Mindbloom releases Juice for Windows Phone to help maintain a healthy lifestyle

Mindbloom (www.mindbloom.com) has released its first Windows Phone app. Titled Juice, the app is an interactive energy tracker to help consumers maintain a healthy lifestyle. While it's not for those who are serious about fitness (there are other solutions for such activities and training - look back at our Mobile Nations Fitness Month for more), Juice will certainly cater for those who are interested in how to improve general health.

Users are able to select how their energy level is for the day, as well as input data about sleep, nutrition, mood, stress and more. There's a fun twist to the experience with some cool sliders and cartoon illustrations depending on which level you select. Whether your nutrition for the day was bad, okay or even great, the app and service will take everything into account when tracking habits and providing tips. 

After 7 days an energy report is available, offering an insight into trends that affected your energy.

The app utilises principles of behavioural science and gaming mechanics to offer those new to personal improvement a place to get started. Mindbloom is reportedly tracking interesting data regarding how sleep, nutrition, exercise and other habits impact energy levels. Suggestions and tips from health experts and authors are also included for areas where a user may have an opportunity to boost energy levels with slight alterations to their lifestyle.

Here's a universal video showing what Juice can do, as well as a quick run through on how the system works:

The design of the Windows Phone app is really effective. It looks and feels like a game, but sports all the functionality expected from such a solution. It's a popular app, which is already available for both iOS and Android, so we're pleased to see the company also cover Windows Phone. You can download Juice from the Windows Phone Store for free (listed for Windows Phone 8 only).

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Rich Edmonds
Senior Editor, PC Build

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