Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta tests a new batch of improvements

Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Beta Image
Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Beta Image (Image credit: Mojang Studios | Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft: Bedrock Edition has an ongoing beta program to test features and changes before they're released to the public.
  • Today, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta continues to polish 'Caves and Cliffs Update' Part One with new fixes.
  • There aren't any new features or changes being tested under 1.18 'Caves and Cliffs Update' Part Two in this beta.

Another week, another Minecraft beta. Mojang Studios is releasing Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta to testers on Xbox, PC, and Android today with a fresh batch of bug fixes and general improvements. Unlike last week's beta, today's Minecraft beta doesn't include any big features or changes from 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two, which is expected to release later this year.

Instead, expect a solid number of fixes aimed at polishing 1.17 Part One, including fixing fall damage when travelling through an End Portal and making it so that moss blocks are broken when moved by pistons. There's nothing too terribly exciting here, but Minecraft testers can still submit feedback while they wait for more significant changes.

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The full changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes:

Features & bug fixes

Stability & performance

  • Fixed several crashes that could occur during gameplay
  • Optimized pasting unicode text into Book & Quill
  • Fixed a crash that could occur when crafting a Crafting Table with Gameplay Tips enabled


  • Fixed Bed display if the foot of the Bed is in a brighter area than the head
  • Fixed Large Chest display so the brightest end of the Chest is chosen
  • Travelling through End portals can no longer cause players to take fall damage


  • Made projectile items move more smoothly when far from players
  • Holding a Shield in Marketplace maps no longer shows a content error
  • Strong / long / splash / lingering potions can be placed in the Brewing Stand manually


  • Undead mobs standing near Powder Snow now burn normally
  • Powder Snow above undead mobs now prevents burning effect
  • Multiple Shulkers will no longer be able to spawn in the same position from spawn eggs or End City generation
  • Mobs can now pathfind correctly when standing on Amethyst Buds
  • Fixed Horses sometimes becoming invisible after players dismount them
  • Grown up Goats no longer lose their Horns when reloading a world
  • Lightning no longer randomly strikes mobs that are under blocks


  • Spore Blossom no longer has a randomly offset hitbox
  • Moss Block and Moss Carpet now break when moved by Pistons and Sticky Pistons can no longer pull them
  • Water dripping from Pointed Dripstone can no longer fill Cauldrons with Potions
  • Measurements of hitbox of Spore Blossom now match Java Edition
  • Fixed issue causing Slime and Honey Block movement slowdown to not be fully applied to players

User interface

  • Emote wheel no longer appears when pressing Ctrl + B in-game
  • Fixed Input Method Editor (IME) not working after suspending the game on Windows 10
  • Added a new sidebar to Marketplace and Dressing Room related screens to help better improve the experience of navigating these areas
  • There is now an item transferring animation when deselecting a recipe


  • Loading a structure with the /structure command now displays the correct output messages

Technical updates

GameTest framework

  • Renamed module Minecraft to mojang-minecraft
  • Renamed module GameTest to mojang-gametest
    • Renamed function assertBlockTypePresent to assertBlockPresent
    • Renamed function assertEntityData to assertEntityState
    • Removed function assertBlockTypeNotPresent
    • Removed function assertEntityNotPresent
    • Removed function assertEntityNotPresentInArea
    • Removed function assertEntityNotTouching
    • Removed function succeedWhenEntityNotPresent
    • Modified signature of function assertBlockState(blockLocation: BlockLocation, callback: (Block) => boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertBlockPresent(blockType: BlockType, blockLocation: BlockLocation, isPresent: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertEntityPresent(entityTypeIdentifier: string, blockLocation: BlockLocation, isPresent: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertEntityPresentInArea(entityTypeIdentifier: string, isPresent: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function assertEntityTouching(entityTypeIdentifier: string, location: Location, isTouching: boolean)
    • Modified signature of function succeedWhenEntityPresent(entityTypeIdentifier: string, location: Location, isPresent: boolean)
    • Added GameTestExtension function assertBlockProperty(propertyName: string, value: number | string | boolean, blockLocation: BlockLocation)


  • The /particle command position argument is now optional
  • The /particle command will now output on success
  • The /particle command no longer shows an error when run successfully through /execute


  • Data-driven blocks can now be added to the Creative menu


  • min_engine_version from Resource Pack and Behavior Pack manifests is now passed into Molang expression parsing. This allows for future breaking changes tied to a specific engine version

User interface

  • UI bind objects can now utilize the ignore field
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