Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta fixes plenty of issues and bugs

Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Beta Image
Minecraft Caves And Cliffs Update Beta Image (Image credit: Mojang Studios | Twitter)

What you need to know

  • Minecraft is a game all about constant evolution, with Mojang Studios regularly releasing betas and snapshots to test fixes and features.
  • After the release of 1.18 'Caves and Cliffs Update' Part Two, Mojang has been working on further polish.
  • On Thursday, Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta to testers on every beta platform except Windows with all-new fixes.
  • Unlike the previous beta, this release does not include any additional experimental features from 'The Wild Update'.

The journey for Minecraft is never-ending, even after the release of the gargantuan Caves and Cliffs Update. Mojang Studios is still working hard to improve its ever-evolving survival sandbox, and that means regular betas and snapshots to test new fixes and content. On Thursday, Mojang released Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta to Xbox and Android devices.

Players on Windows devices will have to wait until the next beta, as this one had quality issues preventing its release on the PC platform. For Xbox and Android players, the beta includes plenty of fixes and quality-of-life tweaks on top of its predecessor. There are no new features here, and no new experimental tests for the next Minecraft content update.

Minecraft is one of the greatest games ever made, and holds on to its title as one of the best Xbox games by continually evolving with new features and content. The Wild Update, releasing sometime during 2022, will update Minecraft's Overworld with new mobs, blocks, and more.

In case you missed it, here are all the changes and additions in 1.18 Caves and Cliffs Update Part Two.

The full changelog for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition Beta includes:

Features & bug fixes


  • Worlds with inconsistent layers of bedrock between Y=1 and Y=4, inclusive, (such as those where non-bedrock has generated or been placed in those layers) now correctly and consistently replace bedrock with deepslate
  • Light Blocks can now be placed on other Light Blocks while sneaking


  • Fixed a crash that could occur when trading Maps with Cartographer Villagers
  • Fixed food giving effects 20 times too long
  • Fixed Honey Bottles not removing poison effect
  • Fixed players not teleporting after eating Chorus Fruit
  • Players' viewing direction will no longer snap when facing South in a Boat
  • When a player dies, the camera now tilts to the right instead of the left
  • Lava hitbox no longer extends beyond lava


  • Updated Dirt Path side texture
  • Changed door_oak texture filename back to door_wood
  • Reversed Parrot head and wing bottom textures
  • Moved Beetroot and Melon Seed textures 1 pixel row down to match Java Edition
  • Removed unused pixels in Cocoa Beans stage 0 and stage 1 textures to match Java Edition
  • Updated Smooth Stone texture in Armor Stand base
  • Removed horizontal lines in Oak and Iron upper Door textures
  • Removed hood in Witch, Evoker, and Vindicator textures to match Java Edition
  • Changed alpha values of Red and Blue Stained Glass textures to match Java Edition (Vanilla Parity)
  • Fixed the hammer icon's color palette on the Anvil screen
  • Updated Dark Oak Planks on the Cartography table textures
  • Updated Spruce Planks on the Barrel bottom texture
  • Updated Planks on the Lectern base texture
  • Fixed highlight inconsistencies in Gold and Diamond Armor textures
  • Removed wandering pixel in the Carrot stage 3 texture
  • Centered the back texture of Axolotls
  • Updated Glass Pane top to match the new texture on Java Edition
  • Fixed the top texture of Dark Oak Logs
  • Updated Stripped Dark Oak side texture to match the new texture on Java Edition
  • Fixed a bug where End Crystal beams would stop rendering when an End Crystal is out of the players sight
  • Fixed an issue with Drowned textures on some devices with RenderDragon not correctly discarding alpha / transparent pixels


  • Slimes are once again aggressive towards Snow Golems

User interface

  • Fixed the player visual on the inventory screen while gliding. It was previously off-center and could hide elements of the interface
  • The "Invite to Game" button on the pause screen now disables correctly when a server is full

Technical updates


  • Reduced the number of network packets sent with the subchunk request system and packet optimizations


  • Testing RenderDragon on all Android devices


  • Added 9 new shapeless recipe JSON files, replacing hard-coded Smithing Table crafting recipes


  • Add non-experimentalis_name_any, is_item_name_any, and is_owner_identifier_any queries
  • Fixed relative_block_has_all_tags block_neighbor_has_all_tags and biome_has_all_tags queries to require all tags rather than just any tags
  • Fixed nested conditional (ternary) operator parsing to go right-to-left instead of left-to-right
    • This is a Molang Versioned Change that only takes effect for Molang expressions in packs that use a min_engine_version of 1.18.10 or higher
    • Previously nested conditional expressions like A?B:C?D:E would evaluate as (A?B:C)?D:E, now they evaluate as A?B:(C?D:E)

GameTest framework

  • Added new entity query capabilities in the form of new methods on Dimension and World
    • World object:
    • Replaced function getPlayers : Player[] with function getPlayers(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator — Returns an iterator to a collection containing all players in the dimension. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result
    • Added optional argument to events.addEffect. This argument will limit the callback to only fire for specific entities (see EntityEventOptions)
    • Dimension object:
    • Added function getPlayers(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator — Returns an iterator to a collection containing all players. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result
    • Added function getEntities(options: EntityQueryOptions = undefined) : EntityIterator — Returns an iterator to a collection containing all entities in the dimension. Optionally, options can be used to filter the result
    • EntityQueryOptions:
    • Added class EntityQueryOptions — Provides additional filtering options when calling getEntities and getPlayers
    • EntityQueryScoreOptions:
    • Added class EntityQueryScoreOptions — Used with EntityQueryOptions to provide scoreboard filtering
    • EntityEventOptions:
    • Used to filter events that fire on entities to restrict the callback to only certain ones.
    • Propertyentity: Entity[] — If specified, will restrict to just this entity
    • Property entityTypes: string[] — If specified, will restrict to entities with the specified type (like minecraft:creeper)
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