. I still think it'll take a nother year or longer after Windows 10 releases until we REALLY start to see the benefits of "Universal Apps".
  • I really hope it doesn't take a year to iron out the wrinkles once the store conversion takes place. Six months at most should be all that's needed.
  • I don't really think they should have called it Windows 10. Normal scheming would demand Windows 9. But quote Sheldon Cooper... "You'd think after Xbox there'd be Xbox 2. But no. Next came Xbox 360. And now after 360...comes Xbox One. Why One? Maybe that's how many seconds of thought they put into naming it."   Same for Windows. Windows 8, Windows 10...I'm expecting next to be Windows 9 and Windows 11. Because 6,7,8,10,9,11. (Or you can also quote Family Guy here..."I HAVE SPOKEN!")
  • I think they should have just gone with 'Windows' especially if they just keep dynamically updating forever as rumored.
  • Agreed.
  • Bad idea. Imagine the IT admins who have to indicate which version(s) of Windows are running in their enterprise. "Yeah - we're running Windows."  Does that mean, XP, Vista, Win7, 8, 8.1 or the newly-named generic, never-to-have-a-newer-version-released-afterward, cloud-aware Windows some poeple call Windows 10?"  Double bad for consumers.  No need to recreate the "iPad with Retina Display" problem all over again only to have consumers start naming it themselves.
  • Absolutely, it would be a nightmare.
  • Builds still have version numbers, c'mon.
  • Exactly.
  • Yes, but say you are a dev who builds an app or application that requires features only available starting with a particular version of the OS. Without some kind of version identifier (Vista, 7, 8, 10, etc.), how are customers supposed to know whether the OS on their device will is compatible?
  • They could have followed Xbox, and had a complete restart with Windows One. I think it may have made a bit more sense in the public eye, and would have addressed the version numbering issues that have been brought up.
  • Well, there was no Windows 1 or 2
  • Indeed there was...
  • Yes,  there was! I still have 5 1/4 floppies with Windows 1.01 ! (like these : )
  • I actually hate to bring this up, but since no one else did:
    It's 10 because 7 8 9.
  • Now that, was funny!
  • Woah
  • Not a fan of the name, but getting more excited for what Windows 10 will bring.
  • Haha, just like windows 7 is windows 6....uh Duh
  • It's STILL 6 lol =P
  • 6 was vista. 7 is actually 6.1. This is 6.4
  • Windows central team please confirm all Windows phone 8 device upgradeable to windows 10
  • Negatory
  • Source?
  • His negativity
  • Actually since the question is ALL windows phone 8 devices, then the answer is no. The Nokia 810 will never be updated. At least not officially. It can run the Developer Preview. I suspect that without the firmware upgrades the DP will only get worse on the 810.
  • That doesn't mean the 810 won't be compatible. It just means some carriers won't push the update. I'm looking at you Verizon.
  • It would give me a lot mental peace to know that my Lumia 920 will be upgradeable to Windows 10. Meanwhile, I'm waiting for a new flagship to replace this phone that's around 4.5" or so.
  • Just an idea but the 830 is a pretty fantastic device
  • It might work but to avoid the buyer’s remorse I would like to have a big upgrade. If my phone breaks, I certainly will consider the Lumia 830.
  • Microsoft hasn't specified yet. Also don't you think that Windows Central would have told us if they had solid sources and evidence?
  • Its not possible to confirm or deny this at this point. At the end of the day Windows 10 for phones doesn't exist yet. Until it exists, no one not even microsoft can say for certain.
  • What do you mean doesn't exist yet?  Of course it exists, otherwise they wouldn't have announced it.  They even showed a rendering on launch day.  It exists internally.  And yes, all phones will most likely be upgradeable since it shares the same OneCore (kernel) as Windows 8.1.  Also, they know they can't repeat the whole WP7 to 8 problem again if they want to win.
  • I still think it doesn't make sense why they choose Windows 10 over 9, oh well at least basically they named it Windows 9 Hopefully this would be better than Windows 8..
  • Its already WAY better. This is what 8 should have been all along. What I like about it is that unlike 8, you get to choose the 8 start menu or the 7ish start menu. This choice should have always been there. Its also early in the beta and they said no new consumer level features until next year. This means it will get even better.
  • That's just a state of mind. 10 sounds good but
  • I wonder what there gonna new based on the fact that everyone knows...
  • I'm sorry Daniel, but if you look at past evidence from the official sources in your operating system and not some 3rd party software, you will find that going by the actual OS build numbers, we are actually currently using something that should be considered Windows 9. If you look under System Information in Administrative Tools, it will show you the OS version number and so far, each one has changed with the name every time until the most recent edition. Vista was the first Windows under build version 6, Windows 7 followed as Version 6.1 and Windows 8 began with Version 6.2 (which the Xbox One currently uses) but Windows 8.1 is actually version 6.3 and they DID say it required a mandatory install if any PC was to functionally get any further updates. So essentially it should follow that we're actually currently on the 9th Windows, because 10 is running version 6.4 (yet another build up from the last). That whole v6.3 is evidence enough, following that string of builds to make my case sufficient. As far as I understand it anyway, I can be WAY off, I'll admit it... But I'm confident in my thinking. =P
  • This is as confusing as trying to figure out whether Matt Smith was the 11th, 12th or 13th Doctor.
  • Doctor who?
  • Okay it will be Win 10 on my Thermaltake level gt 10 Snow Edition, Surface 2, Nokia Lumia 1020, oh ya and maybe my Zune HD 64GB here's hoping lol! :)
  • Only if you know how to flash software onto embedded devices... ;)
  • i really hope Windows on Devices means Sync in my car.
  • That depends on Ford, if they don't go QNX =P
  • Daniel, what is your source that the Windows 10 name was decided at the "last minute"? I have a feeling it's just your personal conjecture.
  • Simple: it never leaked. It was never even batted around as an option in the press. Also, sources aren't things we normally reveal in comments, lol.
  • "It was never leaked" is your reason for Windows 10 being a last-minute naming decision? That seems rather weak. By that same logic we can conclude that KIN was also a last-minute naming decision, or Windows Azure. What about the upcoming smartwatch? If we don't find out the name of it until the announcement, will you conclude that it was also a "last-minute decision?" I'm not buying it as a legitimate reason; I think it's just you speculating. As for source, I meant an article citing a Microsoft quote, not necessarily a person.
  • Who gives a fuck!! Like your life depended on it!! And it I does, go jump off a fucking bridge...... Douche Bag
  • I thought they called it 10 due to software checking version strings. And wouldn't be able to distinguish between win9 and win95/98.
  • Maybe that's true and they'd lie for marketing purposes. Saying they're skipping to the good stuff. Which I indeed believe they are, anyways.
  • That was madeup/BS explanation. No one with technical knowledge has endorsed it as that is now computers work.
  • I use to think the same thing until I saw a lot of screenshots of Macs that were updated to 10.10 saying "sorry, please update your Mac from 10.1 to a newer version", so I wouldn't completely discount it. Edit: Here's an example
  • As a programmer I can tell you that's BS. If you ask 95 or 98 what version they are, you'll get 4.0.blah.blah and 4.1.blah.blah respectively.
  • I've been on Windows dev since Windows for Workgroups. I have never seen OS version-dependent code check the version string. The internal numeric major and minor version values were always checked.
  • Maybe the site doesn't know how to read it. Alot of apps dont know what 10 is and doesn't support it.
  • Too funny. :)
  • windows 10 is not a complete product, actually gathering every product by Microsoft side by side is the goal ;)
  • And Windows RT is nowhere to be found on the graphic. RIP RT.
  • You could say that RT is where Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8 intersect.
  • Its dead only in name. If someone wanted to make a 10" or 7" ARM tablet running windows 10 they can do so.
  • Here it says:Windows 8.1 Pro preview 64 bit
  • Google chrome pls
  • Plot Twist!: 7 is found innocent. 10 8 9!!!
  • hardly interesting
  • yea there are some of us that appreciate an article that informs us ..not everyone is a windows wiz and this site is for a broad range of ppl
  • I love the subway map motif. We need more of those.
  • Seems faster... Lolz
  • Someone needs to be a friggin life if it was wasted looking for this little gem.
  • Why are we still talking about this. The name is irrelavent. They could call it Windows 2015 for all I care. I just like that its what windows 8 should have been all along. Its also (at least currently) windows 6.4. Vista was 6.0. Win7 was 6.1. Win8 was 6.2 Win8.1 was 6.3 and this is 6.4.
  • It doesn't matter what the name is as long as it works, and so far it is working well.
  • They rounded up to the nearest whole number
  • For me is just Windows. I always want the last version. The name doesn't matter at all
  • I think internally or is Windows 9 but btt it is released to public the versions will jump beyond the 9... Build names to the tens which will bring it current to actually being Windows 10.
  • Well, as far as I'm concerned, the new Windows by any other name would still suck as badly.
  • Does it really matter? Imo this is just a pointless post
  • Next you'll be saying Windows 7 was just Windows Vista service pack 4. (Shh. It was.)
  • Great article as always Daniel, thanks, now I just need a Microsoft Lumia 1030 running Windows 10 and I'm happy!! :)
  • Waiting for Microsoft Midori :)
  • I absolutely love the new Microsoft. *has transformed into a fanboy*  I also love the name Windows 10.
  • Hey, why don't just call it "WindowsOS" like "ctOS" :)
  • We are just proud to be LUMIANS! -_-
  • That name sounds like illegal immagrents who glow in the dark...LOL
  • This is a good time for a variation of an old programming joke... There are 10 types of people in the world, those who understand software versioning and those who don't. :) 
  • correct me if i am wrong, but surely the only thing this proves is that the Belarc Advisor program interprets Build 9860 as being Windows 9... this does not prove that any references to windows 9 are in the actual windows build
  • I like that software...was using it from XP can easily find all the missing drivers, updates and most important the serial keys of all the software and OS installed.
  • I like it but Windows One wood have ben bether, but windoes 1 already existe... lol 
  • Microsoft, for a huge company with thousands upon thousands of people working on things.... Sure mess up a lot of things and miss obvious flaws don't you think? I mean sure, a brand new product can grant them forgiveness if it has a few bugs/glitches, but what I mean is, they need to execute with exact perfection with everything they possibly can, with apple and google as competitors, things can turn scarily bad in a very short amount of time. Also, being cool and hip out whatever, may seem like it attracts the wrong type of consumer, but this type of consumer undoubtedly has lots of money (apple fans) Surface, Xbox and Lumia are, in my opinion, your last chance with anything other than office/development/enterprise device and ware, please use them wisely as I simply wouldn't know where else to go...
  • Huh. How weird...
  • I think the reason for the "Windows 9" string is more likely that the developers of Belarc Advisor simply guessed at the name and identifies NT 6.4 - which is what Win10 really is underneath - as Windows 9. In this case, they just guessed wrong, since Win10 definitely reports itself as "Windows 10" or Windows NT 6.4. And will you please do something about that stupid CAPTCHA - it is almost completely impossible to post! No matter what you enter it is considered invalid. I had to try repeatedly over an hour before it worked.
  • it's because 7 8 9 in popularity so all that is next is 10!
  • I don't get why people say names don't matter... When they do, and greatly! Why do you have a name?!!! Why did WPCentral change to WindowsCental?!!! It's logical to keep counting, it's demonstrates evolution, and the long standing one MS has had, and it represents the vision of what they hope to achieve, simple unified technology! I would have loved a catch tech name like Threshold, but that would come with the and debate for those that don't know the Halo behind it, just keep it simply, to the point, and continue working on the innovation side of the name
  • It's gonna be Version 7.x and not 6.4. Ähm, it's a big yump. Sorry für mein Englisch. Yes ei kann, sugbon Yoruba ati Jamani nikan ni mo mo.
  • No it's going to be 6.4. If they went to a new version of the NT kernel it would break driver compatibility and be Vista all over again.
  • I noticed when playing Minecraft and the game crashes, Minecraft classifies your OS as "Windows 8.1". I'm guessing it's just things don't understand what OS you really have lol. (And that site might be a preset from before, like they assumed it would be called Windows 9)
  • I like the name Win X. I've been calling it that and it just fits.  Never mind about 9.  X represents a new road map and a way forward to me. Calling it 9 just says, its just a step above 8.
  • As bonuses (or maybe it was part of the overall reasoning) for the "sequence skip," from a marketing standpoint, it would put it on the same "level" as OSX and, from a mathematically artistic standpoint, it embodies the unity of the 3 screens (Windows and WP 9 and Xbox One, 9 + One = 10).
  • I don't give a thing about the name. It is important that all Microsoft's stuff will share the same store and that all applications will work on every Windows device :)
  • Microsoft feels 9 is not their luckiest number.. lol.
  • The truth has come out! Brace yourself for the conspiracy theories that are sure to follow :P. Seriously though as long every windows phone 8.x device gets updated to windows 10, that's all that matters - a name is just a name.
  • I don't really care about the name, as long as it works as it should I'll be happy.
  • I look forward to calling it WINdeX or just WinX.  
  • It's actually still Windows Vista. It was a marketing decision to name subsequent OSs Windows 7, 8, etc.because of the bad naming Vista got.
  • Look it's Torontos Transit Plan, created by Microsoft !